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xorg-server: Changes to 'refs/tags/xorg-server-2_1.5.99.901-1'

Tag 'xorg-server-2_1.5.99.901-1' created by Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> at 2009-01-21 20:10 +0000

Tagging upload of xorg-server 2: to experimental.

Changes since xorg-server-2_1.5.3-1:
Aaron Plattner (17):
      Get modes code building with old X servers again.
      Include pciaccess in the xorg-server.pc Requires line.
      Xephyr: Handle depth 30 and reject higher depths rather than crashing.
      Bug #14692: Allow drivers to have a say in Xinerama visual consolidation.
      Short-circuit PanoramiXTranslateVisualID after verifying that the visual actually exists first.
      CreateColormap returns Success on success, not TRUE.
      Work around the DIX losing mmWidth/mmHeight for RandR 1.1 DDXen.
      Add LoaderShouldIgnoreABI to allow drivers that roll their own ABI checks (i.e. nvidia) to perform the check before ScreenInit.
      Try nvidia before nv under the assumption that people who install it usually want to *use* it, too.
      Make shmint.h part of the SDK.
      Add an xf86PrintBacktrace wrapper around xorg_backtrace to aid driver debugging.
      Bump ABI major versions for the TryClientExceptions change from commit 883811c.
      Conditionalize Composite-based backing store on pScreen->backingStoreSupport.
      Revert "Remove unused server state change callbackery" for now.
      Revert "Unexport (and unimplement) xf86SetAccessFuncs" for now.
      Revert "xfree86: xf86{Enable, Disable}InputHandler can be static."
      Restore xf86{Enable, Disable}GeneralHandler.

