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Bug#527860: xserver-xorg: Related to bug 527872

Package: xserver-xorg
Version: 1:7.4+1
Severity: normal

Seems clearly the same bug as 527872.  The two bugs need merging, but I
don't know which package the bug lies in.

I can reproduce the problem on two different machines.  I also observed
the problem noted in bug 527872, that if I directly run /etc/init.d/dbus
restart in an X session, the X server dies, and when X comes back up the
keyboard does not respond.  This may occur because /etc/init.d/dbus
restart stops dbus, and then can't bring dbus back up because the X
session has crashed around it; that would prevent the X server from
talking to HAL to get input devices.  (To prevent that kind of problem,
the X server really shouldn't expect to get input devices from HAL if it
can't connect to dbus.)

- Josh Triplett

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