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mesa: Changes to 'refs/tags/mesa-7.3-rc1-1'

Tag 'mesa-7.3-rc1-1' created by Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> at 2009-01-10 21:45 +0000

Tagging upload of mesa 7.3~rc1-1 to experimental.

Changes since mesa-7.2-1:
Adam Jackson (1):
      Update to SGI FreeB 2.0.

Alan Hourihane (1):
      mesa: fix generation of fixed function state when no vp exists

Alex Deucher (1):
      R300: missing semicolon

Benjamin Close (1):
      i965: fix compilation

Bernd Buschinski (1):
      glx: Add missing include for XCB, fixing crash on 64-bit.

Brad King (1):
      mesa: fix param indexing

Brian (26):
      glx: added "glapi/" prefix to include
      mesa: remove unneeded s_drawpix.h header
      glx: re-add glapi/ path
      Add some FLUSH_CURRENT() calls.
      move _mesa_format_to_type_and_comps() to texformat.c
      refactor code, export _mesa_generate_mipmap_level()
      added _mesa_tex_target_to_face()
      code refactoring, new next_mipmap_level_size() function
      Added new _mesa_clip_copytexsubimage() function to do avoid clipping down in the drivers.
      added vbo_use_buffer_objects() to specify that immediate mode data should be put into bufferobjects
      temporarily set the FRAG_BIT_FOGC bit in InputsRead when fog is enabled
      Disable vertex shader fog, compute fog in fragment shader.
      include programopt.h
      Remove ctx field from texenvprog_cache
      set program->SamplersUsed bit when using a texture instruction
      use PROGRAM_CONSTANT instead of PROGRAM_STATE_VAR when generating immediates/literals
      set SamplerUnit[] entry in load_texture() just to be safe
      mesa: fix cast/conversion for optional code
      mesa: fix convolve/convolution mix-ups
      mesa: use NRM3 in emit_normalize_vec3() when drivers are ready
      mesa: remove OPCODE_INT #define
      mesa: new _mesa_is_pow_two() function
      mesa: fix conditional in save_Lightfv(), bug 18838
      demos: added simple vertex shader texture test.
      mesa: replace large macros with inline functions
      mesa: assorted clean-ups, updated comments, etc.

