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xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd: Changes to 'refs/tags/xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-1.2.3-1'

Tag 'xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-1.2.3-1' created by Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> at 2008-10-19 19:16 +0000

Tagging upload of xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd 1.2.3-1 to experimental.

Changes since xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-1.2.1-3:
Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Don't call xf86abort() if HAVE_XF86_ANSIC_H is not true

Alex Deucher (45):
      Add initial support for RV770
      Fix hangs when setting up the MC
      Add proper MCIdle() bits for r6xx/r7xx
      Pull in files from radeon
      First pass at EXA port
      CP accel works now!
      Fix 512 MB cards
      Fix xserver/mesa interaction
      Get MMIO XAA working
      Get XAA CP working
      Fix up last commit
      Add Xv files from radeon
      Remove legacy overlay stuff
      Get textured video (Xv) working on R5xx
      Setup VAP properly on mobility chips
      Fix typo in XAA setup
      Enable pipelined uploads for textured video
      Switch EXA to use the same memory setup as XAA
      Move Accel and CP stuff to separate structs
      make RHDDRMStop() use the CP macros
      Enable EXA DFS
      Mark IGP chips without TCL for EXA render accel
      fix typo in last commit
      rhd.h cleanups
      RADEON: adjustments to Jerome's last commit
      Port over VAP_CNTL updates from radeon
      Fix hangs when setting up the MC
      Fix non-DRI build
      untested accel fix for compilation on big endian
      more big endian accel fixes
      More big endian accel fixes
      Comment out tiling stuff for big endian
      Use PCI config regs to detect card type
      Protect xaa rec access with USE_XAA
      Port over exa and texvid updates from radeon
      Fix last commit for r5xx dri
      Fix compilation againt ancient versions of exa
      AtomBIOS: Build fix.
      Add initial support for RV770
      Add support for UpdateCRTC_DoubleBufferRegisters
      Add proper MCIdle() bits for r6xx/r7xx
      Fix hangs when setting up the MC
      No need to reset the 3D scissors when using the CP in the xserver
      atombios.h and ObjectId.h updates from upstream

Brad Smith (1):
      RADEON: fix copy/paste error in accel code

David Morrison (2):
      Don't free BusID before it's used in error message.
      Fix check for wrong macro in git-version.sh.

