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Bug#516544: How I installed libdrm-dev on top of linux-libc-dev

The following is only a workaround, but it has been working well for me:

1. install libdrm-dev
	cd /usr/include/drm &&
	for i in *.h
	do dpkg-divert --package libdrm-dev --divert \
		/usr/local/include/drm.libc/$i \
3. install linux-libc-dev

While libdrm-dev is installed, the latest <drm/*> headers are
available, but once it is uninstalled, all returns to normal.

In the future, should libdrm-dev conflict with linux-libc-dev, should
it ship updated drm headers somewhere else, or should it replace older
linux-libc-dev? (What are the bad effects of updating drm headers
behind the back of other packages?)


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