Brian Paul (310):
      s/GL_INVALID_VALUE/GL_INVALID_OPERATION/ in _mesa_get_uniformfv()
      mesa: init default span fog if fragprog uses fog input register
      mesa: fix all(bvec2) function typo, add missing bvec2/3/4() constuctors
      mesa: regenerated files
      fixes some GLSL bugs
      mesa: added some missing equal() notEqual() intrinsics
      mesa: regenerated file
      mesa: fix error codes in _mesa_shader_source(), _mesa_get_shader_source()
      mesa: when linking a shader program, make sure all the shaders compiled OK
      added null texObj ptr check (bug 15567)
      mesa: check for OpenBSD (bug 15604)
      mesa: fix state.clip[n].plane parsing bug (bug 16611)
      mesa: implement glGetUniformiv() with new ctx->Driver function
      mesa: remove debug code
      ARB program, GLSL fixes
      mesa: return -1, not GL_FALSE if _glapi_add_dispatch() fails name sanity check
      mesa: set version string to 7.3-devel
      mesa: glsl: grab latest fixes from gallium-0.1 branch
      mesa: glsl: regenerated file
      7.1 updates from 7.2 branch
      change MESA_MINOR to 3
      added 7.1 MD5 sums
      mesa: don't check for GLSL 1.2 to advertise GL 2.1
      mesa: bump MAX_INSN to 350
      mesa: improved gl_buffer_object reference counting
      mesa: replace MALLOC w/ CALLOC to fix valgrind warning
      mesa: replace MALLOC w/ CALLOC to fix memory error in glPushClientAttrib()
      mesa: remove some assertions that are invalid during context tear-down
      mesa: fix MSAA enable state in update_multisample()
      mesa: fix display list regression (check if save->prim_count > 0 in vbo_save_EndList())
      mesa: rework GLSL vertex attribute binding
      mesa: fix bug in previous changes to _slang_resolve_attributes()
      mesa: prefix a bunch of #include lines with "main/".
      glx: remove depency on glheader.h and GLboolean type in XF86DRI code
      glx: remove #include "glheader.h" lines
      mesa: remove a bunch of -I paths from INCLUDE_DIRS
      mesa: prefix more #includes with "main/"
      mesa: added "main/" prefix to includes, remove some -I paths from Makefile.template
      mesa: fix null ptr deref bug in _tnl_InvalidateState(), bug 15834
      mesa: add parenthesis
      mesa: remove EXT/NV suffixes from _mesa_PointParameter functions
      mesa: refactor: move glPixelStore function into new pixelstore.c file
      mesa: refactor: move glReadPixels code into new readpix.c file
      mesa: refactor: move _mesa_init_exec_table() into new api_exec.c file
      mesa: refactor: new _mesa_init_pixelstore() function
      mesa: refactor: move pixel map/scale/bias code into image.c
      mesa: refactor: move scissor functions into new scissor.c file
      mesa: refactor: move glClear, glClearColor into new clear.c file.
      mesa: refactor: move _mesa_resizebuffers(), _mesa_ResizeBuffersMESA() to framebuffer.c
      mesa: refactor: move multisample-related functions into new multisample.c file
      mesa: refactor: move _mesa_update_minmax/histogram() into image.c
      mesa: refactor: fix some FEATURE_ typos, mistakes
      mesa: refactor: move glTexGen-related functions into new texgen.c file
      mesa: refactor: move glTexEnv-related functions into new texenv.c file
      mesa: refactor: move glTexParameter-related functions into new texparam.c file
      mesa: refactor: move various ENUM_TO_x macros into macros.h
      mesa: remove unneeded #include
      mesa: fix typo: s/stacks/stack/
      mesa: check FEATURE_ARB_occlusion_query
      mesa: remove some temp debug code
      mesa: move some glapi bits around
      mesa: FEATURE_dispatch to control dispatch table usage
      mesa: fix ReadBuffer initialization
      mesa: test for FEATURE_ATI_fragment_shader
      mesa: fix some FEATURE_x tests
      mesa: revamp glBlendFunc loopback
      mesa: fix errors in prev commit
      mesa: refactor: move initialization of DefaultPacking state.
      mesa: initial support for fixed-pt vertex arrays
      mesa: GL_BYTE vertex/texcoord arrays
      mesa: init ctx->RenderMode
      mesa: point size arrays
      mesa: added case for fixed pt
      mesa: implement glGetUniformiv() with new ctx->Driver function
      mesa: remove debug code
      mesa: comments about vectors vs components
      mesa: fix issues causing warnings on Windows
      mesa: fix some pixel transfer state tests for depth formats
      mesa: fix some feature tests
      mesa: set point state
      mesa: texture crop rect state
      mesa: allow for extra per-context init
      mesa: refactor: move GetProcAddress code from glapi.c into new glapi_getproc.c file
      mesa: new gl_fragment_program fields indicating use of fog, front-facing, point coord
      mesa: add fwd decl of fill_in_entrypoint_offset()
      mesa: update program->NumAddressRegs field in _slang_update_inputs_outputs()
      mesa: glsl: fix error check in get_uniformfv()
      mesa: glsl: fix a number of glUniform issues
      mesa: glsl: fix glGetUniform for matrix queries
      mesa: fix some VBO buffer object issues
      mesa: fix float->int mapping for glGetIntegerv(GL_DEPTH_CLEAR_VALUE)
      mesa: fix typo (s/feadback/feedback/).  Fixes broken selection/feedback.
      mesa: fix assertion in _mesa_reference_program()
      mesa: remove invalid assertions that programs have parameters
      mesa: add missing GLcontext param to _mesa_delete_query().
      mesa: updated _mesa_delete_query() comments
      mesa: fix static library construction
      mesa: adjust texcoords for swrast sprite points.
      mesa: set FRAG_BIT_FOGC bit in InputsUsed if FogOption!=GL_NONE
      mesa: pass 'mask', not NULL to renderbuffer->Put functions
      mesa: fix vertex format/attribute bug
      mesa: vertex emit debug code (disabled)