Egbert Eich (335):
      Add missing support for HDP_FB_BASE on r5xx and rs690.
      Fixed name "RHD_DDC_NONE" printed out to log message.
      Add connector quirk table for Visiontek C1550.
      Reorder TMDSA setup/power on code. Improve TMDS PLL reset.
      Include alloca.h in rhd_conntest.c, fix messages in rhd_dump.
      Backlight control: change some debugging output to only show in verbose log.
      Add general output property callback.
      Change backlight controls to new property model.
      Add 'coherent' property for DIG (UNIPHY/LVTMA), R5/6xx LVTMA and TMDSA.
      Add support for coherent mode for digital outputs to rhd_randr.c.
      Add backlight support to RV620/635 DIG transmitter blocks.
      Save/Restore backlight controls, obtain initial brightness from text mode.
      Fix a segfault in the DIG block.
      Fall back to reading the PCI VBIOS when reading from legacy location fails.
      Replace reverse engineered PCI BIOS ROM enable code for R6xx.
      Fix up function name for RHDReadPCIBios().
      Remove call to alloca().
      Remove debugging code that was accidentally committed.
      Fix backlight and coherent property for RandR 1.3.
      Improve DAC load detection.
      Don't use chipset based backlight control when not enabled at startup.
      Clamp the size of VGA memory to read to not read past the end of the framebuffer.
      Add register write to dumper.
      Adapt to API changes in current upstream X.
      Fix mapping flags for FB when using libpciaccess.
      Add better debugging output for VGASave().
      Add fallback to rhd_conntest to work when AtomBIOS isn't available.
      Fix flickering thru DPMS on TMDSA, improve debug messages for output
      Add connector table for 0x7183, 0x1092, 0x3000.
      Limit mapped fb size to available VRAM, clamp VGA save/restore to mapped fb size.
      Add proper fallbacks for I2C timing if clock information from AtomBIOS isn't available.
      Fixed compiler warnings.
      On IGP map FB directly.
      Add support for FB_LOCATION and MC idle test for RS600, fix issues with RS690.
      Fix to find the UNIPHYB encoder.
      Don't probe for TV on DACA for R5xx/R6xx.
      Add heuristic to fix connector information when AtomBIOS wrongfully lists a VGA as DVI.
      Fix connector name when it is obvious that it's not DVI but VGA.
      Shift grey level data read from AtomBIOS.
      Fix a double free.
      Add more verbose debugging information about DDC device probing.
      Add PCIE connector type.
      Add AtomBIOS support for PCIE connectors.
      Add some debug info to PCIE connector mapping.
      Add query for PCIE lane query from IntegragedSystemInfo V2.
      Add support for PCIEPHY to AtomBIOS DIG1TransmitterControl interface.
      Adding PCIEPHY support to the DIG Transmitter control functions.
      Adding actual PCI IDs for RS780.
      Fixes to AtomBIOS connector table parsing for PCIEPHY.
      Add support for LVDS for LVTMA transmitter on RS780.
      Add unknown registers 0x420 and 0x424.
      Explicitely set values recommened for TMDS and LVDS.
      Replace dummys with real register names for EXT_DIFF_POST_DIV_CNTL registers.
      Add RS780 chipset family.
      Add MC support for RS780.
      Treat RS780 MC like R6xx for now.
      Add full list of RS780 PCI device IDs.
      Fix wrong calculation in connector code for PCIEPHY connectors.
      Under RandR print modeline of mode that's programmed to CRTC when verbosity > 2.
      Consolidate RV620DACSet().
      Set coherent mode for TMDS always off.
      Restructured MC: introducing callbacks.
      Add support for scaled video modes.
      Add syntesized CVT modes to mode list for scaling.
      Fix ScalerSet to calculate overscan correctly.
      Integrate mode scaling for fixed size displays into RandR.
      Add scaler support for the Non-RandR case.
      Simplify and consolidate mode scaling.
      Attempt to fail modes if scaled mode is invalid.
      Fix overscan calculation.
      Roll up loop.
      Set RandR scale mode to expand not center.
      Use AtomBIOS for scaling when available.
      Move RHDRRMonitorInit() to rhd_randr.c.
      'Tweak' frame rate of synthesized mode.
      Add a per monitor native mode.
      Move viewport size validation to the scaler validation callback.
      Move validation of scaled mode to RandrPreInit().
      Add validation for overscan.
      Make scale type configurable thru an option.
      Added more validations for modes that we scale from.
      Fix non-AtomBIOS based scaling.
      Don't add CRTC overscan to Dx_MODE overscan.
      Renamed ScaledMode to ScaledToMode.
      Adhere to naming conventions: fix naming of overscan struct.
      More naming convention fixes: nativeMode -> NativeMode.
      Add support for keeping the aspect ratio when scaling.
      Changed type of 'Type' variable for scaling from CARD32 to enum rhdCrtcScaleType.
      Move mode validation after scaler validation.
      Make sure to use the right mode for validation.
