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Bug#510208: xserver-xorg-video-ati: freezes/crashes on startup after kernel upgrade 2.6.22->26

On Friday 02 January 2009 12:37:42 Michel Dänzer wrote:

> > Option "ButType" "PCI"
> Should be "BusType", not "ButType" - did you test the correct spelling?
> What about
> 	Option "AGPMode" "1" (or "2")
> instead of any of the above?

ok - mea culpa - I blindly copy-pasted the "Bu_t_Type" .. line from
Brices Email (I should have turned my brain on).  The 3 button mouse
emulation problem evaporated for a similar reason (config line dropped
somewhere while testing).

Here are the results for "BusType" "PCI" and "AGPMode" "1" ("2") 
An entry of # means that I commented out the option
line. Things work when PCI is turned on - independent
of the setting of AGP mode. The server log file seems to indicate
that the server assumes "1" as default. Setting "2" produced
a warning (see below).  I apologize, but you will need a fixed width font 
to line up things correctly.

works?          yes   no    no    yes   yes
Sec. "Device"
"AccelMethod"  "EXA" "EXA" "EXA" "EXA" "EXA"
"BusType"      "PCI" #     #     "PCI" "PCI"
"AGPMode"      #     #     "1"   "2"   "1"

Sec. "Screen"
"NoAccel"      #     #     #     #     #
"DRI" "off"    #     #     #     #     #

(1) (WW) RADEON(0):   MC_AGP_LOCATION was: 0xffffffc0 is: 0xffffffc0

I also found the following bug report on launchpad
which sounds a lot like mine and has plenty of info:


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