      mesa: remove unneeded includes
      mesa: rename macro params to emphasize that there's no particular color ordering
      mesa: fix error codes in _mesa_GetObjectParameterivARB(), bug 17861
      mesa: remove unneeded includes
      mesa: include needed header
      mesa: fix asst. issues in _mesa_texstore_argb8888()
      mesa: fix error codes in _mesa_GetObjectParameterivARB(), bug 17861
      glxgears: for fullscreen, disable window borders the right way
      glxswapcontrol: added -fullscreen option
      mesa: in textore.c, only adjust image for convolution if image is a color format
      mesa: some re-org of glCopyTexSubImage1/2/3D() error checking
      mesa: move convolution image adjustment code for glCopyTexSubImage1/2/3D()
      mesa: remove calls to _mesa_adjust_image_for_convolution(), use texImage fields
      mesa: version 21 of glxext.h
      mesa: version 43 of glext.h
      mesa: fix stand-alone glslcompiler build
      mesa: include glslcompiler driver in tarball
      glx: added PFNGL*PROC typedefs for GLX 1.3 functions
      mesa: fix copy/paste error in GLSL error msg
      mesa: do scope replacement for variable initializers too
      mesa: fix some bugs with precision qualifier parsing
      mesa: additional debug flags for glsl debug/disassembly
      mesa: fix assignment / parameter passing of sampler types
      mesa: glsl tree print improvements
      mesa: do scope replacement for while/for loops too
      mesa: silence warnings
      remove old debug glFlush/Finish calls from demos
      print err msg if unable to open shader file
      mesa: fix float-valued GLSL vertex attribute variables
      added glsl/skinning.c test to test matrix blending/weighting
      mesa: add Initialized field to gl_uniform struct, for debugging purposes only
      mesa: remove extra \n from printf string
      mesa: fix a GLSL array indexing codegen bug
      mesa: Fix compiler warnings on Windows.
      mesa: update the shader programs->TexturesUsed array at link time
      mesa: rename OPCODE_INT -> OPCODE_TRUNC
      mesa: added OPCODE_NRM3/NRM4 instructions for vector normalization.
      mesa: include shader/prog_instruction.h
      mesa: added AND/OR/NOT/XOR instructions
      mesa: added DP2, DP2A instructions
      mesa: add GLSL support for DP2, NRM3, NRM4 instructions (not actually emitted yet though)
      mesa: fix opcode table order bug
      mesa: forgot sqrt in NRM3/4 instructions
      mesa: reformat comments, rewrap lines, etc for a little better readability
      mesa: add support for 'invariant' keyword for GLSL 1.20
      mesa: add support for 'centroid' qualifier in GLSL 1.20
      undo accidental changes to multitex.frag shader
      mesa: allows 'f' suffix on GLSL float literals
      mesa: fix logic error in GLSL linker when looking for main() shaders
      mesa: initial support for uniform variable initializers.
      mesa: track initialization status of uniform variables.  Plus, asst clean-ups.
      dri: alloc __DRIscreen object with calloc()
      GLX: fix out-of-bounds memory issue in indirect glAreTexturesResident()
      mesa: fix some misc breakage caused by editing auto-generated files rather than the python generators
      mesa: restore glapi/ prefix on #include
      mesa: allow relative indexing into all register files and indirect dst register indexing
      mesa: fix version check in dinoshade.c
      mesa: tweak program register printing for RelAddr case
      mesa: fix bug in GLSL built-in matrix state lookup
      mesa: remove unused/obsolete __NormalMatrixTranspose matrix
      mesa: use the tighter definition of GLSL ftransform() from the gallium branches
      mesa: fix accidental regression in GLSL built-in texture matrix lookup
      mesa: remove some do-nothing GLSL code
      mesa: make writemask_string() non-static
      mesa: revamp GLSL instruction emit code
      mesa: no longer need Writemask field in GLSL IR nodes
      mesa: updated comment
      mesa: don't realloc instruction buffer so often
      mesa: rework GLSL array code generation
      mesa: glsl compiler debug code
      mesa: minor comment reformattting
      added progs/demos/fragcoord.c - tests gl_FragCoord attribute in fragment shader
      mesa: better variable name: s/aux/store/
      mesa: issue error, don't crash, when calling a prototyped, but undefined function
      docs: update webmaster email addr
      mesa: add Flags field to gl_program_parameter
      mesa: added PROG_PARAM_ bits for invariant, flat/linear interpolation
      mesa: dump/debug varying vars list
      mesa: copy Flags in _mesa_clone_parameter_list()
      mesa: rename program parameter flags to match other Mesa conventions
      mesa: set flags for varying vars
      mesa: copy precision/variant/centroid info in slang_fully_specified_type_copy()
      mesa: check that varying variable qualifiers agree
      mesa: copy centroid/invariance/precision info in parse_init_declarator()
      windows: replace free() with _mesa_unreference_framebuffer()
      mesa: add gl_program::Input/OutputFlags[] array
      mesa: support for GLSL 1.20 array types
      mesa: added support for GLSL 1.20 array.length() method
      mesa: add some missing switch cases for generating state var strings
      demos: press SPACE to toggle fbo_firecube animation
      mesa: remove debug code
      mesa: add missing size check for assignment optimization
      mesa: add missing type check for function calls
      mesa: remove an assertion (see bug 18734)
      mesa: fix default switch case in append_token(), see bug 18734
      mesa: enable texture compression extensions for software drivers when possible
      mesa: add missing break statements
      glut: added GLUT_PPM_FILE env var to dump first frame to a PPM file