      Fix heuristic for RR mode validation to find out about scaled mode.
      Always assume the rhdOutput struct in rhdRROutputModeFixup() has its CRTC member set.
      Consolidate different mode validation functions.
      Delete spurious leftovers from rebasing scaler support.
      Map FB memory directly on RS780.
      Under RandR print modeline of mode we scale from when verbosity > 2.
      Supply a  pScrn->memPhysBase address.
      Access correct NB registers for MC index/data on RS780.
      MC: Mark local functions static.
      MC: HDP_FB_LOCATION on R5xx is direct MMIO not indirect thru MC.
      MC,RS780 Set the correct write enable bit for MC write access.
      DIG,RS780 Fix test for LVDS/TMDS.
      MC Add optiuon to turn off chipset features that have not been verified by ATI.
      Add test for sideport memory on IGP.
      MC Fix build.
      Free data structures on close screen to avoid memory leak.
      Add more verbose debugging information.
      VRAM Fix clamping to aperture.
      MC: Add sanity check for IGP FB location.
      ATOMBios: Fix bogus log message.
      CONNTEST: Added new PCI Ids.
      CloseScreen: Fix test for AccelMethod.
      DAC: Program TV mux only for DACB.
      conntest: test more error conditions.
      I2C: Read SDA/SCL mapping for RV620 and up from AtomBIOS GPIO Info block.
      I2C: Add DDC read out support for DDC3/4.
      conntest: Add support for RV770 to rhd_conntest.
      MC: Add a stub for RV770 MCIdle().
      manpage: Add description on the scaling option.
      I2C: Fix typo that caused one DDC line to not work properly.
      MC: Make sure MC engine is all idle before setting up the MC.
      ID: Update list of supported chipsets, bring in sync with chipsets listed.
      ID: Remove concept of chipset families.
      MC: Enable MC control for RS600, fixed segfault.
      ID: Adding M82 chipset name and some more verbose logging info.
      Crtc/Scaler: Disallow interlaced for all modes involving scaler.
      I2C: Check for more error conditions in I2CStatus on RS690.
      DDIA: Disable Sync DC Balancer on DDIA block of RS690.
      CRTC/Scaler: Log more information about the scaler.
      MC/RS600: Fix MC indirect access functions.
      RandR: Log when a 'scaled to' mode doesn't vaildate.
      DIG: Extend heuristic to check if golden values are available for requested coherent/incoherent mode.
      HPD: Add support for HPD_3 found on RV620 and later hardware.
      I2C: Fix I2C slave address probing for RV620 and later.
      Connectors: Increase the number of available connectors to 6.
      Move rhdDri stuct to rhd_dri.h, rhdCP and CP macros struct to rhd_cp.h.
      Remove the need for the RADEONFBLayout struct.
      Remove the need for radeon_dripriv.h.
      Change variable 'info' to something more telling in rhd_dri.c.
      DRI Test for EXA "download from screen" directly.
      XAA Removed a test for ancient version of libXAA.
      EXA: Consolidated further variables: accelDFS, gartLocation.
      EXA: Remove RenderAccel from main driver struct.
      CP: rename directRenderingInited to CPstarted and move from RHDRec to rhdDri.
      DRI: Include kernel sarea.h and radeon_drm.h instead of radeon_sarea.h.
      DRI: Keep rhdDri struct for server lifetime.
      DRI: Readd but comment out 2D init functions in rhd_dri.c.
      DRI: Replace pixel_code struct member by macro.
      VRAM: Fix VRAM clamping to aperture size.
      DRI/EXA/XAA: Fix memory allocation for offscreen area.
      DRI: If RHDDRIAllocateBuffers() fails free rhdDri data struct.
      RADEON: Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings.
      ACCEL: Move variable to track 3D engine state to rhdAccel and rename.
      DRI: Adjust files to build against the drm kernel headers.
      CP: Add missing license and copyright statements to rhd_cp.h.
      2D: Consolidated variables on which acceleration is used.
      EXA: Restructure file to group together pieces required by this driver.
      2D: Removed unneeded variable 'pitch' from accel_state.
      2D: Removed unneeded variable 'datatype' from accel_state.
      2D: Removed unneeded scissor variables from accel_state.
      2D: Removed unneeded variables re_top_left re_width_height from accel_state.
      2D: Removed unneeded variable XAAForceTransBlit from accel_state.
      2D: Changed test for AccelMethod to test for presence of method specific data struct.
      2D: Comment out setctions not needed by this driver.
      2D: Separate XAA from common accel code, separate func decls to XAA, EXA and common accel headers.
      2D: Split RADEONAccelInit() into XAA and EXA specific function.
      2D: Add Close() functions for XAA and EXA.
      EXA: Get rid of static variables.
      DRI: Add more debugging output to DRI.
      MC: Make sure MC engine is all idle before setting up the MC.
      VIDEO: Fix typos that cause memory doesn't get poperly allocated/feed under xaa.
      XAA/EXA: Remove radeon_xaa.h and radeon_exa.h headers.
