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mesa: Changes to 'refs/tags/mesa-7.1-rc3-1'

Tag 'mesa-7.1-rc3-1' created by Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> at 2008-07-13 18:24 +0000

Tagging upload of mesa 7.1~rc3-1 to experimental.

Changes since mesa-7.0.3-4:
Adam Jackson (13):
      Unbreak Linux builds with -fvisibility=hidden.
      __driConfigOptions must be PUBLIC.
      glxinfo: Fix multisample visual reporting.
      Trivial SELinux awareness.  Enable with --enable-selinux.
      Add E7221 variant to i915.
      Add IS_915(), simplify IS_9XX() a bit.
      Fix build on ia64.
      Fix sis_dri on ia64.
      Fix parallel build by making symlinks before makedepend.
      chmod a-x **/glslnoise.c
      Install dri_interface.h in 'make install'.
      Fix path to minstall in last commit.
      Install dri_sarea.h in 'make install'

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Fix builds with compilers other than gcc 3.0 & newer
      Make minstall work with Solaris /bin/sh
      Solaris port of Mesa 7.1 with autoconf support

Alan Hourihane (14):
      Only set R_MODE with NV_point_sprite
      Use drm_i915_sarea instead of drmI830Sarea and remove i830_common.h
      set outputs_safe to 0 as it's possible for the code generation
      small cleanups
      correct the return value
      Fix error string
      revert part of the previous cleanup - it only applies
      include <X11/Xlib.h>
      silence warning
      build fix for xorg driver
      Silence warning
      Check for NULL pointer
      Check in SwapBuffers for any new pending dri2 events
      glcontextmodes.c is required remove the reference in .gitignore

Alex Deucher (34):
      R300: RV410 SE chips have half the pipes of regular RV410
      Add new RV380 pci id
      Radeon 9500 (0x4144) only has one pipe
      R300: fix typo r300 fog reg
      Merge branch 'r500test' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/mesa into r345-cleanup
      R5xx:  Add R5xx pci ids
      R5xx: various updates
      Update comment
      R300: clean up VAP_PROG_STREAM_CNTL* register usage
      R300: cleanup VAP_CLIP_CNTL
      R300: fix VAP_OUTPUT_VTX_FMT_1 defines
      R3/4/5: fix TCL on r5xx, cleanup PVS code
      R5xx: Add R5xx pci ids
      R5xx: various updates
      Update comment
      R300: clean up VAP_PROG_STREAM_CNTL* register usage
      R300: cleanup VAP_CLIP_CNTL
      R300: fix VAP_OUTPUT_VTX_FMT_1 defines
      R3/4/5: fix TCL on r5xx, cleanup PVS code
      R300: fix rebase conflicts
      R500: add support for 4k textures
      Merge branch 'r500-support' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into r500-support
      R3xx: more PVS cleanup
      R300: cleanup FS code and fill in missing details
      R500: fixup r300EmitClearState() FP for r5xx
      R300: clean up Fog registers
      R300: clean up CB registers
      R3xx: clean up ZB registers
      R300: clean up GA registers
      r500: write out the correct FP registers
      r300: SC register naming cleanup
      R3/4/5xx: update to use drm get_param for num gb pipes
      R300: 1002:5657 is actually RV410
      R300: update vap_cntl values for NUM_FPUS

Alex Neundorf (1):
      added catamount-osmesa-pgi config

Alexey Sokolov (1):
      define M_PI if needed

Andreas Micheler (1):
      faster write_rgba_span_front()

Andrew Randrianasulu (1):
      r200: accept PROGRAM_CONSTANT inputs due to mesa changes

Andrzej Trznadel (2):
      Fix compat implementation of ffs() to return 1-based bit numbers.
      [965] Fix fp temp reg release code to not usually release all temps.