      mesa: move _mesa_dlopen(), etc into separate dlopen.c file
      demos: updated tests/floattex.c (doesn't work just yet).
      mesa: in slang linker, replace assertion with link error when max samplers exceeded
      mesa: checkpoint commit of GLSL 1.20 array syntax.
      mesa: glsl clean-ups
      mesa: simplify some glsl variable declaration code
      mesa: move variable initializer IR generation into _slang_gen_var_decl()
      mesa: consolidate variable declaration initializer code for globals too
      mesa: checkpoint: GLSL 1.20 array constructors
      mesa: remove unused fixup table code in glsl compiler
      mesa: move _slang_locate_function() to different file
      mesa: move some glsl compiler functions to different files to be more consistant
      mesa: more glsl type/function movement
      mesa: glsl compiler function renaming
      mesa: use _slang_alloc()
      mesa: more glsl function renaming
      mesa: fix some more GLSL 1.20 array things.
      mesa: array size fix in _slang_typeof_operation()
      mesa: remove incorrect array_len assignment
      mesa: copy array_len in slang_fully_specified_type_copy()
      mesa: basic array constructors work now
      mesa: remove unused varpool code in glsl compiler
      mesa: disable glsl debug output
      mesa: remove unneeded swizzle init code in glsl compiler
      mesa: code clean-up in glsl compiler
      mesa: remove old size=4 limit
      mesa: place glsl constant arrays in constant memory
      mesa: use IFLOOR(x) instead of (int) FLOORF(x)
      mesa: checkpoint: handle uniform vars in _slang_gen_var_decl()
      mesa: added comments, remove unused code
      mesa: more comments, clean up
      mesa: more re-org of variable declarations in glsl compiler
      glut: added GLUT_PPM_FILE env var to dump first frame to a PPM file
      mesa: move _mesa_dlopen(), etc into separate dlopen.c file
      demos: updated tests/floattex.c (doesn't work just yet).
      mesa: in slang linker, replace assertion with link error when max samplers exceeded
      mesa: bump glsl grammar revision
      Merge branch 'glsl-1.20-v2'
      mesa: updated GLSL docs
      mesa: rename slang_library_noise.[ch] to prog_noise.[ch] and rename functions
      mesa: fix some GLSL array regressions
      mesa: disable debug output
      util: check for frag/vertShader=0 before attaching
      demos: add test of vertex-only and fragment-only shader programs
      mesa: updated comments
      mesa: remove unneeded _mesa_reference_fragprog() call
      demos: all glutDestroyWindow() upon exit to test query object clean-up
      demos: minor fixes to twoside.c glsl demo
      mesa: updated compilation documentation
      mesa: increase max constants/uniforms to 256 (vec4 vectors)
      mesa: comments for some state vars
      mesa: better error message when running out of GLSL samplers
      mesa: allow variable indexing into the predefined uniform variable arrays
      mesa: fix bug in evaluation of structure fields
      mesa: increase max texture image units and GLSL samplers to 16
      mesa: updated comments about GLSL constants
      demos: added progs/glsl/samplers.c to test all available texture samplers
      mesa: comments, whitespace changes
      i965: whitespace, comment changes
      i965: implement OPCODE_NRM3/NRM4
      i965: indentation and formatting fixes
      i965: fix comment
      i965: added OPCODE_NRM3/4
      i965: comments, clean-ups, re-order some functions
      i965: increase number of texture samplers to 16
      mesa: fix another "out of samplers" problem
      mesa: fix warning about possibly undefined var in GLSL compiler
      i965: implement OPCODE_TRUNC (round toward zero) on vertex path.
      mesa: fix a GLSL swizzled writemask bug
      mesa: add GLushort cases for render to texture (Z-buffers)
      mesa: remove dri_sarea.h, add glcore.h in Makefile
      mesa: fix GL_DEPTH_CLEAR_VALUE casting
      mesa: Move var declaration to top of scope.
      glsl: implement loop unrolling for simple 'for' loops
      glsl: loop unroll adjustments
      mesa: OSMesa Makefile fixes (use LIB_DIR)
      glsl: remove dead code
      glsl: also unroll loops with variable declarations such as "for (int i = 0; ..."
      glsl: disable some unused functions (but don't remove just yet)
      i965: init dst reg RelAddr field to zero
      glsl: check that the fragment shader does not write both gl_FragColor and gl_FragData[]
      glsl: pass GLcontext::Extension info down into GLSL preprocessor
      mesa: additional case in file_string()
      i965: allow gl_FragData[0] usage when there's only one color buffer
      mesa: fix off-by-one bug in _mesa_delete_instructions()
      glsl: fix broken +=, -=, *=, /= operators
      docs: import 7.2 relnotes, start on 7.3 relnotes
      docs: more 7.3 doc updates
      docs: updated Cell docs, from gallium-0.2 branch
      mesa: set version string to 7.3-rc1
      glsl: fix typo in the vec2 += operator function
      docs: dri2proto, libdrm tweaks
      mesa: import glext.h version 44
      mesa: latest glxext.h header, no version change
      mesa: 7.3-rc-1 Makefile changes
      glsl: make minimum struct size = 2, not 1
      glsl: replace 0/1 with GL_FALSE/GL_TRUE
      glsl: force creation of new scope for for-loop body
      docs: prerequisite updates
      xmesa: deprecate the "XMesa" interface
      mesa: remove the ancient include/GL/ugl*.h headers
      mesa: deprecate the GL/fxmesa.h header
      mesa: deprecate GL/amesa.h header (allegro driver)
      mesa: remove deprecated headers from Makefile.am
      mesa: remove old GLView.h header for BeOS
      docs: document deprecated/removed headers/interfaces
      mesa: omit old headers from tarball