      Accel: Fix build problems on BE platforms.
      Conntest: Add additional HPD pin and some more devices.
      MC: Tune MC on RV515 and RS690 to avoid glitches on hi res modes.
      PLL: Always keep pixel clock PLL spread spectrum disabled on vt restore.
      DIG: Handle PCIEPHY properly.
      MC: Get rid of some compiler warnings.
      RandR: Make sure OrigMode has a name at Fixup time in the scaled case.
      TV: Fix TV mode options.
      RandR/Scaler: Sanitize the 'OrigMode' so that mode validation doesn't fail afterwards.
      DDIA: Turn off Sync DC balance properly.
      DRI/2D: Fix build for --disable-dri.
      Imake: Fix Imakefile for DRI/XAA/EXA/TV.
      Video: Delete unsupported Codecs.
      DRI: Idle before shutting down DRI, Shut down DRI even when switched away.
      Scaler: Pass ScaledTo mode to output routine, not ScaledFrom.
      Scaler/RandR: Remove unneeded debug messages, undo unneeded 996d309.
      Buildsystem: Make 'make distcheck' pass.
      Buildsystem: Add currently unused files to dist.
      RandR: Add more verbose logging.
      Buildsystem: Don't let driver specific include files include system include
      RandR: Santitize OrigMode passed to rhdRROutputModeFixup() but RandR.
      LUT: Log calls to LUTSave/Restore on verbose level 7.
      AtomBIOS/ROM: Also treat as failure when xf86ReadPciBIOS() returns 0.
      BIOS: Fix segfault when BIOS image cannot be read.
      Conntest/RS690: Set number of DDC lines to 3, increase timeout loop counter for I2C, unify I2C probing.
      I2C: Improve probing for monitor presence.
      DAC: Add support for Compassionate Data and other tables.
      2DAccel: Build fixes.
      Textured Video: Wrap inclusion of damage.h with #ifdef DAMAGE ... #endif.
      XAA: More uint*_t fixes.
      Add support for AtomBIOS output encoder command tables.
      Add output control support code and dac load detection table interfaces.
      Add/reworked AtomBIOS interfaces.
      Query version of AtomBIOS Command Tables.
      Store AtomBIOS DeviceIDs and read back DAC sense information from BIOS scratch registers.
      Add AtomBIOS based output handler.
      Pass AtomBIOS device table back in connector table information.
      Move BIOS scratch register related functions to a separate file.
      Provide infrastructure to update BIOS scratch registers.
      Add AtomBIOS SetPixelClock support.
      Make AtomBIOS support code more consistent.
      Update BIOS scratch registers when enabling outputs or selecting CRTCs.
      Add support for save/restore registers when using AtomBIOS call tables.
      Restructured OutputPrivates + numerous bug fixes.
      Add AtomBIOS support for DVO outputs.
      Add feature needed by the AtomBIOS to the RandR code path.
      Hook in Save/Restore functions into Outputs for AtomBIOS based mode setting.
      AtomBIOS: Save/Restore output related BIOS scratch registers.
      AtomBIOS: Find atomDevice which owns CRTC from BIOS scratch registers.
      PLL: Make internal function static.
      AtomBIOS: Find connector/output for a given atomDevice.
      AtomBIOS/PLL: Add save/restore to AtomBIOS based PLL handling.
      AtomBIOS/PLL: Enable use of AtomBIOS based PLL handling.
      AtomBIOS: Fix segfault on save after returning from text console.
      CRTC: Restructure Save/Restore for CRTC to make it easier to selectively hook
      CRTC: Make type of Store pointer void.
      AtomBIOS: NULL the save list after setup after call to AtomBIOS table.
      AtomBIOS: Add AtomBIOS handling for overscan setting.
      AtomBIOS: Fix segfault due to freeing the wrong pointer.
      AtomBIOS: Make function for overscan calulation public.
      AtomBIOS: Add call to BlankCRTC.
      AtomBIOS: Make sure the OutputDriverPrivate is always set.
      AtomBIOS: Distinguish between TV and normal DAC when reading out sensed status.
      AtomBIOS: Use save function to set up AtomBIOS config to pre-startup state of HW.
      AtomBIOS: Various bug and typo fixes.
      AtomBIOS/RandR: Fix some bugs in the connected device detection code.
      RandR/AtomBIOS: Fill out Crtc member of rhdOutput struct early.
      AtomBIOS/PLL: Fixed bugs in PixelClock restauration.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Fixed Dual Link support and a few other minor issues.
      AtomBIOS: Various fixes for AtomBIOS based programming of DCE3 PLLs and Outputs.
      AtomBIOS: Disable spread spectrum.
      AtomBIOS: Add missing rhd_atomcrtc.c file.
      AtomBIOS/CRTC: Add AtomBIOS Crtc programming support.
      AtomBIOS/Outputs: Add property control for Outputs.
      Outputs/AtomBIOS: Add function to set up AtomBIOS based BL control for non-standard cases.
      Outputs/AtomBIOS: Some cleanup.
      AtomBIOS: Some fixes for PANEL support.
      CRTC: Cleanup in Crtc code.
      I2C: Check for more error conditions when testing the I2C status.
      I2C: Read SDA/SCL mapping for RV620 and up from AtomBIOS GPIO Info block.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Add support for ENCODER_CONFIG_LINK_AB/BA to rhd_atomout.c.
