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Bug#501183: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome: System freezes with screen saver

2008/10/5 John Talbut <john@dpets.demon.co.uk>:
> Raphael Geissert wrote:
>> The problem is in the 3d driver (unichrome DRI in Mesa), not with the
>> 2d driver (openchrome).
>> I'm leaving it assigned to this package (and not libgl1-mesa-dri) as
>> it might be possible for someone at -openchrome to fix it.
> OK.  I noted that comment although there is no reference to Mesa in my Xorg
> log file.  I note also that the message seems to originate in the kernel,
> see /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.26/drivers/char/drm/via_dma.c

Yes, if you use nm you will see the via_hook_segment symbol in via_dma.ko:

$ nm /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/char/drm/via.ko | grep
00000e94 t via_hook_segment

But IIRC (based on other messages found via google) the bug is caused
by the DRI driver in the via drm module in the kernel; though I am not
an expert in the field so I might be wrong.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Maintainer
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