Chris Rankin (2):
      mesa: fix asst path/include mistakes in prev commits
      Fix X86 compilation.

Dan Nicholson (2):
      Add more package metadata to the pkg-config files
      Add OSMesa pkg-config file

Daniel Zimmermann (1):
      fix possible memory leak in bezierPatchMeshMake

Dave Airlie (5):
      Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'drm-gem'""
      intel: only enable occlusion query if the drm has defines.
      intel: restore old vertex submit paths for i8xx hardware.
      Remove third buffer support from Mesa.
      r300: remove the unknowns from the indx_buffer code

Eric Anholt (87):
      intel: Fix refcounting on depth buffer initialization in DRI2.
      intel: Fix prototype warning.
      intel: Move the bufmgr back to the screen.
      intel: track bufmgr move to libdrm_intel and bufmgr_fake irq emit/wait change.
      intel: track move of bo_exec from drivers to bufmgr.
      intel: Remove dead allow_batchbuffer param.
      intel: Don't segfault on TFP from a bad drawable.
      Finish off the previous fix for TFP.
      intel: Add a width field to regions, and use it for making miptrees in TFP.
      intel: Destroy bufmgr in screen destroy, not context.
      i915: fix crash in flush_prim -> wait_flips -> flush_batch -> flush_prim.
      i915: Fix overlapping CopyPixels with negative pixel zoom.
      intel: Replace pbo-only drawpixels function with a generic Mesa metaops.
      intel: Add missing include files for meta drawpixels since mesa shuffling.
      i965: Cope with batch getting flushed in the middle of batchbuffer emits.
      intel: Fix clears to depth_stencil texture attachments.
      intel: Fix a number of memory leaks on context destroy.
      i965: Fix overwriting of depth override for SetTexOffset.
      i965: sampler default color ends up in texture cache, not instructions.
      i915: Refine the texture indirect lookup accounting.
      intel: Push flushing for cliprects changes down into the cliprects changes.
      i965: Add ARB_occlusion_query support.
      mesa: Pass the context to query object delete cb to avoid null dereference.
      i915: Accelerate depth textures with border color.
      i965: Actually hook up the accelerated DrawPixels support.
      i965: Accelerate depth textures with border color.
      i965: Add missing intel_pixel_draw.c symlink to fix build.
      intel: Add acceleration for glDrawPixels(GL_STENCIL_INDEX).
      intel: Use dri_bo_get_tiling to get tiling mode of buffers we get from names.
      i965: Remove dead brw->wrap flag.
      i965: Fix compiler warning from unused var.
      intel: Don't keep intel->pClipRects, and instead just calculate it when needed.
      i965: Fix check_aperture calls to cover everything needed for the prim at once.
      intel: Fix glDrawPixels with 4d RasterPos.
      intel: Add more fallback debugging for glDrawPixels.
      intel: Remove fallback for glDrawPixels(GL_COLOR_INDEX)
      intel: pixelzoom doesn't apply to glBitmap, so disable the fallback.
      i965: Fix copy'n'paste issue that made brw->urb.constrained useless.
      i965: Merge GM45 into the G4X chipset define.
      i965: Avoid vs header computation for negative rhw on G4X.
      i965: Clean up stale NDC comment.
      i965: Add a big comment explaining my understanding of URB management.
      i965: Update WM maximum threads for G4X.
      i965: Fix up clip min_nr_entries, preferred_nr_entries, and max_threads.
      i965: Fix up SF max_threads.
      i965: Fix up VS max_threads for G4X and removing a magic number.
      Add glsync demo program from jbarnes for testing vblank synchronization.
      i965: Fix VB refcount leak on aperture overflow.
      i965: Upload state on primitive switch, don't just prepare it.
      i915: Don't overwrite i915's Viewport function from generic code.
      intel: Don't glBitmap fallback with scissoring enabled.
      i965: Add support for accelerated CopyTexSubImage.
      i965: Reduce fast-pathiness of brw_try_draw_prims, bringing in important checks.
      i915: Remove dead early z enable bit which was always on.
      i965: Add debug code for dumping how frequently different dirty bits are set.
      i965: Remove BRW_WM_LOCK dirty bit, introduced to work around lack of relocs.
      i965: Fix clashing enums for BRW_NEW_INDICES/VERTICES versus BATCH/DEPTH_BUFFER.
      i965: Add a new state flag BRW_NEW_NR_SURFACES instead of CACHE_NEW_SURFACE
      i965: Fix stray character that the compile whined about.
      i965: Fix failure to upload new constant data when changing programs.
      intel: Put CopyTexImage fallback under DEBUG_FALLBACKS not DEBUG_TEXTURE.
      intel: Fix glBitmap blit acceleration for FBO destinations.
      intel: Fix glCopyPixels blit acceleration for FBO destinations.
      intel: Fix crash in automatic mipmap generation for glCopyTex{Sub,}Image.
      intel: Fall back on rendering to a texture attachment with a border.
      mesa: Fix GenerateMipmapEXT(GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_ARB).
      intel: Add batchbuffer assertions to hopefully catch future mistakes.
      i965: Add decode of index/vertex buffer and primitive emit.
      i965: Update state before checking for fallbacks in brw_try_draw_prims.
      intel: stub out CompressedTexSubImage2D instead of segfaulting.
      mesa: Correct _mesa_clip_to_region() off-by-one.
      mesa: Clip copytexsubimage to read framebuffer bounds, not scissor region.
      intel: Move copyteximage source clipping out of copytexsubimage.
      intel: don't clip to scissor-clipped read framebuffer bounds in copypixels.
      intel: Update mesa state in blit operations that want post-scissor draw bounds.
      intel: Don't forget the source bitmap size when clipping the size we draw.
      intel: Fix glBitmap top/bottom clipping.
      intel: Fix glBitmap clipping for DRI1.
      dri: Fix driWaitForMSC32 when divisor >= 2 and msc < 0.
      intel: Add support for glBitmap as metaops using GL calls.
      intel: Share passthrough transform setup between glBitmap and glDrawPixels.
      i965: Add support for LRP in VPs.
      i965: Note when we drop saturate mode on the floor in a VP.
      i965: Remove dead brw_vs_tnl.c
      mesa: Remove _Active and _UseTexEnvProgram flags from fragment programs.
      i965: Remove worrisome comment about _NEW_PROGRAM signaling fp change.
      i965: Fix GLSL FS DPH to return the right value instead of src0.w * src1.w.