Adam Jackson (255):
      1.5 has branched, start 1.5.99.x.
      xf86DDCMonitorSet: Honor the DisplaySize from the config file.
      Fix Motif menu drawing in Xnest.
      RANDR 1.2: Inherit PreferredMode from the global configuration, if any.
      Remove all mention of the vga driver from the config logic.
      Make xf86InitialConfiguration slightly smarter.
      Fix distcheck.
      Fix segfault when a monitor exists but has no modes.
      Size xf86DefaultModes explicitly.
      Bug #14927: Fix the math for xf86NumDefaultModes.
      Add the "amd" driver to magic driver selection.
      RANDR 1.2: Don't report a square resolution to RANDR 1.1 clients.
      RANDR 1.2: Fix the RANDR 1.1 screen size estimation to approach reality.
      RANDR 1.2: Fix initial mode aspect ratio match in a corner case.
      Fix a stray use of ALLOCATE_LOCAL.
      Bug #13962: Re-arm the DPMS timer when re-enabling DPMS.
      Bug #11508: Fix build without XV.
      Bug #11510: Fix build without RECORD.
      Fix that last commit.
      Start E-EDID support in the DDC module.
      Refactor DDC2 code to allow for proper segmented addressing.
      Add E-EDID segment selection.
      Compile fix.
      Fix PCI config space cycles from int10 emulator.
      Add doltcompile to .gitignore
      So long, and thanks for all the cfb.
      Stop building mfb/afb/xf1bpp by default.
      Death to Extended Visual Information.
      Death to APPGROUP.
      Finish deleting EVI
      Remove appgroup mentions from configure.ac
      Death to TOG-CUP.
      Remove fbpseudocolor
      Bug #13104: Don't let XAA glyph pixmaps anywhere near video memory.
      Bug #13104: XAA: Adapt to glyph storage changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Bug #13104: Remove broken XAA a1 glyph fast path.
      X n'est pas une print API.
      Fix fbdevhw initialization for PCI drivers.
      Restore compression of duplicate log file entries.
      Remove global argc/argv variables.
      Simplify default font path setup.
      Move defaultDisplayClass to xdmcp-only visibility.
      The great kdrive purge.
      Fix hal shutdown crash.
      Re-add sync range inference from legacy setup to RANDR 1.2.
      Redo RANDR compatibility output selection.
      Fix initial mode selection even harder.
      xf86SetDesiredModes(): Skip disabled CRTCs first thing.
      RANDR 1.1 compat: remove senseless comparison against the virtual size.
      Fix reduced-blanking mode filtering in RANDR 1.2.
      Death to afb.
      Remove xgl.
      Death to mfb.
      ... and stay dead.
      Fix unterminated endif.
      Bug #12414: Create full-fledged pixmaps in fb24_32ReformatTile().
      Implement bswap in x86emu.
      Remove some default modes that really shouldn't be in the default set.
      Bug #15586: (Correctly) refuse to redirect the root window.
      Remove xorgconfig.  Use X -configure instead.
      Bug #11842: Fix emulation of int1A PCI BIOS services.
      Check for __amd64__, not __x86_64__.
      Also remove xorgconfig from configure.ac.
      XTrap delenda est.
      Bump ABI minor numbers for the devPrivate ABI functions.
      Actually fetch all blocks of EEDID if asked to.
      Hexdump the whole EDID block if extensions present.
      Do EEDID in RANDR 1.2.
      XInput ABI is 2.1, not 3.1.
      Declare xf86InterpretEEDID() properly.
      Don't try to load DRI2 if built without it.
      Auf wiedersehen, KAA.
      Fix GLX in Xvfb and kdrive.
      Bug #7300: Move xf86RAC to hw/xfree86/common
      Update the Allow*Grabs documentation for xf86misc removal.
      Remove the numVideoScreens xprintism.
      Remove font module support from xorgcfg.
      Remove loadable font renderer support.
      Build fixes
      Remove XF86Misc code from xorgcfg.
      Drop hw/xfree86/os-support/lynxos/
      Nuke some ancient code for commandline-challenged OSes.
      Drop the FONTCACHE extension.
      EDID: Add quirk to clamp max pixel clock to single DVI link speed.
      EDID: Correct DDCEstablishedModes to conform to DMT.
      EDID: For standard timing blocks, prefer DMT timings if they exist.
      EDID: Various reduced blanking fixes.
      Build fix.
      Unifdef QNX.
      Remove some broken debugging scaffolding.
      Assume __GNUC__ >= 3.
      Unifdef VXWORKS.
      Unifdef sgi.
      Unifdef DGUX.
      Unifdef AIX.
      Unifdef __osf__
      Unifdef hpux.
      Shape extension is built-in and mandatory.
      Bigreqs are built-in and mandatory.
      Allow extension closedown hook to be null.
      Remove all empty extension reset hooks, replace with NULL.
      XC-MISC is built-in and mandatory.
      Sync is built-in and mandatory.
      Remove some more MEMBUG garbage.
      Document more of the OS and library assumptions.
      Unifdef XIDLE.
      Handle XGI cards in autoconfig.
      Silence the "No matching Device section" warning in some harmless cases.
      Erk.  Actually check all the BARs, not just the first.
      Remove xf86Version.h and related API.
      Sledgehammer off the DRI2 build system.
      Build fix.
      Eviscerate save-under support.
      Drop dead PowerPC PCI code.
      Remove PciProbeType and associated weirdness.
      Remove vestigial MAX_PCI_DEVICES.
      Remove sparcPci.c
      Remove (unused) pciMaxBusNum.
      int10: Fix int1A for %ax == 0xB101.
      Remove MAX_PCI_{BUSES,DOMAINS} and some associated #if 0.
      Remove unused EstimateSizesAggressively option.
      Remove the remainder of grab deactivation and closedown.
      Remove unused xf86Info.sharedMonitor
      Remove unused xf86Info.mouseLocal
      Remove unused xf86Info.pMouse
      Remove unused -showunresolved option
      Remove unused -bestRefresh option.
      Remove unused -co option.
      Refactor misprite a bit.
      The ->Identify hook is not mandatory.
      Simplify calling xf86EnableIO() a bit.
      Simplify driver setup.
      Remove redundant check.
      Centralize declaration of ConnectionInfo.
      Suppress cursor display until the first XDefineCursor() request.
      EDID: Publish the whole block in the RANDR property if we've got it.
      EDID: Publish the whole block on the root window if we've got it.
      EDID: Build fix.
      Reimplement ShmPutImage.
      MIT-SHM pixmaps, if they exist, are ZPixmap.
      Build fix.
      Fix strict-aliasing silliness in XAA.
      Update to SGI FreeB 2.0.
      Revert accidental edid changes from previous commit.
      Default to -br.  Add -retro option for the nostalgic.
      Upgrade GLX Public License 1.0 to FreeB 2.0.
      Rename SaveSetMap() to SaveSetShouldMap().
      Fix un-suppressing the initial cursor.
      Don't inherit XAUTHORITY from the environment.
      Fix bad preprocessor line
      Unifdef ISC
      Remove some stale IPv6 debugging
      xorg.conf.man: We don't look in root's ~ anymore, don't say we do.
      Remove an utterly, utterly ancient changelog.
      RAC: AccessEnable() and AccessDisable() are mandatory.
      RAC: NO_SEPARATE_*_FROM_* are useless.
      Unexport (and unimplement) xf86SetAccessFuncs.
      Unexport xf86EnterServerState
      Internalise some resource list API.
      Remove the old implementation of RemoveOverlaps
      Typo fix.
      xf86RegisterResources: Always print any failed registrations.
      Remove unused server state change callbackery.
      Unexport xf86ChkConflict
      Unexport xf86SetEntityFuncs
      Unexport xf86DeallocateResourcesForEntity
      Unexport xf86NoSharedResources
      Unexport MakeClientGrab{Imp,P}ervious
      Drop the never-called SkippedRequestCallback list.
      const cleanup
      Remove the Must_have_memory hack.
      Remove unused pciNumBuses
      loader: sort the mi symbol list
      Remove a bunch of unused API from the mi export list.
      mi{Create,Destroy}GCOps are unused, nuke 'em.
      miFindMaxBand is dead code
      staticize mi{G,S}etScreenPixmap
      Remove unused wrapping for visual initialization.
      Delete unused miModifyBanking()
      Fix compile for miSetScreenPixmap prototype.
      Dangling use of miDestroyGCOps
      xalloc+bzero -> xcalloc
      xalloc+memset(0) -> xcalloc
      Loader: Unexport a handful of consumerless symbols from dixsym.
      Build fix.
      Reinstate cursorScreenDevPriv
      int10: Remove useless check.
      int10: Don't warn when scanning for devices we don't have.
      int10: Fix a nasty memory leak.
      -retro enables zapping
      Document zap/-retro interaction more.
      I hate you xlib.  Please die in a fire.
      Fix more xcalloc stupidity.
      EDID: Catch monitors that encode aspect ratio for physical size.
      Revert "Don't leak EDID_block"
      Move xorg_backtrace() up to the OS level so we can call it from DIX.
      mieq: Backtrace when the queue overflows.
      kdrive: Hardcode a different wrong value for number of mouse buttons
      Add backtrace definitions to dix-config.h.in
      EDID: Catch even more cases of encoding aspect as size.
      int10: Degrade the checksum warning to X_INFO.
      exa: Add exaDrawableIsOffscreen() to the driver API.
      Bug #18159: Spell "anisotropic" correctly
      Fix previous cherry pick for API changes
      Change some #define foo() -> static void foo()
      Argh, macros.
      Add xf86MonitorIsHDMI() helper.
      kdrive: Bye bye Xvesa
      linux: Drain the console fd of data when using evdev for keyboards
      xf86TargetExact should try harder if there's only one monitor attached.
      Remove xf86GetResourcesImplicitly
      PCI: Always build domain support.
      PCI: Remove non-pciaccess path for x86.
      PCI: Remove config mechanism details.
      PCI: Simplify OS PCI function registration a bit.
      PCI: Remove unused ia64 platform code.
      Bus: remove the "reducer"
      Bus: Remove the notion of estimated resources.
      Bus: Remove unused RemoveOverlaps
      Bus: Don't try to find an ISA bus just for fun.
      Bus: remove useless isaConvertRange2Host
      PCI: Unexport xf86scanpci
      Bus: remove special handling for init-only resources
      Remove unused MIN macro
      Bus: Trust the kernel when registering driver resources
      Bus: Simplify a failure case (that pretty much never happens)
      Bus: Don't pretend to care about IRQs, DMA, or PCI config space
      Bus: Remove yet more unused overlap processing.
      Bus: Remove ISA support.
      Remove the remnants of Jensen support
      Remove xf86{En,Dis}ableInterrupts entirely
      Remove xf86IODelay
      Remove dead FreeModuleDesc.
      Warning fix.
      Code motion: subsume xf86DoProbe.c into xf86Init.c
      Remove unused XAAAvailableOptions
      Warning fix.
      Warning fix
      Warning fix
      Warning fix
      Warning fix
      Warning fix
      Dead code cleanup over DBE.
      randr: Don't send output property events on server exit
      Default to x86emu even on i386 linux
      randr: Add [GS]etOutputPrimary
      randr: Mangle compat Xinerama reply based on primary output
      randr: Mangle GetScreenResources sort order based on primary output
      randr: use primary output for RRFirstOutput()
      randr: clear primaryOutput when the output is deleted
      xsync: Fix wakeup storm in idletime counter.
      XAA: Disable offscreen pixmaps by default.

