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Bug#507564: [compiz] Compiz cause the whole computer to hang

severity 507564 important
retitle 507564 [intel 945GM] compiz causes the whole computer to hang
tag 507564 moreinfo

On Tue, Dec  2, 2008 at 15:43:47 +0100, Jean-Louis Biasini wrote:

> Package: compiz
> Version: 0.7.6-7
> Severity: grave
This is unlikely to be a compiz bug.  I'm not reassigning yet, but

> This is very odd and occurs since nearly two mouth. Sometime compiz
> crash the whole computer just after being launch. It occurs always at
> the start of an effect like scale, moving a windows, rotating the
> cube... By Crash the whole computeur I mean that even ctrl + alt +
> Fkey or ctrl+ alt + backspace don't work

Does the computer still respond to ping?  Can you connect over ssh?

> anymore even after a long time waiting. The display just halt in his
> last position. Nothing respond anymore > only hard reboot can solve
> it.  The funny thing about it is that I can use compiz for ages
> without a problem (as I'm using hibernation I use to have quite long
> sessions.) 
> But when I launch compiz (after reboot for example) it hangs nearly 1
> or 2 times for 3 launch.  I'm using the intel drivers in xorg. Since
> this is very slow with EXA (I've got an Intel 945GM card), I'm using
> the XAA drivers of intel (see xorg.conf below) but it also occurs with
> EXA. 
> I just don't know what for log can help you on this and how to get
> them. So when you need something more, please ask ;)
The contents of Xorg.0.log would probably help, as well as the package
versions of xserver-xorg-video-intel and libgl1-mesa-dri.


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