Gary Wong (8):
      i965: Allocate temporaries contiguously with other regs in fragment shaders.
      i965: support destination horiz strides in align1 access mode.
      i965: implement the missing OPCODE_NOISE1 and OPCODE_NOISE2 instructions.
      i965: Implement missing OPCODE_NOISE3 instruction in fragment shaders.
      Ensure p.w is initialised in noise demo.
      Add "multinoise" demo, to test 1/2/3/4 dimensional noise.
      i965: Finish OPCODE_NOISEn instructions.
      Fix silly type mismatch error in multinoise demo.

George Sapountzis (1):
      dri/swrast: fix swapBuffers after dri2

Guillaume Melquiond (11):
      GLU: fix asst warnings
      silence warning
      remove invalid XDestroyWindow() call
      mesa: #include <stdio.h>
      mesa: return after _mesa_problem() calls
      glx: fix 64-bit datatype issue
      i915: fix himask constant init for 64-bit build
      tnl: Avoid undefined input value use in insert_3f_viewport_2().
      tnl: Fix typo that resulted in fallback from SSE for EMIT_3UB_3F_RGB/BGR.
      tnl: Optimize SSE load[23]f_1 since they don't need the identity swizzle.
      tnl: Fix zeroing of the 3ub part of a 3ub+1ub attrib pair in SSE.

Hanno Böck (1):
      glx: fix xcb build

Ian Romanick (20):
      i965: Adapt to new TNL program tracking semantics
      Remove TNL-to-VP tracking from i965
      Use 3Dnow! x86-64 routines only on processors that support 3Dnow!
      GLSL: AttachShader returns INVALID_OPERATION for repeated attach
      GLSL: Implement _mesa_get_handle
      GLSL: Implement GL_OBJECT_TYPE_ARB query
      intel: Clean-up the extension string madness!
      Unify ARB_depth_texture and SGIX_depth_texture
      intel: Don't advertise unsupported extensions on pre-965 hardware
      intel: GLSL 1.20 is broken in Mesa, so disable it in the i965 driver
      Use 3Dnow! x86-64 routines only on processors that support 3Dnow!
      GLX: Fix protocol for glTexSubImage#D
      GLX: Change resulting from previous commit
      GLX: Include glapi.h before glapitable.h
      Perform range checking on app supplied texture base level
      GLSL: The LOG2 macro doesn't have enough precision
      965 / GLSL: Use full precision for EXP instruction
      Fix typeo in mipmap filter for GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_1_5_5_5_REV
      Add do_row_3d for mipmapping 3D textures
      swrast: Fix GL_ATI_separate_stencil

Jakob Bornecrantz (1):
      mesa: Support for MESA_FORMAT_S8_Z24 texture

Jakub Bogusz (1):
      tdfx: fix crash and lack of visuals bug

Jeremy Huddleston (2):
      configs: darwin: Don't build GLw
      darwin: Use -Os instead of -O2

Jon Turney (1):
      dri: fix for Cygwin compilation, bug 19144

José Fonseca (11):
      mesa: Remove assyntax.h include from generated matypes.h.
      mesa: Prefix main includes with dir to avoid conflicts.
      glut: Remove EOF characters.
      mesa: ASSERT macro is already defined by WinCE headers.
      mesa: bsearch implementation for WinCE.
      mesa: Use _mesa_bsearch.
      mesa: Use appropriate unsigned/signed, float/integer types.
      mesa: More signed/unsigned float/integer fixes.
      mesa: Replace deprecated __MSC__ macro.
      mesa: Apply MSVC portability fixes from Alan Hourihane.
      mesa: Add _mesa_snprintf.