      AtomBIOS/CRTC: get rid of type casts.
      I2C: Add DDC read out support for DDC3/4.
      conntest: Add support for RV770 to rhd_conntest.
      MC: Add dummy idle function for R7xx.
      AtomBIOS: Reworked BIOS scratch register setting.
      Crtc: Call CRTC Save/Restore wrapper directly.
      AtomBIOS: Cleanup: removed unneeded code.
      Connector: Move DriverOutputPrivate initialization from rhd_connector.c to the main driver file.
      Output/BIOSScratch: Move rhdAtomSetDeviceForOutput() to rhd_biosscratch.c.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Create wrapper for Output Power/Mode instead of calling rhdBIOSScratchUpdateBIOSScratchForOutput directly.
      AtomBIOS/Output/BIOSScratch: Move DACSense() to the biosscratch subsystem.
      I2C: Get rid of some build warnings when buidling on 32bit.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Fix backlight control handling for panels.
      MC: Make sure MC engine is all idle before setting up the MC.
      BIOSScratch: Move BIOSScratch save/restore from the output layer to the main driver.
      BIOSScratch: Add support to switch the GPU and individual devices to accelerator mode.
      BIOSScratch/PM: Set PM bits in the BIOS scratch registers.
      BIOSScratch: Hook up call to set accelerator mode.
      CRTC/AtomBIOS: remove duplicate code.
      AtomBIOS: Log register writes on verbose level 8.
      AtomBIOS: Implement AtomBIOS usage policy.
      AtomBIOS: Add missing PCIPHY to connector translation.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Release the pointer to the save collection bucket.
      AtomBIOS/Crtc: Don't NULL FMT callbacks.
      AtomBIOS: Dont bail out of TransmitterControl for PCIEPHY.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Initialize some variables properly.
      PLL: Fix segfault which can happen under certain (rare) conditions.
      AtomBIOS: Add call to transmitter SETUP.
      AtomBIOS: Fix up Imakefile for the AtomBIOS modesetting support.
      AtomBIOS: Fix build when built with different build options.
      AtomBIOS: Fix DisplayPath table parser.
      AtomBIOS: Dump parameter space in verbose mode.
      AtomBIOS: Dump Save/Restore values.
      AtomBIOS: Temporary fix for CRTC Restore with AtomBIOS.
      AtomBIOS: Check all lists if a register has already been saved.
      AtomBIOS: Delete some unneeded code.
      Get rid of some compiler warnings.
      BiosScratch: Add some debugging messages.
      AtomBIOS: Use the right index variable into the devices list.
      BIOSScratch: Even more debugging output.
      AtomBIOS: Take into account that a save list may not be initialized.
      DAC: Remove some output for debugging.
      DDIA: Fix output type for DDIA subsystem.
      AtomBIOS: Update man page.
      Build: Fix build when AtomBIOS support is disabled.
      DDC: Make RHD_DDC_* proper records into an array of I2C register tables.
      EXA: Fix build for older systems.
      DIG: Fix some register writes in the DIG LVTMA/LVDS path.
      RandR: Improve handling physical outputs which map to multiple RandR outputs.
      RandR: Don't allow adding modes to a disconnected output.
      Modes: Expose rhd specific mode validation failures to the rest of the driver.
      DDC: Assume all DDC lines on R5xx and later are HW capable.
      ID: Add missing PCI ID for HD 4870 X2 (RV770).
      DAC/Load detection: Don't probe for CV on DACA.
      AtomBIOS: Add option to enable/disable AtomBIOS use per subsystem.
      VGA: Calculate offset from base address correctly.
      I2C: Move I2C line->GPIO pin mapping to the I2C init function.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Fix output programming on DVO.
      BiosScratch/PLL: Add missing DFP3 device detection.
      AtomBIOS/Output: Fix DVO Output setting.
      AtomBIOS/Options: Fix AtomBIOS option handling.
      DAC: Don't use unset electrical value for DAC on RS780/RV7xx.
      Dumper: Add new PCI Ids to dumper.
      DAC: Improve DAC bandgap handling for RV7xx and later.
      AtomBIOS/MC: Add MC tuning for AtomBIOS conctrolled CRTCs.
      AtomBIOS: Fix uninitialized value.
      Modes: Be less strict when validating native mode.
      AtomBIOS: Fail driver instance if AtomBIOS mode setting is requested but no BIOS image found.
      AtomBIOS: Fix test for AtomBIOS usage.
      DAC: Reset FMT register on DCE3 when output is DAC.
      RandR: Print out driver supplied modes in debug mode.
      Connector: beautify print message.
      BIOSScratch: Handle missing AtomBIOS device ID more graceful when using quirks table.
      AtomBIOS: Adding support for an override AtomBIOS deviceID table.
      AtomBIOS/Output: minor code cleanup.
      Output: hook up AtomBIOS Backlight control if native method is not supported.
      AtomBIOS: Some fixes to the option parser.
      Add the HPDOFF flag to 0x71ce, 0x18BC, 0x2770.
      I2C: Fix I2C line ID.
      AtomBIOS: Disable AtomBIOS based backlight support for the hard coded path.

