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Bug#516028: xserver-xorg-input-all: Key and mouse acting weird after dist-upgrade Debian testing (escape sequence injection)

I just found this mail thread:


Stefan writes there that:

> Since the update the keyboard in X11 has gone weird. Every second key
> press under X11 is recognized as if the Ctrl key was pressed, i.e.
> every second 'm' is a newline, every second 'd' is a Ctrl-D, every
> second 'c' a Ctrl-C, ... you get the idea.

Sounds very much like my problem. In this thread they pinpoint the
problem to xkb-data (1.5-2) which I also have installed. They have this

> Reverting back to xkb-data 1.4-1 and setting that on "hold" as well,
> helps.

I guess I will try this as well.

See also this bugreport:



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