Jouk Jansen (1):
      mesa: asst updates for VMS

Julien Cristau (19):
      Disable the i915tex driver, it doesn't build against libdrm 2.3.1.
      Merge branch 'mesa_7_0_branch' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into debian-unstable
      update changelog
      Prepare changelog for upload
      Update debian/copyright to the SGI Free Software License B, version 2.0.
      Prepare changelog for upload
      Update changelog
      Also build the x86-specific dri drivers on kfreebsd (closes: #492894).
      configure.ac: Add support for gnu/kfreebsd
      Prepare changelog for upload
      Merge tag 'mesa_7_3_rc1' into debian-experimental
      Update changelog
      Require libdrm-dev 2.4.3.
      add bug closers
      Merge commit 'origin/upstream-unstable' into debian-experimental
      Merge branch 'debian-unstable' into debian-experimental
      Delete unused configs/debian-*, and install-source.sh script.
      Delete some now unused code from debian/rules.
      Prepare changelog for upload

Keith Packard (1):
      Fix for 58dc8b7: dest regions must not use HorzStride 0 in ExecSize 1

Keith Whitwell (14):
      add dlist-degenerate test case
      mesa: get another class of degenerate dlists working
      mesa: improved driver query interface
      mesa: move rastpos helper to tnl
      mesa: standardize on C99's uint*_t instead of u_int*_t
      mesa: move fixed function vertex program builder from tnl to core mesa
      mesa: add explict float casts
      mesa: remove dead file
      Remove CVS keywords.
      mesa: refactor: move #define FEATURE flags into new mfeatures.h file
      mesa: pull in mipmap.c changes from gallium-0.2
      vbo: seed initial max_element value with a more likely candidate
      vbo: unmap and remap immediate vbo before/after each draw.
      mesa: fix main/ prefix in include

Kristian Høgsberg (7):
      DRI2: Drop sarea, implement swap buffers in the X server.
      configure.ac: bump dri2proto requirement, drop TTM_API define.
      Revert pointless reindents to avoid merge conflicts.
      Update DRI2 implementation according to new specification.
      Don't mess with emacs tab width.
      glFlush before CopySubBuffer, fix coordinates and extension name typo.
      Bump dri2proto requirement to 1.99.3, drop CopyRegion bitmask from protocol.

Kristof Ralovich (1):
      glx: updated comment

Michal Krol (2):
      mesa: Silence compiler warnings on Windows.
      glsl: Fix handling of nested parens in macro actual arguments.

Michel Dänzer (3):
      Fix build by removing #include of removed dri_sarea.h.
      Remove incorrect test from mmAllocMem.
      r300: Adapt to the removal of _tnl_ProgramCacheInit() and friends.

Neil Roberts (1):
      Return 0 as the request size when the pixels parameter is NULL

Nigel Stewart (1):
      glu: fix compilation problem when using Windows gl.h (sf bug 2204589)

Phillip Klaus Krause (1):
      mesa: remove unneeded compressed texure size checks

Pierre Willenbrock (2):
      intel: Require the right amount of space in glBitmap blit acceleration.
      intel: Don't steal renderbuffer from caller in intel_miptree_create_for_region

RALOVICH, Kristóf (62):
      glx: make INIT_MESA_SPARC more robust
      glx: No need to zero a local variable.
      glx: add a line of Emacs helping variables
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs clientattrib.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs compsize.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs dri2.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs dri2_glx.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs dri2.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs dri_common.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs dri_common.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs dri_glx.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs drisw_glx.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs eval.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glcontextmodes.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxcmds.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxcurrent.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxext.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxhash.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxhash.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glx_pbuffer.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glx_query.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_texture_compression.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_transpose_matrix.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_vertex_array.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_vertex_array.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_vertex_array_priv.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_vertex_program.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs indirect_window_pos.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs packrender.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs packsingle.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs pixel.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs pixelstore.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs render2.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs renderpix.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs single2.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs singlepix.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs vertarr.c
      glx: kill old K&R syntax in XF86dri.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs xf86dri.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs XF86dri.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs xf86dristr.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs xfont.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxextensions.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxextensions.c
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glcontextmodes.h
      glx: indent -br -i3 -npcs --no-tabs glxclient.h
      glx: implement __glXQueryServerString using XCB
      glx: implement QueryVersion using XCB
      glx: implement __glXGetString, hide __glXGetStringFromServer
      glx: use __glXQueryServerString
      glx: use __glXGetString
      glx: missing static on local function
      glx: xcbified __glXIsDirect
      glx: no graphics context during initialization
      configure.ac: advertise XCB
      glx: xcbified __glXClientInfo
      glx: xcbified visual and FBConfig choosing
      glx: xcbified glXSwapBuffers
      glx: remove XCB debug leftover
      glx: revert using nonexsisten XCB version of glXGetFBConfigsSGIX
      Revert "glx: revert using nonexsisten XCB version of glXGetFBConfigsSGIX"
      Revert "glx: xcbified visual and FBConfig choosing"

Roland Scheidegger (3):
      r200: fix typo in r200TryDrawPixels parameter validation (bug 16406)
      fix no error generated when calling glLight{if}[v] inside begin/end (bug 17408)
      fix span issue with really old ddx and non-tcl r100 chips