George Hartzell (1):
      Add a bit of info to the README to help FreeBSD users who are having  trouble building the driver.

Hans Ulrich Niedermann (27):
      Fix typo in git format-patch instruction
      Disable unnecessary libtool CXX and F77 checks
      Name drivers dir "driversdir"
      Add XORG_* macro names to docs for easy grepping
      Document more names for xorg/util/macros packages
      sh cmd substitution w/ backticks until git found
      Automatically update man page from rhd_id.c
      Use 'git foo' instead of 'git-foo'
      Define SED var without requiring AC_PROG_SED
      Fix typo in list of supported chips
      Fix typo in list of supported chips (again)
      Improve sed expression compatibility for FreeBSD
      Append to EXTRA_DIST instead of redefining
      Add forgotten string constant for PAL_TV_CV
      man page: Name the xorg.conf section for options
      man page: Document Option "DRI"
      man page: Document Option "UnverifiedFeatures"
      man page: Document Option "TVMode"
      man page: TVMode option is not implemented yet
      Ship rhd_atomout.h in dist tarball
      Force regeneration of autom4te.cache
      Comment on which options to document in man page
      README: Fix list of sections
      README: Add automatically updated chipset list
      README: Move build/install docs to INSTALL file
      Comment/typo fixes in README update rules
      git_version.sh: Debug failure to find .git/ dir