Andy Skinner (1):
      added -altopts to allow overriding all other opts

Arthur Huillet (1):
      bumped nouveau DRM interface version number

Ben Skeggs (14):
      nouveau: NV30_TCL viewport/scissor fixes
      nouveau: match drm changes (0.0.7)
      nouveau: match drm 0.0.9 interface
      Play "nuke the typedef"
      nouveau: Lets only do private buffers.
      nouveau: reindent nouveau_buffers.c
      nouveau: reindent nouveau_buffers.h
      nouveau: Split nouveau_buffers into nouveau_mem and nouveau_fbo
      nouveau: Always render offscreen, emulate front buffer rendering.
      nouveau: Remove ALLOW_MULTI_SUBCHANNEL hack
      nouveau: reindent nouveau_span.c
      nouveau: Keep drm channel alloc struct around.
      nouveau: Use half the notifier block for query objects.
      nouveau: ddx versioning changed

Benno Schulenberg (3):
      fix Unichrome/Blender crash, bug 13142
      remove commented-out code
      code clean-ups, reformatting

Brian (360):
      Skeleton file for 7.1 release notes.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      make srcPtr param to make_1d_stack_mipmap() const
      In DestroyPbuffer(), use GetReq() intead of GetReqExtra(). See bug 10983.
      get rid of needless static function declarations at top of file
      fix STATE_HALF_VECTOR value (bug 10987)
      Implement GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.
      added texture_from_pixmap functions
      GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap test
      added GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap
      Disable (at least for now) PFNGLFRAMEBUFFERTEXTURELAYEREXTPROC typedef.
      need to copy new 1D/2D array texture objects in _mesa_PushAttrib()
      add missing right-paren
      Overhaul/simplify SWvertex and SWspan attribute handling.
      if light position is local, treat it as a homogeneous coord and divide by W (see bug 11009)
      return True for GLX_Y_INVERTED_EXT query
      set texcoords depending on GLX_Y_INVERTED_EXT
      remove some whitespace
      improve some comments, clean-up formatting
      remove a VMS-ism that doesn't seem needed elsewhere
      remove the unused texobj Mutex field
      get rid of GenTexturesLock, used ctx->Shared->Mutex
      don't treat FRAG_BIT_WPOS as a generic attribute (fixes depth peel regression)
      include swrast_setup/swrast_setup.h to silence warning
      added _mesa_init_driver_state() to replace duplicated code in intel drivers
      Replace initInitState() with _mesa_init_driver_state().
      Fix point attentuation problem (bug 11042)
      Fix problem w/ two-sided lighting and fragment programs (depth-peel regression)
      incr/decr 1D/2DArray texture refcounts like other targets
      restore GL_TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS in _mesa_PopAttrib(), bug 11049
      doxygen-ize some comments
      fix logic for calling _swrast_update_deferred_texture()
      remove #include "GL/glxtokens.h"
      check for flat/smooth interp for generic/specular attrib
      use glXGetProcAddress to get extension funcs
      remove obsolete comment about max DEFAULT_SOFTWARE_DEPTH_BITS
      disable shader program before glDrawPixels
      fix glReadPixels parameters to handle odd-width windows correctly
      disable depthBits test in check_compatible(), see bug 11161
      In supported_buffer_bitmask(), use framebuffer's visual, not context's visual
      remove dead code
      In generic_nop() call _mesa_warning() instead of _mesa_problem() since it's an app issue, not a mesa bug.
      Temporarily disable the calls to _mesa_update_texture_compare_function().
      typo: s/derrived/derived/
      Replace texobj->Complete with texobj->_Complete since it's a derived field.
      fix typo, added comment
      rename/clean-up _mesa_validate_texture_wrap_mode
      Rework _mesa_update_texture_compare_function() to only be called during
      fix GLX_USE_TLS breakage, fix a warning
      Fix TEXREL issues when using GLX_USE_TLS (see bug 7459).
      fix comment
      added memcpy() to-do item
      fix make clean commands so missing subdirs don't cause infinite loops