Sam Hocevar (4):
      i965: more meaningful message for unsupported opcodes.
      i965: support for sin() and cos() in vertex shaders.
      mesa: prevent the slang code generator from aborting when faced with a sampler variable redeclaration.
      mesa: fix function params to match prototypes

Shane Blackett (3):
      Fixes for Mingw
      added 24bpp support
      glut: s/glut_fbc.c/glut_fcb.c/

Shunichi Fuji (1):
      mesa: drop calloc from _mesa_get_fixed_func_vertex_program

Thomas Henn (2):
      windows: fix _mesa_unreference_framebuffer() to pass ** type.
      windows: fix visual object memleak

Timo Aaltonen (5):
      Merge commit 'mesa_7_2' into debian-experimental
      Merge commit 'origin/debian-experimental' into debian-experimental
      Update the changelog for the snapshot
      Build-depend on x11proto-dri2-dev (>= 1.99.3)
      delete progs/trivial/

Timo Jyrinki (1):
      asst. html doc updates

Tobias Jakobi (2):
      glapi: add gl_dispatch_functions_start and end

Tom Fogal (1):
      glu: Add mangled symbols to export list

Xiang, Haihao (35):
      dri: Take the base image size into account when computing
      i965: official name for GM45 chipset
      i915: fall back to software rendering when shadow comparison is
      i965: Push/pop instruction state. partial fix for #16882
      i965: mask control for BREAK/CONT/DO/WHILE. partial fix fox #16882
      i965: force thread switch after IF/ELSE/ENDIF. partial fix for #16882.
      intel: Fix a crash if dri2 is disabled.
      mesa: merge stencil values into depth values for MESA_FORMAT_S8_Z24
      intel: Fix depth_stencil texture.
      i965: Add support for G41 chipset which is another 4 series.
      i965: Fix a potential assertion failure.
      i915: Texture instructions use r/t/oC/oD register as texture coordinate.
      i915: fix carsh in i830_emit_state. (bug #17766)
      intel: fallback for intelEmitCopyBlit.
      i965: don't emit state when dri_bufmgr_check_aperture_space fails.
      intel: GL_FALSE on a BO if it won't be modified when mapping this BO. (thanks Eric).
      mesa: fix an issue in _mesa_PointParameterfv().
      mesa: fix a typo in the previous commit
      i965: Always check vertex program.
      mesa: use _bfc0 instead of _col0 when building back face lighting.
      mesa: update new state for RasterPos like other operations.
      mesa: restore the negate flag of dots in build_lighting.
      intel: reset cliprect_mode to IGNORE_CLIPRECTS.
      mesa: clamp luminance if needed.
      mesa: fix shadow sampling unit issue.
      i915: fallback for cube map texture.
      intel: check for null texture. (fix #13902)
      i915: fix abort issue. (bug #19147)
      i915: check WRAP_T instead of WRAP_R for cube map texture.
      i915: separate the fog term from the specular color term.
      intel: enable ATI_texture_env_combine3. Fixes #17707
      intel: disable ATI_texture_env_combine3 for i830( and related device).
      dri: correct the damage.
      mesa: Fix the number of components for GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_1_5_5_5_REV. (bug #19390)
      mesa: Fix the size per pixel for packed pixel format data type.

Zou Nan hai (1):
      optimize 965 clip

airlied (3):
      intel: add lots of i830 engine to intel_decode debug
      intel: fix i8xx vbo enable bit
      intel: fix i830 comment + backwards VB offsets.

 Makefile                                                       |   19 
 bin/mklib                                                      |   24 
 configs/autoconf.in                                            |   19 
 configs/darwin                                                 |   10 
 configs/debian-default                                         |   17 
 configs/debian-dri-amd64                                       |    9 
 configs/debian-dri-any                                         |    9 
 configs/debian-dri-default                                     |   36 
 configs/debian-dri-i386                                        |    9 
 configs/debian-dri-i386-i686                                   |   14 
 configs/debian-dri-optimized-default                           |   13 
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 docs/MESA_resize_buffers.spec                                  |    1 
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 docs/README.BEOS                                               |    1 
 docs/README.QUAKE                                              |    1 
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 docs/RELNOTES-3.2                                              |    1 
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 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/bufpool.h                       |    2 
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 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/cachingeval.h                   |    2 
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 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/curve.h                         |    2 
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 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/gridvertex.h                    |    2 
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 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/hull.h                          |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/intersect.cc                    |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/jarcloc.h                       |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/knotvector.h                    |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mapdesc.cc                      |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mapdesc.h                       |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mapdescv.cc                     |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/maplist.cc                      |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/maplist.h                       |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mesher.cc                       |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mesher.h                        |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/monoTriangulationBackend.cc     |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/monotonizer.cc                  |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/monotonizer.h                   |    1 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/myassert.h                      |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mycode.cc                       |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/mystring.h                      |    2 
 src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals/nurbsconsts.h                   |    2 

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