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Bug#518782: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: incorrect vertical frequency detected for RS482 chipset graphics - blank screen

* Thomas Richter <thor@math.tu-berlin.de> [090308 17:32]:
> The xserver radeon package leaves a completely unusable screen on the Hewlett-Packard "BW-PC"s; since
> this is a popular machine ordered in masses by the district of Baden-Württemberg in Germany for all
> public institutions, this renders Debian lenny unusable for a large user class, including universities
> and student pools.

I guess this is a duplicate of http://bugs.debian.org/508999, because
I reported this for one of the last but one round of BWPCs (back when
they were HP), too.

With the patch in


those work for me. (At least frequencies work. Some other things are
complaining about those Xpress 200 cards, but with disabling enough
acceleration it works).

> Interestingly, the driver reports that a LVDS type of connector is in use, though this is a desktop
> (HP dc5750 Microtower), not a laptop, and the monitor is connected via DVI, not LVDS.

The experimental version is better in naming this, sadly in my
experience adds some other problems instead, though.

	Bernhard R. Link

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