Adam Tkac (1):
      Fix Xvfb input when building against current X sources.

Alan Coopersmith (36):
      Make sure SIOGLIFCONF buffer is properly aligned for socket structures
      Xevie cleanups, byteswapping fixes & request length check fixes
      Make Xevie private symbol names less generic
      Update ac_define_dir macro in acinclude.m4 to 2008-04-12 version
      Bug 14247: If pkg-config can't find openssl.pc, just link with -lcrypto
      Allow using libmd instead of libcrypto for SHA1 hashing in render/glyph.c
      Return a valid X error when stuck in font alias loop
      Check for strcasestr and workaround it on systems without it
      When XKB fails to open rules file, log the file name, not the NULL file pointer
      Restore return type on xf86SetScrnInfoModes
      Don't log null device name in XkbDDXLoadKeymapByNames
      xf86GetOptValFreq wants a pointer to double, but maxPixClock is an int
      Update bsd & solaris descriptions in README.OS-lib
      Improved driver selection when autoconfiguring driver without xorg.conf
      Remove README.font, since it's just an old text copy of xorg-docs/sgml/fonts
      Remove more Lynx leftovers
      Make xstrcasestr prototype return value match the implementation
      Convert Solaris #ifdef's for <sys/kd.h> to AC_CHECK_HEADERS check
      Remove unnecessary #ifdef __SOL8__'s
      Allow non-gcc compilers to build xf86Xinput.c
      Refactor Solaris mapping code to work with standard shared/vidmem.c
      Non-Linux OS'es should default to kbd driver, not now-dead keyboard driver
      Use OsSignal in Popen/Pclose to avoid SysV signal() stupidity
      When HAL returns a NULL property, print "(null)" instead of a NULL pointer
      Use bsd_pci stub routines on Solaris too, since we use pciaccess for real work
      Always use server-<display>.xkm to avoid races when multiple servers start
      Xephyr man page typo fixes.
      Solaris: Make KDSETMODE failure non fatal, and retry it on interrupts
      Simplify filename generation code for Xorg -configure
      Fix typo in 5bf2c88d2317230b95b2904cb975167d03ee13a2
      Remove duplication from code paths in XkbDDXCompileKeymapByNames
      Fix const-mismatch warnings for DisplayModePtr's
      Update See Also lists in Xorg & xorg.conf man pages
      Correct warning for unknown GlxVisuals option in conf file
      More man page updates for 1.6 release for Xorg, xorg.conf & exa man pages.
      Add atKeynames.h to libdmxinput_a_SOURCES so it's included in tarballs

Alan Hourihane (4):
      Set driverPriv immediately on CreatePixmap.
      Bump inputproto to for XI_PROP_ENABLED
      require inputproto
      re-enable DRI2

Alban Browaeys (1):
      Fix dmx compile on 1.6 branch.

Alex Deucher (4):
      Revert "Fix RandR 1.2 driver interface conversion of two colour cursors to ARGB"
      Add missing newline when printing edid info
      Only add default modes if EDID supports continuous-frequency
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/./xserver

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (1):
      Fix incorrect test regarding keyboard map.

Bart Trojanowski (1):
      Bug #14332: Fix PCI access cycles from x86emu.

Ben Byer (39):
      prevent "fake mouse clicks" from generating spurious extra events
      xquartz: copy in new stubs from Xi/stubs.c to replace our old
      Remove calls to InitValuatorAxisStruct -- these are now handled in dix by
      add debug statements so we can see if/when our Xinput stubs are getting called.
      Add code to track 5 valuators for pointing device, in preparation
      Begin to move all of our Xquartz DDX-specific event handlers
      add logging of current thread ID to DEBUG_LOG macro
      add prototype for DarwinEventHandler
      gut darwinEQEnqueue, and make it just call mieqEnqueue (for the moment)
      remove vestigal DarwinEQPointerPost etc
      nuke DarwinEventQueue
      just a bit of juggling headers around -- we're preparing
      shovelling code around ...
      moved and renamed QuartzMessageServerThread to
      formatting cleanup for X11Application.m (no code changes)
      The AppKit thread should not be calling directly into the X server
      add missing dix-config include
      kludge: miEqEnqueue wants a device, even if we're passing custom messages,
      hack to Xquartz to prevent xmodmap from wiping out our valid modmap, per daniels
      darwinKeyboard: refactor slightly so that we're not cutting and pasting code from dix, kthx
      enable keyboard map debugging -- it's going to x11-debug.txt, anyway ... so no harm
      add support for horizontal scrolling (buttons 6 and 7)
      delete debugging spew
      formatting cleanup
      oops, missed a spot
      removed Xquartz debugging code that leaked into master.  Our Bad.
      Added XKB support for Xquartz
      random flailing
      Fix for pointer-offset issue when using a multi-display environment on X11.app.
      Nuke a call to deprecated LookupClient, and hopefully prevent a
      add missing DARWIN_GLX_LIBS in configure.ac
      xquartz: remove vestigial aglGlx.c
      xquartz: clean up linker line for main binary
      glx / xquartz:  we still need glxcontentmodes.[ch] kthx
      xquartz: build fixes for GLX/DRI2 fallout (note: not guaranteed)
      xquartz: remove unused params from DarwinEQInit
      xquartz: created darwinTablet, to represent tablet events
      Xquartz: experimental embedding of Sparkle.framework
      fix compilation on systems that don't have

Ben Gamari (1):
      dix: free FocusPrivates when deleting a window. #16493

Benjamin Close (1):
      dix: Handle the case where a device cursor was removed correctly

Benjamin Tissoires (1):
      kdrive: AddInputClient takes a ClientPtr.

Bernhard R. Link (1):
      Bug#16501: autodetection of sbus graphic cards

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (1):
      Xext: fix MultiBuffer compilation error with TryClientEvents. (#18835)

Brad Smith (3):
      BSD's also have /dev/urandom.
      OpenBSD doesn't define __x86_64__, simplify tests.
      Fix the configure tests for swap16/__swap16 macros on OpenBSD.

Brian Rogers (1):
      DGA: pass nevents to UpdateDeviceState. #15936

Carl Worth (1):
      Use AC_CHECK_LIB before PKG_CHECK_MODULES for openssl

Chris Ball (1):
      Remove KdOffscreenMarkUsed() as all its callers are gone.

Colin Guthrie (1):
      Fix compilation with -Werror=format-security

Cooper Yuan (1):
      Fix typo in xf86PickCrtcs()

Dan Nicholson (3):
      Fix up paths for GL/glx -> glx renaming
      Actually enable building GLX without Mesa source
      DRI: Ensure we have the DRI headers from Mesa

Daniel Drake (2):
      Don't abort if swrast library is not present
      Don't try to destroy a NULL pixmap.

