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Bug#490071: Same hangs with Radeon driver

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Andrea Vettorello schrieb:
> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 9:11 PM, Juergen Kosel <juergen.kosel@gmx.de> wrote:
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>> Hello Andrea Vettorello,
> Hi
>> do the hangs on your machine appear under the same conditions as I have
>> already described for my machine?
>> (sporadically in gnome/compiz sessions but never seen in gnome/metacity
>> sessions.)
> No, only the symptoms (X using 100% of CPU time, keyboard and mouse
> buttons unresponsive except mouse movements). I missed in your report
> the part about Compiz and that in your case it never happened with
> Metacity (I've only used Sawfish), so probably I've only added noise
> here.

No, I use gnome/compiz most of the time. And gnome/metacity is used only
sometimes. So this is another explanation why I have seen it only with
Do you use plain sawfish (without gnome)?

> I was able to get another stack trace similar to the one I've included
> above the 7 august. It probably hanged a last time the 8, but I'm not
> completely sure as I've not taken note, then nothing, no more hangs in
> the last week.
>> I have the impression, that the hang occurs, when an application opens a
>> new window. E.g. during the first attempt to mail the lines above, the
>> hang occured:
>> I saw the new window of icedove/enigmail in the workspace-preview
>> tasklet but not on the workspace, the mouse was moveable for a few
>> seconds and stopped then.
> I experienced the hangs after few minutes from boot, usually when
> interacting with the windows, but at least one time it hanged on the
> GDM screen and in a session when I was doing nothing.

Same for me. But when it seems idle, it is still possible that some
application tries to pop up a window.

So we have the same symptons. And therefore there is hope that this is
the same bug. But then it is not related to the window manager, because
we use different ones.

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