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Bug#516567: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: X-Server repeatedly crashes

Hello Brice,

I'm happy to announce a complete backtrace. No idea what was wrong the last time. But this trace looks really "nice", at least if a segmentation fault can look nice.


2009/2/23 Brice Goglin <Brice.Goglin@ens-lyon.org>
Andreas Cord-Landwehr wrote:
> Hi, I started the x-Server by statx. Then I connected by ssh, attatched
> gdm. After this I waited until the server freezes/crashes. Then I
> executed "bt full" in gdm and quit gdm.

Oh, you mean "gdb", not "gdm" :)

>  After this the Xorg process was
> gone. I assume the gdm does not kill any processes it is attached to?

No. gdb catches the process before it dies because of this SIGABRT. When
you detach gdb, the process behave as if gdb wasn't there, i.e. it dies
from SIGABRT for real.

> After considering when these crashes do occured, I think they can be
> related to the new kwin effects for KDE 4.2. Especially on switching the
> kde-desktops, loosing scope of window aso.

I doesn't justify the missing backtrace.

I am puzzled...


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