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Bug#503001: radeonhd: radeonhd 1.2.3 kde/xserver crash on log-out

Hallo Brice

I tried radeonhd 1.2.4, Xserver 1.5.99, Mesa and DRI from experimental. Found 
2 or 3 things working:

(a) some XVideo Support - but still no on-screen menu for brightness/contrast 
etc. (MPlayer)

(b) evdev keyboards/mice work and got better - but I did not find out how to 
configure a default "de" keyboard layout (kde fixes the server's layout only 
for the 1st keyboard?). Tested a Cherry Marlin Multimedia kbd, found it 
working, all 7 (?) mouse buttons worked. Also a Logitech di Novo Edge 
keyboard works better then ever: horizontal scroll wheel now working and one 
more MM-key (Search) now works, 8 MM-keys are still missing (Zoom-%, Zoom--, 
Zoom-+, Phone, [A], [B], [C] and [D]).

(c) 3D acceleration: Can play ppracer and glxgears works but is a bit slow.

Things that still do not work:

(a) Logout crashes xserver/kdm (3.510).
(b) glxinfo quickly (resize) makes the xserver hang (needs reboot).

And one very ugly (and quite old) bug (for ASUS boards?):

(c) the Xserver or radeonhd (still) calculates a very wrong DPI value (even 
the version in lenny does). For my ASUS hardware this for example breaks 
Knoppix  6.x - only a hand full of huge letters get displayed. In my kdm 
config I have to pass a fixed DPI value to overcome this.

I did almost no testing with xrandr yet (multi head works not well for ASUS 
and Lenny).

Yours Jürgen

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Jürgen Pfennig

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