      fix an error string, refactor _mesa_GetCompressedTexImageARB() to get rid of a goto
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      copy wpos attrib info into zoomed span (fixes fog perspective correction problem)
      fix glDrawPixels + fragment program problem
      Effectively disable _TexEnvProgram before calling _swrast_DrawPixels().
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      rename _swrast_update_fragment_attribs()
      Another round of fixing attribute interpolation for glDraw/CopyPixels.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      fix rgba pointer bug hit on zoomed+fogged glDrawPixels
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      Random state-change / primitive rendering.  Good for hammering on a driver...
      Fix feedback color bug #11332.  In feedback mode, produce float colors.
      fix bug rendering points with fragment program (see #11330)
      added comment, remove dead code
      XXX comment about point clamping
      increase MAX_POINT_SIZE to 60
      use larger point/sprite size
      remove obsolete t_save_api.c
      remove t_save_api.c and some other obsolete files, may be more
      Add a few missing GL 2.0 entrypoints, regenerate related files.
      bring over 7.0 doc changes
      overhaul point rasterization, no longer use s_pointtemp.h
      Undo some prev glDraw/CopyPixel changes which fixed a bug in which colors were overwritten by interpolating attributes.
      s/SPAN_RGBA/SPAN_INDEX/ in clear_ci_buffer_with_masking()
      simplify INIT_SPAN code
      avoid unnecessary clamping of depth values (bug 11448)
      add const to wglSetPixelFormat() to match .h declaration
      use _mesa_unpack_stencil_span() in draw_stencil_pixels(), bug 11457
      fix StepX/StepY typo
      add code for stpq, rgba writemasks in make_writemask(), bug 11404
      added vec2(vec4) constructor, bug 11404
      add fbdev/ to DEMO_FILES
      assorted clean-ups
      support more modes, added -f cmd line option
      Be more consistant with paths in #includes.  Eventually, eliminate a bunch of -I flags.
      stencil pixel map didn't work in _mesa_unpack_stencil_span(), bug 11475
      Add case for GL_QUADS in i915_reduced_primitive_state().
      In _swsetup_Translate(), update dest->attrib[FRAG_ATTRIB_COL0].
      check depthScale value for optimized ushort->uint case (fixes bug 11474)
      Change float depthScale param to _mesa_unpack_depth_span() to GLuint depthMax.
      Check if 'indices' parameter is NULL (bug 11314)
      Fix size test bug in _mesa_test_proxy_teximage().
      Improve this demo in a few ways.
      Minor clean-up of polygon offset logic. Properly compute _MRD field.
      clean-up of stencil code
      fix swizzle-related bug 11534
      fix width/depth mix-up (bug 11577)
      remove VC6/VC7 project files until updated
      Remove ctx->Point._Size and ctx->Line._Width.
      fix GLX_STEREO handling (bug 11705)
      fix logic error, typos
      call ctx->Driver.NewProgram() instead of _mesa_new_program()
      remove unused MAX_3D_TEXTURE_SIZE, reformattting
      don't use rgba_line() if CHAN_BITS==32
      fix color interpolation for CHAN_BITS==32
      clamp float colors
      generate error upon writing to varying var in fragment program (bug 11733)
      Fix function call bug 11731.  Also, fix up IR_CALL/IR_FUNC confusion.
      fix-up inlined/non-inlined function inconsistencies
      Added shader points and shader bitmap demos
      added a few more functions
      remove old comment, minor formatting fixes
      misc comments, clean-ups
      New sunos5-v9-cc-gcc config (Roland Egger)
      glGetAttribLocation always returned 1 (bug 11774)
      added sunos5-v9-cc-g++ config
      fix failure caused by undeclared variable (bug 11783)
      fix some FreeBSD issues
      fix mem leak (bug 11791)
      fix mem leak (bug 11793)
      added trirast program
      triangle rasterization with frag shader
      fix error code test limit (bug 11795)
      Remove some code that was never hit (bug 11811).
      move code to prevent NULL ptr dereference (bug 11810)
      s/MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS/SIS_MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS/ and add assertion (bug 11806)
