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Xserver 2d Performance Problem

Dear Debian-Xserver-Team,

at first I would like to express how much I appreciate your work and it is really great to see such active and skilled people.

But unfortunately I having a problem with the current Debian-stable Xserver. I am using a program that relies on 2d APIs to draw lines and circles, and the performance of this program had an huge decrease since my change to Debian-lenny. Actually the performance suffered a decrease from factor 2.5 when changing from Debian-etch (+1/2)  to Debian-lenny.

Have you experienced any similar problems since the introduction of Lenny, or do you have any idea, what can done to fix this problem? I tried a lot of options in the Xorg.conf, but nothing seems to help.
The system I am using contains a graphics card based on the Intel GMA 950.

I want to thank you for any advice in advance and wish you all the best.

Best regards

Marc Schnabel

MB-technology GmbH

Address: Kolumbusstrasse 2 / D-71063 Sindelfingen

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