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Bug#499067: No attention

On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 02:36 +0100, Alex Dănilă wrote:
> Hi,
> this bug hasn't seen any update in almost 5 months. There was no 
> important update to radeonhd in Debian Unstable since the report ( I 
> don't know if there was any) and the package from Experimental is not 
> installable.
> Since the radeon driver does not provide 3d acceleration and fglrx is 
> unstable there is no 3d for this laptop.
the radeonhd driver doesn't provide 3d acceleration either, 3d drivers
are part of the libgl1-mesa-dri package.  The version shipped with lenny
indeed doesn't provide 3d acceleration for your chipset, unfortunately
(and nobody has done the job to backport it to our mesa 7.0.3 packages
as far as I know).  In any case, you're probably better off using the
radeon driver, at least for now.
And if you want 3d acceleration, you'll have to upgrade the X server,
driver and mesa packages to experimental.  These updated packages will
make their way to unstable soon after the Debian lenny release.


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