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Re: drm-snapshot: Changes to 'debian-experimental'

On Tue, 2009-03-24 at 00:20 +0000, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Julien Cristau wrote:
> > Hi Chris, some questions about this commit:
> > 
> > > commit 1d9453586fd1712791ac9cae6e1c27cff6815d2a
> > > Author: Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org>
> > > Date:   Thu Feb 5 00:04:24 2009 +0000
> > > 
> > >     Build new libdrm-nouveau1 and libdrm-nouveau1-dbg packages.
> [..]
> > Any particular reason for restricting the dependency on -nouveau1 to
> > these architectures?  The package itself is arch:any.
> Hm. You know, I think I just copied what libdrm-intel1 does, except I added
> powerpc as Nouveau works on that arch. I can't actually remember why
> libdrm-intel1 was relaxed like that though?
there's no non-x86 intel hardware, and they don't make discrete chips :)

> > Do we want to also build it from libdrm for sid, and/or upload the
> > nouveau driver to sid and squeeze?
> I think we do. I wonder though - in the past I've found that Nouveau is
> rather too dependent on having an up-to-date libdrm; I fear we'd have to use
> some random (and oldish) git version of Nouveau which kinda misses the point
> of throwing it to the masses. What do you think?

the intel driver is becoming increasingly dependant on recent libdrm
versions too, so it'll probably have to keep being updated during the
squeeze cycle.  and if we need some specific nouveau commits that aren't
in a libdrm release that should be easy enough to cherry-pick, so i'm
not too concerned about that (also considering the fact that the
driver-specific parts moved to a separate library/package).  I'm not too
sure what to do about the kernel parts though.  IIRC there was talk
about moving the nouveau drm to a kernel tree recently.


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