Jerome Glisse (1):
      radeon: flush & wait for 2d & dma idle after 2d blit

Julien Cristau (7):
      Add a test for __GLIBC__ to CD_Common_Types.h.
      Merge tag '1.2.3' into debian-experimental
      Update changelogs
      Enable DRI
      update changelog for cherry-pick
      Enable parallel builds using DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
      Prepare changelog for upload

Krisztian Loki (1):
      Add support to control backlight brightness thru RandR properties.

Luc Verhaegen (39):
      LVTMA: always use IDCLK for transmitter.
      R5xx TMDSA: Power: don't clobber UNKNOWN when going in RESET.
      Some random pedantic cleanups: 2 compiler warnings and a gitignore addition.
      RV620+: Fix PLL restore.
      R5/6 DACSet: fix Register offset + DACB_CONTROL1.
      PLL: Fix pll to crtc mapping.
      RHDPreInit: Do not clobber ret boolean used for RHDPreInit return.
      ForceReduced: Propagate option to default and configured monitors as well.
      R5xx TMDSA/LVTMA: fix flickering/dark monitors.
      RandR Compat code: print strings for mode status.
      Fix warnings with gcc 4.3.1 prerelease.
      RandR: Feed a copy of Monitor->Modes into RandR.
      TMDSA: electrical values for an M76.
      PLLs: Better fix for PLL ownership.
      PLL: On M54 do not re-enable Spread Spectrum.
      DRI: fix segfault when out of FB and some further fixes.
      connector: bad paste in cases of switch in rhdConnectorSynthName.
      MC: never reread rhdPtr->FBIntAddress.
      rhddump: bail out correctly when no pci-tag is provided.
      r5xx accel: move r5xx_2dregs to r5xx_regs.c.
      r5xx accel: bring 2DFlush and engine initialisation into the r300+ era.
      R5xx EXA: Destroy Nulls the XAAInfo... Oops...
      R5xx Accel: another 2DFlush fix...
      R5xx Accel: split r5xx2DInfo into XAA and EXA specific structs.
      R5xx DRI: increase CP timeout.
      Fix build against xserver head: xf86Version.h was removed.
      Fix build against 6.9.
      QnD radeon_accel: fix up RHDRegMask usage.
      Pre-CS: Make shared code build in master.
      Pre-CS: radeon_commonfuncs.c got renamed to radeon_3d.c.
      DDC: Make GPIO to DDC line mapping more verbose.
      Fix two warnings.
      CS: introduce Command Submission infrastructure.
      CS: Port over and enable XAA.
      CS: Port over EXA code.
      CS: Port over textured video support.
      CS: Xv: clean up memory handling.
      Bump to 1.2.3.
      Xv: Fix build for big endian.

Matthias Hopf (34):
      Spelling fix.
      Added trivial memory manager.
      dri: Initial commit of source files from radeon driver.
      dri: First compilable version
      dri: Massive code update. Compiles, but untested.
      Set (and use) MMIOPCIAddress and FbPCIAddress.
      dri: Fix obvious segfaults + requirements for RS690.
      dri: Working DRI support for RS690
      dri: Fix framebuffer reference for drm.
      dri: Remove initialization of deprecated drm elements.
      dri: Big cleanup (1)
      dri: Add some initial code for r6xx initialization.
      dri: Cleanup of RADEONInitVisualConfigs().
      dri: Implement DRM cleanup, LeaveVT, EnterVT support.
      dri: More cleanup
      dri: errno is wrapped in xf86_ansic, so drm returns are not compatible.
      dri: Fix updated RADEONInitVisualConfigs.
      dri: Incomplete RADEONAdjustMemMapRegisters replacement.
      dri: Nuked (dysfunctional) page flipping code
      dri: Moved DRI driver private data structs back to radeon_dri.h
      Updated copyrights + authorship
      Set FbIntAddress after DRM init + after EnterVT again.
      dri: Big function renaming.
      dri: move ansi-c header inclusion to correct location.
      Fix build process with DRI disabled.
      Added missing radeon_dri.h to Makefile.am
      Update of radeon_drm.h to version of r600-support branch of drm.
      Fix error message on CP Init failure.
      Allow DRI initialization without 2D acceleration being active, again.
      abort() needs stdlib.h
      Fix ASSERT() handling for good.
      Remove deprecated RRUseXF86Edid option.
      Update README and man page.
      Bump to 1.2.2.