Daniel Stone (55):
      XKB: Fix initial map setting on startup
      mi: More meaningful assert crashes
      XkbCopyKeymap: Fix broken indentation
      gitignore: Add two more bits
      configure.ac: Do the dolt
      Revert "Optimize dixLookupPrivate for repeated lookups of the same private."
      GL: Make errors non-fatal
      Build: Ensure xf86DefModeSet.c ends in an empty line
      XKB: Actually explain keymap failures
      Revert "GL: Make errors non-fatal"
      configure.ac: Add GLX_SYS_LIBS for Xvfb and Xnest
      DIX: Add strncasecmp from FreeBSD, make strcasecmp args const
      OS/KDrive/XFree86: Sanitise colour initialisation
      XFree86: Remove trailing whitespace
      XFree86: Clean up init a tiny bit (no code changes)
      XFree86: Delete empty file & function
      XFree86: Remove useless debugging code
      XFree86: Delete OSMouse code
      XFree86: Remove mysticism from Makefile.am
      config: Don't attempt to use D-Bus when not strictly necessary
      strcasecmp: Actually use the right license
      dix: Actually build str(n)casecmp if we don't have it
      configure.ac: Fix SHA1 handling
      DIX: Add strcasestr from FreeBSD
      HAL: Remove grotesque open-coded strcasestr
      XFree86: Remove XFree86-Misc extension
      Make --enable-debug usable again
      XFree86: Remove remnants of XFree86-Misc
      KDrive: Delete rafts of unused code
      XFree86: Restore AllowMouseOpenFail usage text
      Dead code removal
      Everyone has urandom
      configure.ac: Fix release date
      Remove dead code, useless #defines, et al
      configure.ac: Remove non-existant directory
      dix: Remove insane BC hacks
      Revert "Try nvidia before nv under the assumption that people who install it usually want to *use* it, too."
      autogen.sh: Pass --force to autoreconf
      Remove kbd_mode
      Remove ioport
      Remove xorgcfg
      EXA: Remove unnecessary #includes
      Update COPYING for SHA1 code
      Input: Make DontZap the default
      Update docs to reflect new DontZap default
      XFree86: Fix DontZap interaction with -retro
      XFree86: Simplify DontZap/-retro interaction
      Xi: XINPUT has been mandatory for ages
      A bit of whitespace cleanup in include directives.
      Remove XEvIE
      XKB: Move XKBrules.h to the server too
      XKB: Fix thinko, causing warning (erroneously fixed in 5544c51447)
      XKB: Tiny cleanups to _XkbLookupAnyDevice
      DIX: Remove unnecessary prototype
      XKB: Remove pointless macros

Dave Airlie (23):
      quirk: fix LPL monitors properly.
      quirk: add quirk for ACER EDID
      quirk: add quirk for ACR 640x350 default mode is wrong
      glcore: zero fbconfigs before filling them in.
      glcore: make visualRating GLX_NONE - note GLX_NONE is not == 0
      glx: silly nitpick...
      GLcore: make googleearth not crash the server on sw-rendering.
      glx: test for valid read and draw privates before using them
      xf86edid: fix typo in debug output
      pci: don't do this pci stuff when we don't have hw access
      cursor: don't dereference NULL pointer is devPrivates not yet set.
      int10: add pci_device_enable support on Linux
      dbe: fix DoS reported by iDefense.
      modes: make aspect choosing work on single output case.
      modes: check the crtc is valid before using its desired modes.
      dri2: bump libdrm numbers as 2.3.1 is released without ttm interface
      modes: fix initial xorg.conf mode selection.
      exa: drop cw.h inclusion
      exa: make sure pixmap devPrivate.ptr is NULL at create time
      exa: don't call composite routines with no buffer.
      fixup another calloc build issue
      EXA: avoid copy operations if no boxes in use
      exa: avoid doing prepare/done without intervening copies in exaFillRegionTiled

Dave Miller (1):
      glx: fix crash in driGetConfigAttribIndex

David Nolden (1):
      compilation-fix in debug mode

David Nusinow (1):
      Bug #10016: Implement WM_CLASS hints in Xephyr.

Dodji Seketeli (3):
      [Xephyr/DRI] correctly route motion events targeted at GL drawable
      [Xephyr] Fix #15839
      [Xephyr] various X86_64 build cleanups

Donnie Berkholz (2):
      Xephyr: Distribute ephyrdriext.h in tarballs.
      Xephyr: Build fix: Port across XF86dri.c changes from Mesa.

Doug Chapman (1):
      Bug #14091: Fix build (and runtime) on ia64.

Drew Parsons (4):
      Define XPRINT in XPRINT_CFLAGS (configure.ac)
      Create dix/libXpdix.la for Xprint-specific build of libdix.la
      Disable D-BUS from Xprint.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver into upstream-experimental

Eamon Walsh (40):
      dix: Convert selection list to a linked list.
      XACE: Check the return value of the selection create hook call.
      xselinux: Implement polyinstantiation support and related protocol.
      Apply __glXDisp_GetVisualConfigs message patch
      XSELinux: Correctly handle some permission bits that are used more than once.
      XSELinux: Do a check for whether background "None" is allowed.
      XSELinux: Add xorg.conf option for permissive/enforcing/disabled.
      XSELinux: Add a request to get a client's context from a resource ID.
      Make devPrivates lookup functions ABI instead of static inlines.
      Fix "warning: implicit declaration of function ‘miPointerGetScreen’".
      Fix "warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type".
      Fix "warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness".
      Fix "warning: passing argument 1 of 'pixman_fill' from incompatible pointer type".
      Fix "warning: unused variable ‘pDev’, `pPointer'".
      Fix "warning: no previous prototype for ‘XevieExtensionInit’".
      Fix "warning: label ‘done’ defined but not used".
      Fix multiple warnings in os/xdmauth.c.
      Fix "Warning: no previous prototype for `SecureRPCInit'".
      Fix "warning: no previous prototype for ‘miRROutputGetProperty’".
      Fix "warning: ‘rc’ may be used uninitialized in this function".
      Fix "warning: unused variable `tsize'".
      Fix "warning: unused variable `s'".
      Fix "warning: the address of ‘newTypes’ will always evaluate as ‘true’".
      SELinux: Bring server-side name registry up to date.
      SELinux: Add an extension alias under the OS-agnostic "Flask" name.
      Fix "warning: passing argument 1 of `xf86addNewLoadDirective' from incompatible pointer type".
      Fix "warning: passing argument 1 of `modeIsPresent' from incompatible pointer type".
      Fix "warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type".
      Fix "warning: suggest parentheses around && within ||".
      Fix a leak in the code that parses the protocol names.
      Fix a leak of window devPrivates in window.c/CrushTree().
      Don't need to request space for Xnest pixmap private.
      Remove unused GetGlyphPrivatesForScreen.
      Add an array of integers for use as per-screen cursor private keys.
      Attempt getpeercon() on remote sockets as well as local ones.
      Array-index based devPrivates implementation.
      xselinux: send more specific message types to libaudit.
      xace: Fix an incorrect call to the RECEIVE_ACCESS hook.
      xselinux: don't pass a NULL key string to selabel_lookup().
      xselinux: use "raw context" variants of getpeercon() and getcon().