      fix double free()s (bug 11808)
      fix invalid pointer usage in bezierPatchDeleteList(), bug 11807
      remove unnecessary null check (bug 11814)
      fix stencil value masking bug 11805, and fix sizeof() bug
      OSmesa on BlueGene (Alexander Neundorf)
      added bluegene-osmesa
      fix missing backslash
      added -lm
      fix even-sized point positioning (bug 11874)
      fix swizzle error test (bug 11881)
      fix potential NULL dereference (bug 11880)
      remove SHELL line, replace -e test with new logic (Daniel Stone)
      fix potential NULL dereference (bug 11879)
      parse standard -geometry option
      move free() after dereference (bug 11878)
      fix byte swap bug for GLint stencil indexes (bug 11909)
      added some missing Default1D/2DArray texture code
      Implement mutex/locking around texture object reference counting.
      free any render/framebuffers left in hash tables when freeing shared state
      Fix a few more problems with freeing FBOs/textures during context destruction.
      Bring over the texobj refcounting changes from mesa_7_0_branch
      remove old Saved1D/2D/etc fields
      replace separate 1D/2D/etc fields with an array indexed by texture target
      Replace Proxy1D/2D/etc with ProxyTex[] indexed by TEXTURE_x_INDEX.
      replace Proxy1D/2D/etc fields with ProxyTex[] array
      remove reference to ctx->Color.DrawBuffer
      update comments, etc related to Read/DrawBuffer state
      Rework the GL_READ_BUFFER, GL_DRAW_BUFFER state repairs that Roland previously did.
      remove dead code left over after fixing GL_READ/DRAW_BUFFER state issues
      some fixes for compressed cube maps (bug 11986)
      don't map buffer in _mesa_validate_DrawElements() unless needed
      refactor bounds checking code
      remove unneeded CallStack array
      For _mesa_share_state(), update the context's references to the new share group's objects (Shane Blackett)
      remove CallDepth++/-- accidentally removed in prev commit
      new __gluInvertMatrix() function (Mesa bug 6748)
      added --noclear option to demonstrate rendering without glClear
      s/movaps/movups/ (see bug 12216)
      Fix problem introduced in previous commit in which a state variable (uniform) is written to.  (see bug 12239)
      Use temporary matrix in __gluInvertMatrixd() to fix aliasing problem (see bugs 12269, 6748)
      updated bug report guidelines
      clean-up (see bug 12317)
      fix comment
      Update depth test state when binding new framebuffer object
      In _mesa_make_current(), don't unbind FBOs from the old context.
      Fix-up #includes to remove some -I options.
      updated with pkg-config info
      Rename.  "fcb" = fortran call back
      Add glut_fcb.c to the build and update to fix warnings (see bug 12405)
      added null ptr check
      added .pc.in files to tarballs
      Fix state.texgen parsing error (bug 12313).
      added program_error2() function for better error reporting
      Fix timer problem when using Fortran bindings (submitted by Bill Mitchell)
      updated vrml link
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      fix copypixels overlap test bug (#12417)
      added copypix.c test (test glCopyPixels w/ pixel zoom)
      Added bluegene-xlc-osmesa config (Alexander Neundorf)
      fixes for bluegene-xlc-osmesa config
      fix -D_BSD_SOURC
      fix DrawRangeElements error msg
      tweak point rast to fix conform failure
      Restore old _TriangleCaps code to fix Blender problem (bug 12164)
      for Miniglx, use git sources
      Remove test for EXT_blend_logic_op in glGetString when determining GL version.
      update the DRM/DRI instructions
      fix VBO-split infinite loop (bug 12164)
      updated glext.h license info (Khronos), plus other clean-ups
      fix comment: s/branch/kill/
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://brianp@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      replace 'brick' with correct program name in printfs
      remove unneeded cast
      New glxsnoop demo to display another window's z/stencil/back buffer.
