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Bug#506516: xserver-xorg: Wrong screen resolution on startup, need to restart


Raphael Geissert wrote:

The problem you are facing appears to be a hardware problem, and according to Xavier Bachelot (one of the openchrome devs) it is likely to be in the i2c bus. He suggests forcing the only active output to be the CRT, to try to workaround the incorrect mode used when something is detected on the tv out.

Try by adding the following line to the Device section of your xorg.conf:
Option "ActiveDevice" "CRT"

OK, done that. So far so good, however it is intermittent. I had a system crash last week, possibly due to hardware, and had to reinstall. This bug reoccurred after the re-installation but before I had altered xorg.conf.

Presumably this is a problem that affects auto-detection as it did not used to happen (i.e. before auto-detection).

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