Egbert Eich (3):
      xkb: use the correct device instead of an uninitialised "dev". #15614
      DDX/RandR: When positioning outputs assume width/height = 0 if no modes exist.
      int10: Do an mprotect(..,PROT_EXEC) on shmat()ed memory ranges.

Eric Anholt (8):
      Fix clock_gettime presence detect on FreeBSD.
      dolt: add FreeBSD support (this and ppc have been submitted upstream).
      Remove NDEBUG (assert() disable) define from the X Server.
      Fix dolt to error out on compile error, and not print errors on race to mkdir.
      Update dolt from upstream, fixing fallback to libtool.
      Nuke the MIT-SUNDRY-NONSTANDARD extension.
      Add necessary include for COMPILEDDISPLAYCLASS.
      Fix distcheck.

Fernando Carrijo (2):
      input: Remove useless conditional.
      [dix] Remove a duplicate statement.

Francis Giraldeau (1):
      Don't log audit messages when -audit 0 specified

Fredrik Höglund (3):
      EXA: Improve the algorithm used for tracking offscreen pixmap use.
      EXA: Optimize the eviction scanning loop in exaOffscreenAlloc.
      Fix the tile offset in miPaintWindow for ParentRelative windows.

George Peter Staplin (32):
      Add image/jpeg type, and rename reclaim_clipboard to claim_clipboard.
      Rename reclaim_clipboard to claim_clipboard.
      Add an image_jpeg Atom.
      Rename reclaim_clipboard to claim_clipboard.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: return the TARGETS list as a 32-bit list to fix a bug that was in the original.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: The greedy CLIPBOARD handling now works for text.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Use an NSBitmapImageRep to convert an "image/png" selection
      XQuartz: pbproxy: pbproxy now responds to selection request events.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Add COMPOUND_TEXT handling.  Do misc. cleanups with testing
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Add a missing include of Xutil.h.  Another header
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Make the proxy handle copy request races, and PRIMARY
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix a bug that occured when a PICT format was available.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Add an X error handler that returns 0.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Add a comment to pbproxy.h about how the DB()
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix NSObject memory leaks by properly using the
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix 3 paths that could leak memory.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix a bug that rxvt brought out in STRING copying.  Now I can copy and paste to/from rxvt correctly.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix another STRING bug.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Make the signal handler safer by using _exit, and only exit.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Possibly fix a memory leak by using an [NSApp run] loop,
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix 2 bugs with the preferences.
      miext/rootless: Fix the usage of DeleteProperty so that this builds again.
      XQuartz: Remove the enable_stereo default.  We now use feature detection to enable stereo visuals.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: pbproxy.h had invalid macro usage with 2 #else statements, so it wasn't building.  Fix the build.
      XQuartz: GL: Add feature detection of color sizes, and accum sizes.
      XQuartz: GL: Fix several error handling mistakes in handleRenderDescriptions, that were leftover before the final code evolved.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Add code to handle PICT conversion to PNG and JPEG.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Work around bugs in some apps that aren't ICCCM compliant.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix a bug that prevented nedit CLIPBOARD from being proxied.
      XQuartz: GL: Mark visuals that are slower than others, due to lack of acceleration.
      XQuartz: GL: Work around problems with really deep visuals.
      XQuartz: GL: Add capability detection for depth buffers, and multisampling.

George Sapountzis (22):
      glcore: prepare for dynamic loading
      glcore: build from mesa, dlopen from xorg
      glcore: drop GLcore (build system)
      glcore: drop GLcore (files)
      drop EVI remnants
      drop TOGCUP remnants
      xephyr: Makefile cleanup 1
      xephyr: Makefile cleanup 2
      xephyr: libGL is client lib
      xephyr: sync with mesa
      xephyr: XEPHYR_DRI is identical to XF86DRI
      Add loader for the swrast dri driver.
      drop xprint remnants: xpstubs
      drop xprint remnants: InitGlobals
      glx: drop drm.h, sareaHandle from swrast loader
      kdrive: need not export symbols for glx anymore
      glx: drop stray glcore.h include
      glx: missing swrast is fatal
      glx: fix forgotten swrast -> SWRast
      glx: fix memory corruption with r5g6b5
      glx: drop unused cleargc
      clean .gitignore

George Staplin (11):
      XQuartz: GL: Provide code for getting the capabilities of the underlying system's CGL.
      XQuartz: GL: Add the new C code to the Makefile.am.
      XQuartz: GL: Add the proper license information to the new files, and add more commentary to setVisualConfigs().
      XQuartz: GL: setVisualConfigs() copied the behavior of indirect.c which is wrong, with regard to the handling of xcalloc failure.
      XQuartz: Restore the logic of AppleWMDoReorderWindow to the same as the 1.4 branch.
      XQuartz: Disable 2 calls to miSetVisualTypesAndMasks that seem to be unnecessary, and possibly wrong (with regard to masks and bits per RGB).
      XQuartz: GL: Handle the alpha differently when the alpha is equal to GLCAPS_COLOR_BUF_INVALID_VALUE.
      XQuartz: GL: remove glcontextmodes.* from the Makefile.am.  It has been replaced.
      XQuartz: GL: Add a branch to prevent a NULL DrawablePtr structure access.
      XQuartz: GL: Remove the inclusion of glcontextmodes.h.
      XQuartz: GL: Make various changes to makeFormat, so that it works better.  Now glxgears looks normal with the old libGL.

Goneri Le Bouder (1):
      xfree86: don't crash in AutoConfig if the primary device is not pci

Hans de Goede (1):
      Prefer glxvisuals with stencil buffer for default visuals

Hasso Tepper (2):
      configure.ac: DragonFly BSD support
      configure.ac: Fix monotonic test harder

Hong Liu (2):
      Bug #15160: quirk Proview AY765C
      Keep rotation wrappers in place while transforms are in use

Ian Romanick (4):
      Bug #15169: Make the server build again on Alpha.
      VBO: Regenerate files based on recent changes to gl_API.xml
      GLX: Make sure GLX_SGI_make_current_read is enabled when possible
      GLX: Changes resulting from changes to Mesa generator scripts / data

Ivaylo Boyadzhiev (1):
      Fix a longstanding XAA CopyPlane bug.