      Example of cooperative rendering into one window by two processes
      fix fog, rescale_normals bugs (from gallium branch)
      Replace repeat_remainder() with a simpler macro that just casts args to unsigned.
      don't apply ColorMask to main gc
      add directfb glut sources to tarball
      bump up MAX_INSTRUCTIONS and add an assertion to catch emitting too many instructions
      properly init dst reg's CondMask/Swizzle fields
      Implement gl_PointCoord attribute for GLSL fragment shaders.
      add to git
      fix assorted bugs, works now
      don't build x86, x86-64 dirs if not needed
      simplify/fix the ASM_FLAGS tests (bug 12931)
      use grep -q
      disable ctx->Driver.NewProgram() call in _mesa_new_program()
      Finish up ATI_separate_stencil
      test glStencilFuncSeparateATI()
      Alias glStencilOpSeparateATI with glStencilOpSeparate.
      check for count==0 in _mesa_validate_DrawArrays()
      updated list
      GLSL support in i965 driver
      remove dead code in _mesa_new_program()
      fix typo
      Fix mem leak in SSE code generation path (Michel Dänzer) and don't crash if _mesa_exec_malloc() returns NULL.
      fix mmx code (bug 12614)
      Check for NULL VB->EdgeFlag array.
      check for texture and renderbuffer in check_end_texture_render()
      test that point/line/quad rendering hits the right pixels
      add glw.pc.in to tarball list, remove from DEPEND_FILES
      remove dependency on libGLU
      Only emit texcoords for enabled units. Enable/disable units with 0..7 keys.
      added z/s keys to reset/step rotation
      fix out-of-bounds array index (ix=-1)
      fix some texture format assertions, etc
      clamp lambda to Min/MaxLod
      Print point/line size range limits
      Consolidate point size computation, clamping in get_size().
      need to check border width in sample_linear_2d() - fixes failed assertion in texwrap.c test
      Fix parsing of gl_FrontLightModelProduct.sceneColor, don't segfault on variable array indexes.
      Consolidate texture fetch code and use partial derivatives when possible.
      #define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES to silence warning
      better test of point attenuation
      improve 24-bit Z to 32-bit Z conversion
      add a few more logicop modes, simplify code
      set fp->UsesKill when emitting OPCODE_KIL
      document GLSL float f/F suffix bug
      minor additions to avoid FAQs
      Move _mesa_load_tracked_matrices() from TNL module to prog_statevars.c
      cleanups, comments
      New ctx->Driver.Map/UnmapTexture() functions for accessing textures from t_vb_program.c
      better front-plane clip test
      fix broken two-sided stencil
      fix-build: remove ctx->_Facing assignment
      added missing quote char
      glut doesn't need -lXt
      fix DD_TRI_LIGHT_TWOSIDE bug (#13368)
      added culling/wireframe options
      Fix gl_FrontFacing compilation problem
      fix span->facing computation and gl_FrontFacing initialization
      Undo changes made to the toyball shaders in commit d19d0596daf004b56d80f78fa1a329b43c2ebf94
      Fix endianness bug in _mesa_texstore_argb8888()
      Build rain demo (Gonzo <andreas.wendleder@gmail.com>)
      fix polygon cull regression
      Fix a quadstrip front/back-face inconsistancy.
      fix NEED_SECONDARY_COLOR for vert/frag progs
      simplify update two-side lighting test (follow-on to previous front/back-face changes)
      added twoside demo
      Test GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_TWO_SIDE and frag shader gl_FrontFacing features
      added two-side test
      added glSecondaryColor3fv_func
      return correct size from glGetActiveUniform (bug 13751)
      add 'Get' info for MAX_3D_TEXTURE_SIZE (for bug 13811)
      added 'get' info for framebuffer object tokens
      additional GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENTx_EXT cases (bug 13767)
      fix glUniform4f typo
      fix vbo display list memleak upon context destruction
      remove unneeded conditional
      additional GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENTx_EXT cases (bug 13767)
      additional stub functions
