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Re: Mesa 7.4

Neo The User wrote:
> I am a mesa developer for the r300 project and I would like to become
> a developer for the Debian X Strike Force. Mesa 7.4 was released
> yesterday and I would like to push Mesa 7.4 into the experimental or
> unstable branch. For those who have git rights to the stable branch,
> 7.4 is stable and a bug fix release and I recommend pushing 7.4 into
> Debian lenny or etch.

7.4-rc1 is already in experimental and 7.4 should be taken care of very

7.4 cannot go into Etch or Lenny (only critical fixes are accepted), but
backports are possible...

If you want to help the XSF team, you may want to talk to us #debian-x
on irc.debian.org for instance. But first, I think you should show your
real name...


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