James Cloos (8):
      Fix some documentation typos
      Clean up whitespace
      Prevent the -wm command line option from causing a SEGV
      Fix compile failure
      Fix LookupColor
      Optimize commit 331cc3f0799a54910a99484264f76569beeee55a
      Remove some null statements.
      Don’t recommend fixing HAL if HAL support is disabled.

Jay Cotton (1):
      Sun bug 6618220: Xorg server core dump in xf86RandRModeRefresh(NULL)

Jeremy Huddleston (312):
      Rootless: Removed safeAlphaXXXX() in favor of using fb/pixman
      XQuartz: Initial framework for dealing with spaces on OS-X
      Xquartz: Added separate preference tab for quartz-wm settings
      XQuartz: Disable 256 color option and fullscreen option
      XQuartz: Sanity-check the removal of the 256-color option
      XQuartz: Fixed names of enums to be more consistent
      XQuartz: Fixed missing close-paren in preference pane text.
      turns out we weren't actually using these files. oops
      continue with gutting darwinEvents.c
      XQuartz: Change reporting of space change to debug log rather than stderr
      XQuartz: Fix issue where clicking on an X11 window might send that event to an X11 window in another space.
      Xquartz: Added applicationShouldHandleReopen:hasVisibleWindows to handle dock icon clicking
      XQuartz: Removed a call to RootlessReorderWindow from the Carbon thread
      Xquartz: Don't need to link against rlAccel since we don't use it
      XQuartz: Don't use composite.
      XQuartz: Don't enable rootless accelerated functionality... crashy...
      merged darwinKeyboard.[ch] into quartzKeyboard
      XQuartz: Use strerror(errno)... cause I like text more than grepping header files
      XQuartz: Include version info for CrashReporter
      XQuartz: Added framework for asserting which thread we're in.
      XQuartz: Fixed some missing prototypes
      XQuartz: A little more debugging output from threadSafety
      XQuartz: Use a mutex to ensure we only have one thread calling mieqEnqueue at a time.
      XQuartz: Moved some rootless-specific cruft into xpr
      XQuartz: Forgot to commit xprEvent.[hc] ...
      XQuartz: Handled sanitization of namespace better
      XQuartz: Removed unneccessary include
      XQuartz: More sanitization of the namespace
      Last of the spam... I promise...
      Rootless: Kill off rlAccel
      Removed XWin DDX
      XQuartz: Cleaned up some casting to get rid of compiler warnings
      XQuartz: Cleanup turning off COMPOSITE
      Revert "Removed XWin DDX"
      .gitignore: Added Xquartz stuff
      XQuartz: Fixed quit dialog to be more conforming with HIG.
      Fixed dixLookupClient to work with client=NullClient as it did in the 1.3 branch
      Make rootless use dixLookupClient rather than deprecated LookupClient.
      XQuartz: Fixed cmd-tab to bring all windows forward.
      XQuartz: Make sure QuartzAudioInit() gets run.
      XQuartz: No need to include indirect.c a second time
      Moved Apple GL bits into our DDX subtree
      XQuartz: Compile in missing glx source that we still need
      Added missing HAVE_LAUNCHD to dix-config.h.in
      darwin gots /dev/urandom, too yo!
      XQuartz: Cleaned up multi-monitor support.
      XQuartz: More multi-monitor work... reverted Ben's workaround (worked for side-by-side only) and added more debugging.
      XQuartz: Added some pseudoramiX debug traces
      XQuartz: Don't subtract the titlebar off of the pointer_y
      XQuartz: Cleaned up startup and thread creation a tad.
      Xquartz: Added missing to EXTRA_DIST
      XQuartz: Added missing Xquartz.man.pre to EXTRA_DIST
      XQuartz: Updated Localizable.strings
      XQuartz: More startup / threading house cleaning.
      XQuartz: Added thread debugging to xprFrame.c
      XQuartz: Disabled DPMS extension
      XQuartz: xprIsX11Window can be called from the Appkit thread (see X11Application.m)
      XQuartz: Unset CFProcessPath... blech
      XQuartz: Fix to tablet-event handling code; we now scale
      Dix: Cleaned up sanity checking in Get{Pointer,Keyboard}Events
      XQuartz: Moved some relevant stuff from darwin.h to darwinEvents.h
      XQuartz: Adjust the screen origin offset properly for multimonitor setups
      XQuartz: Avoid a possible crash at startup due to unfavorable context switching.
      XQuartz: Fix mouse input offsets earlier since GetPointerEvents does not like negative (x,y) values
      Rootless: mi doesn't let us resize root, so we need to do it ourselves...
      XQuartz: Move server bits into bundle and setup stub in /usr/X11/bin/Xquartz in prep for startup rewrite
      Fixed up dist
      XQuartz: Added uncommitted files
      XQuartz: Fixed typo
      Set CSRG_BASED on OSX
      XQuartz: Fixed some issue in our bundle creation
      XQuartz: Set bundle version to 2.3.0
      Updated .gitignore for new Xquartz layout
      XQuartz: Reorganized some of the build system in prep for the Mach IPC startup work.
      XQuartz: Starting to work on the new Mach IPC startup stuff for better launchd, ApplicationServices, and Dock support
      XQuartz: More startup work... listen if we're the actual server
      XQuartz: Added some version checking protection so we don't trigger an infinite exec loop with new /usr/X11/bin/Xquartz and older X11.app
      Don't need the fink-friendly printf in the DDX anymore.
      XQuartz: Cleaned up the about box.
      Added missing to EXTRA_DIST
      Xquartz: More work on the new Mach startup
      XQuartz: More work on the Mach-IPC startup path
      Xquartz: Xquartz stub now can send Mach IPC to start the server.
      XQuartz: Made DarwinSendDDXEvent a little more robust to context switching diring server init.
      XQuartz: Disable xkb since it doesn't work after getting xkeyboard-config installed
      XQuartz: Added functionality to add a file descriptor to the connection list after the server is already running.
      XQuartz: Ok, pass XQUARTZ_USE_XKB since it breaks worse without it... but we have issues when we have the keyboard configs installed... need to figure out what to do there...
      XQuartz: More work towards Mach-IPC startup... started working on FD passing
      New XQuartz icon thanks to Simone Karin Lehmann
      XQuartz: Cleaned up ListenOnOpenFD...
      XQuartz: Fixed dropped code in the !XKB blocks, disable XKB support until we figure out a solution for xkeyboard-config
      XQuartz: First stab at SCM_RIGHTS passing the $DISPLAY launchd fd from the stub to server
      XQuartz: Fixed a few issues with fd passing... still not working =(
      XQuartz: Move the launchd display grabbing into mach_startup
      XQuartz: Don't need launchd checking in configure.ac anymore since its functionality has been removed from libxtrans and into the mach startup code.
