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Bug#515239: xrandr doesn't support TV_FORMAT for the S-Video output of the D945GCLF2 integrated video


On Tue 2009-03-31 16:04, Brice Goglin <Brice.Goglin@ens-lyon.org>
> Frank Blendinger wrote:
> > any updates on this issue? I am having the same problems and would like
> > to know if there is any chance that this gets fixed.
> As I said in my earlier reply to this bug report, it may be related to
> some upstream bugs that are fixed now. So maybe the upcoming 2.7 intel
> driver will help.

Do you know when it might be released? I'm wondering if it is worth to
build the driver from upstream git myself or just wait for a new

A quick attempt to do the former failed for me, as apt-get
build-dependencies could not resolve some dependencies and I did not
have the time to install those myself. I don't know if the dependencies
of the driver would be new enough in Debian, and I don't want to end up
building a lot of libs and whatnot myself.


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