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Bug#521720: Lastest libdrm2 breaks Xorg

reassign 521720 fglrx-driver
forcemerge 521323 521720
thank you

Jérôme Marant wrote:
> Package: libdrm2
> Version: 2.4.5-2
> Severity: serious
> Hi,
> After upgrading from 2.3.1-2 to 2.4.5-2, my Xorg failed to
> work properly. After downgrading to 2.3.1-2, situation is
> normal again.
> I do use latest Xorg from unstable along with fglrx non-free
> drivers, and kernel 2.6.26.

Several people reported the same problem, all of them are using fglrx as
well. Nobody using a free driver complained. So the fglrx binary driver
is likely the problem here, merging and reassigning accordingly.


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