      XQuartz: Add the launchd fd to AllSockets as well
      XQuartz: A 2 second delay for launchd socket connections should be sufficient.
      XQuartz: Switched over to new startup path for testing.  Cleaned it up a bit.  Server still crashes when using the icon to launch =/
      XQuartz: Fork for trigger
      XQuartz: Don't forget to destroy the mutex and cond after we're done with them
      XQuartz: use a condition variable to signal when darwinEvents is ready rather than polling
      XQuartz: Removed async debugging sleep
      XQuartz: Updated icon with more rsolutions and made it more dark-background friendly
      XQuartz: Fixed the "laggy" startup under the new model.  This was caused by xinit blocking expecting SIGUSR1 and our stub never sending it.
      XQuartz: Removed code path for old startup
      XQuartz: Under the new startup model, we no longer need to do the foreground/background dance.
      Xquartz: Removed include directive for removed header
      XQuartz: Set noPanoramixExtension earlier to avoid a possible race.
      Set machine dependent defaults for ppc64
      XQuartz: Remove deprecated keyboard code.
      XQuartz: Some fd handoff cleanup.
      XQuartz: Use CFEqual to compare keyboards
      XQuartz: Fixed first-client-can't-connect bug
      XQuartz: Nuke Sparkle.
      XQuartz: Fixed proper processing of tablet button presses
      XQUartz: UI Cleanup.  Removed done/cancel buttons from Applications->Customize
      XQuartz: Fixed some errors / typos in the preferences pane.
      XQuartz: More fd handoff cleanup.
      XQuartz: Added code and made comments more helpful for debugging first-client-auth bug.
      XQuartz: Now properly disable xauth checking on launchd socket and mostly fix the xinitrc / launchd race condition
      glcontextmodes.[hc] were not added with the removal of the meas symlinks patch.  Copied from mesa head 2008.08.06.
      XQuartz: Re-added deprecated code fallback failsafe for keyboard layout on Leopard with some debugging spew.
      XQuartz: Disable the Xquartz AIGLX for now since it doesn't even compile any more...
      Removed rogue #include
      Transport/Apple: Add TRANS_NOXAUTH to incoming connections when the listener is flagged as such
      XQuartz: Reverted "Control" text to be accurately "Command" in the input prefs.
      XQuartz: Made 3-button mouse simulation a little more consistent.
      XQuartz: Fixed a stuck modifier key bug.
      XQuartz: Updated bundle version to 2.3.1
      XQuartz: More input fixes
      XQuartz: Added appkit_modifiers defaults option which users can set to 'rcommand' to get access to the input menu with right command
      XQuartz: Just cleaned up formatting of event processing code... no "meat" changed...
      XQuartz: Added window_item_modifiers defaults item (and option to localization) to change the modifier keys used for the windows menu.
      XQuartz: Support windowItemModMask=0 or -1 to disable window shortcuts.
      XQuartz: Added more explanation to debug keylayout spew to cut down on report-spam.
      Xquartz: Added missing ev_type for NSTabletPoint event.
      XQuartz: Cleaned up mouse event translation a bit more.
      XQuartz: Fixed bogus args to debug ErrorF
      XQuartz: Made a note to come back to the xinitrc race condition in the 1.5 branch when we move up to it.
      XQuartz: Use new Xplugin API to determine if a keypress event corresponds to an OS-X hotkey that we should dispatch to Appkit.
      XQuartz: Fixed needed xplugin version. ><
      XQuartz: Always use TIS for the keyboard layout seed since KB* aren't thread safe.
      XQuartz: xp_is_symbolic_hotkey_event catches the input menu, but not our mainMenu, so we still need to do that the old way.
      XQuartz: Added debugging output to the crash log to help track down two crashes, since people don't often report their system.log spew.
      XQuartz: Placate automake which doesn't like escaped newlines even in comments...
      Removed dead glcontextmodes
      XQuartz: Don't even build with GLX support since swrast now depends on libdrm
      XQuartz: Fixed missing symbol in quartzKeyboard debugging
      XQuartz: Fixed editing of Applications menu
      XQuartz: Cleaned up our sleeping before adding the launchd socket.
      XQuartz: Removed dead code (unused option definitions)
      XQuartz: Updated man page
      mieqProcessInputEvents: Check custom event handlers first.
      XQuartz: Removed "Done" button from Applications Customization.  Now properly save on exit.
      XQuartz: Updated Tablet code to include ranges for valuators and added cursor and erasor
      XQuartz: Added pasteboard proxy code stripped out of quartz-wm.
      mieq: Fix my broken cherry pick.
      XQuartz: Fixed a crash in RootlessNativeWindowMoved
      XQuartz: Remove decls of crashtracer strings that we don't use anymore in here
      XQuartz: Fixed proximity logic errors for tablets.
      XQuartz: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: Don't warp the pointer on server start for XQuartz
      XQuartz: Changed around fd handoff model to be more robust
      XQuartz: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: 256 color support
      XQuartz: Dead code removal
      mieq: Made custom event handlers safer for nevents >1
      XQuartz: pbproxy: First round of updates to pbproxy from George.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Added global variables to customize how pbproxy behaves
      XQuartz: Don't enable 8bit visuals in the TrueColor server, since it's not working yet
      XQuartz: Added a preferences UI for pbproxy options.
      XQuartz: "Disable" the text when syncing is disabled.
      XQuartz: 64bit crash fix ... don't pass pointers through xe.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Removed stray SPI include.
      XQuartz: Fixed threading issue with TSM.
      Added dep on applewmproto 1.1.0
      XQuartz: Added a --enable-integrated-xpbproxy configure option for building xpbproxy as an app or as a thread.
      XQuartz: Send AppleWMReloadPreferences where appropriate.
      Xquartz: xpbproxy: Split out app-specific stuff to app-main.m in prep for making this into a thread.
      XQuartz: Actually send the pointer event from the pen even if it happes to actually have 0 pressure and 0 tilt.
      XQuartz: Added some localizable strings that were missing.
      XQuartz: Removed resolved comment about localization.
      XQuartz: Using absolute ranges for pointer location to increase resolution and better support tablets.
      XQuartz: Workaround for initial pressure/tilt being sent as 0 with motion during the proximity event