Wolke Liu (1):
      IGP/mmap: Use PCI functions to map IGP  IGP K8_FB_LOCATION memory.

Yang Zhao (1):
      man page: typos in "keep_aspect_ratio" section

 .gitignore                       |    1 
 ChangeLog                        | 3867 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 INSTALL                          |  142 +
 Makefile.am                      |    8 
 README                           |  200 --
 autogen.sh                       |    1 
 configure.ac                     |   50 
 debian/changelog                 |   10 
 debian/control                   |    2 
 debian/rules                     |   13 
 git_version.sh                   |   65 
 man/radeonhd.man                 |  299 ++-
 src/AtomBios/includes/ObjectID.h |   36 
 src/AtomBios/includes/atombios.h |  786 ++++++-
 src/Imakefile                    |   11 
 src/Makefile.am                  |   90 
 src/r5xx_2dregs.h                |  288 --
 src/r5xx_3dregs.h                | 1352 +++++++++++++
 src/r5xx_accel.c                 |  374 ++-
 src/r5xx_accel.h                 |   80 
 src/r5xx_exa.c                   |  633 +++++-
 src/r5xx_regs.h                  |  386 +++
 src/r5xx_xaa.c                   |  856 ++++++--
 src/radeon_3d.c                  |  847 ++++++++
 src/radeon_dri.h                 |  104 +
 src/radeon_drm.h                 |  755 +++++++
 src/radeon_exa_render.c          | 2278 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/radeon_textured_videofuncs.c |  810 ++++++++
 src/rhd.h                        |  129 -
 src/rhd_atombios.c               | 2745 +++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 src/rhd_atombios.h               |  418 +++-
 src/rhd_atomcrtc.c               |  454 ++++
 src/rhd_atomout.c                |  996 ++++++++++
 src/rhd_atomout.h                |   34 
 src/rhd_atompll.c                |  424 ++++
 src/rhd_biosscratch.c            |  925 +++++++++
 src/rhd_biosscratch.h            |   73 
 src/rhd_card.h                   |    3 
 src/rhd_connector.c              |  130 -
 src/rhd_connector.h              |    6 
 src/rhd_crtc.c                   | 1115 +++++++----
 src/rhd_crtc.h                   |   90 
 src/rhd_cs.c                     |  643 ++++++
 src/rhd_cs.h                     |  166 +
 src/rhd_cursor.c                 |    6 
 src/rhd_dac.c                    |  414 ++--
 src/rhd_ddia.c                   |   15 
 src/rhd_dig.c                    |  662 +++++-
 src/rhd_dri.c                    | 1942 +++++++++++++++++++
 src/rhd_dri.h                    |   41 
 src/rhd_driver.c                 |  990 +++++++--
 src/rhd_edid.c                   |    2 
 src/rhd_helper.c                 |   23 
 src/rhd_i2c.c                    |  556 ++++-
 src/rhd_i2c.h                    |    9 
 src/rhd_id.c                     |  337 ++-
 src/rhd_lut.c                    |    4 
 src/rhd_lvtma.c                  |  216 ++
 src/rhd_mc.c                     |  873 +++++++-
 src/rhd_mc.h                     |   25 
 src/rhd_modes.c                  |  487 +++-
 src/rhd_modes.h                  |   31 
 src/rhd_monitor.c                |   23 
 src/rhd_monitor.h                |    1 
 src/rhd_output.c                 |   11 
 src/rhd_output.h                 |   18 
 src/rhd_pll.c                    |  228 +-
 src/rhd_pll.h                    |   16 
 src/rhd_randr.c                  |  471 ++++
 src/rhd_regs.h                   |  252 ++
 src/rhd_tmds.c                   |  126 +
 src/rhd_vga.c                    |   80 
 src/rhd_vga.h                    |    2 
 src/rhd_video.c                  |  812 ++++++++
 src/rhd_video.h                  |   54 
 utils/conntest/.gitignore        |    1 
 utils/conntest/rhd_conntest.c    |  321 ++-
 utils/conntest/rhd_dump.c        |   86 
 78 files changed, 28676 insertions(+), 3154 deletions(-)

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