      XQuartz: Use "pointer" and "pen" for device names to please GDK.
      Partially reverts commit 505c216d030a8eb6e9fa757ecebed9597a850c88.
      XQuartz: GLX - enable_stereo defaults option should work now
      XQuartz: xpbproxy: Support some of the preference toggles from X11.app, cleaned up CLIPBOARD_MANAGER atom management.
      XQuartz: pbcopy: Re-enabled some code I commented out for testing
      XQuartz: Bumped bundle version to 2.3.2 for beta1
      Depend on xtrans >= 1.2.2 for TRANS_NOXAUTH
      Xquartz: Fix parallel builds
      XQuartz: Call setVisualConfigs in InitOutput, and only when GLXEXT is defined.
      XQuartz: Fixed EXTRA_DIST for new GL files.
      XQuartz: Some motion made towards supporting fullscreen.
      XQuartz: implemented primary-on-grab and fixed clipboard-to-pasteboard
      XQuartz: Fixed window levels.
      XQuartz: Require applewmproto-1.1.1
      XQuartz: Fixed missing key-equiv for Hide-Others.
      XQuartz: More progress towards fullscreen...
      XQuartz: Fixed follow-keyboard-layout
      XQuartz: Cleaned up keyboard init and map reload.
      XQuartz: More fullscreen fixes
      XQuartz: Only send mouse events while in the background if we're over a visible window.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: SIGHUP reloads preferences.
      XQuartz: Default dpi to 96 instead of 75
      XQuartz: Added missing semicolons to Localizable.strings
      XQuartz: Honor the Spaces preference for "When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application"
      Rootless: Properly typed expose_1
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix compilation on case-sensitive file systems...
      miext/rootless: Silence some warnings by using proper C prototypes.
      XQuartz: Do check_xinitrc() later to avoid possible deadlock.
      Xquartz: pbproxy: Some debugging about unhandled mime types... this will spam up quick, but will be useful for a while...
      XQuartz: pbproxy: fixed blocking
      XQuartz: Pass along SIGINT and SIGTERM from the stub to X11.app
      XQuartz: Purge the old XQUARTZ_EXPORTS_LAUNCHD_FD option
      XQuartz: if 0 out a block to avoid thread-unsafe lockups
      XQuartz: Fixed Xplugin thread safety issues, so rea-enable background window check
      XQuartz: Don't map the menu bar to the screen area.
      XQuartz: Silence pointer debug spam
      Rootless: Force initialization of static variable before use.
      XQuartz: displayScreenBounds uses quartzEnableRootless rather than !quartzHasRoot
      Rootless: LP64 related casting fixes from Bob Murphy
      XQuartz: LP64 related casting fixes from Bob Murphy
      XQuartz: Add option to allow access to the menu in fullscreen mode
      XQuartz: version string updated for 2.3.2_beta3
      XQuartz: Replace deprecated API usage thanks to Robery Murphy
      XQuartz: Make LS parse our version properly... it didn't like our CFBundleVersion
      XQuartz: CFBundleShortVersionString needs to conform to X.Y.Z as well... sigh
      XQuartz: Added more debugging to handoff spew
      XQuartz: Fixed XBell() when not using system alert.
      os/connection: TRANS_NOXAUTH bit comparison brainfart fix.
      XQuartz: Made X11Application.m a little more tidy.
      Xquartz: Force sending mouse clicks to AppKit if we're over the menu bar
      XQuartz: Initial work on readding GLX to the 1.5 server
      XQuartz: Actually add glcontextmodes.[hc]
      XQuartz: Integrated xpbproxy into the server.
      XQuartz: Don't use TIS on Tiger...
      mi: Only increment tail (push) when the event data is actually in the queue
      mi: Push screen-saver/DPMS handling to after the EQ pop operation.
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Remove thread-main.m
      XQuartz: pbproxy: nuke RCS Id, update header license/copyright
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Push the pbproxy Xevent processing into its own thread
      XQuartz: Resurrect the old audio path for Tiger
      XQuartz: More Tiger ifdefs
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Added some typedefs for types not available on Tiger
      XQuartz: spewCallStack is noop on Tiger now...
      XQuartz: Update applewm deps
      XQuartz: Don't use LS to find X11.app on Tiger.
      XQuartz: GLX: sync up indirect.c to match George's updates in the xorg-server-1.5-apple branch
      XQuartz: Updated some code to use newer server API
      XQuartz: Fixed --disable-glx
      XQuartz: More 1.6 server API updates
      XQuartz: More Tiger cleanup: bootstrap_strerror
      XQuartz: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: Disable some error spew on Tiger (where it wouldn't be an error)
      XQuartz: More dead code removal
      XQuartz: Don't hardcode values of org.x.X11 for the preferences domain
      XQuartz: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: Use the environment to pass the bundle's prefs domain on to xinit/quartz-wm for Tiger or no-launchd-LEOPARD
      XQuartz: Add fallback for xpbproxy's display for Tiger or no-launchd-Leopard
      XQuartz: Removed hardcoded org.x.X11 from MachIPC as well
      XQuartz: Force X11Controller to reset a broken DISPLAY envvar.
      XQuartz: Simplify the xquartz_resetenv_display path
      XQuartz: Fix an uninitialized keyboard_type on Tiger
      XQuartz: Fix Czech keyboard dead-acute
      XQuartz: Fix dead-acute on Greek keyboards
      XQuarz: Setup our PATH and PWD earlier, so our initial client benefits from it as well...
      XQuartz: Avoid some warning messages being spewed to system.log by AppKit
      XQuartz: Added option to enable/disable test extensions
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Simplify linking
      Removed unised option from configure.ac for launchd
      XQuartz: Corrected name/command labels in the customization widget
      XQuartz: darwinPointer reports the actual pixel position now rather than a relative position
      XQuartz: Removed some debug spew
      XQuartz: unsetenv(DISPLAY) if we're not org.x.X11
      XQuartz: unset DISPLAY if we didn't get a launchd socket handoff
      XQuartz: Avoid using login /bin/sh blech.  Just use a bash script to start the app, so it will inherit the right environment
      XQuartz: fixed make dist
      XQuartz: Fix path to executable
      XQuartz: Tiger fix, don't call Xplugin code in the Appkit thread if Xplugin isn't threadsafe.
      XQuartz: Updated menu item ordering for better HIG compliance
      mi: Reuse memory in mieqProcessInputEvents rather than making excessive calls to calloc()
      XQuartz: Name the startup shell script X11 for better compatability

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