      check if span length > 0 before calling _swrast_write_rgba_span()
      fix depth/1 typo in glTexImage3D proxy code
      Simplify ctx->_NumColorDrawBuffers, _ColorDrawBuffers and fix bug 13835.
      Replace gl_framebuffer's _ColorDrawBufferMask with _ColorDrawBufferIndexes
      fix bug 13978: glDrawBuffersARB() didn't set all necessary state
      remove unused var
      Don't build yuvrect_client by default
      fix pc vs. gc->ps usage (bug 14197)
      Fix some issues with glDrawBuffer(GL_NONE), bug 14198
      Assorted patches for miniglx/linux-solo (Gavin Li <codeview@gmail.com>)
      Bring in previous 7.0.1/2 release notes, added Cell driver page.
      Added d/D keys to change viewing distance, 'a' to toggle animation
      push out far clip plane to 200
      check if fb->Delete is null (bugs 13507,14293)
      press 0,1,2,etc keys for specific bias values
      tweak incr/decrements amounts for keyboard options
      Set Min/MaxLod with glTexParameterf, not glTexParameteri
      Fix broken test.
      Fix glBindTexture crash (bug 14514)
      Added minmag.c test
      Fix potential glDrawPixels(GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT) crashes (bug 13915)
      If parameter is a 'counter', raise GL_INVALID_VALUE if value is negative
      Regenerated (raise GL_INVALID_VALUE if counter param is negative)
      Added <size name="Get" mode="get"/> lines for point parameter tokens.
      Regenerated (see bug 11893)
      raise GL_INVALID_OPERATION if glProgramString compilation fails
      Fix glBegin-time test for invalid programs/shaders.
      Replace glut_fbc.c with glut_fcb.c (cb=callback)
      Obsolete, replaced by glut_fcb.c (fortran callbacks)
      document cell -DSPU_MAIN_PARAM_LONG_LONG flag
      a few words about how the cell driver works.
      added git on Windows section
      added info about checking out gallium-0.1 for cell code
      replace // comment with /* */ (bug 14916)
      fix __builtin_expect() definition test for IBM XLC (sf bug 1909832)
      fix botched test for clearing color buffers (should fix depth peeling regression)
      fix parsing of state.texenv.color (bug 14931)
      remove extra #include of assert.h (bug 14932)
      mesa: fix emit_clamp() so that we don't use an output register as temporary
      init tmpNode to zeros
      s/x86_init_func/x86_init_func_size (fixes bug 15119)
      x86_init_func_size() returns int to indicate success/fail (bug 15119)
      fix IEEE_ONE definition for ICC compiler (bug 15134)
      Fix some PBO breakage.
      add a number of PBO validate/map/unmap functions
      include varray.h to silence warning
      Refactor PBO validate/map code.
      delete default programs with ctx->Driver.DeleteProgram()
      use ctx->Driver.DeleteProgram() in a few more places
      fix wrong values for GL_READ/DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING_EXT tokens
      add GL_READ_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING_EXT case, regenerate get.c file
      updated to version 40
      implement glGet/BindAttribLocationARB() for display lists
      Set param_var->param_binding_type = PROGRAM_CONSTANT
      when negating scalar src args, use NEGATE_XYZW, not NEGATE_X
      consolidate some parsing functions that were pretty much identical for vertex/fragment programs
      fix texture/renderbuffer mix-up in test_attachment_completeness()
      added some missing calls to _mesa_enable_x_y_extensions()
      silence warning
      rewrite some of the mat*mat, mat*vec intrinsics
      mesa: add missing glPush/PopMatrix() calls
      mesa: add missing glPush/PopMatrix() calls
      added glGetActiveUniform_func
      import 7.0.3 relnotes from 7.0 branch
      updated w/ 7.0.3 release
      7.0.3 updates
      shader utility functions
      Replace duplicated code with new shaderutil.c functions
      use InitUniforms()
      more make clean items
      fix multi-draw buffer regression
      implement full reference counting for vertex/fragment programs
      Remove unused texunit parameter to ctx->Driver.GenerateMipmap()
      added readtex.h dependency
      remove realglx.[ch] from build

Brian Paul (155):
      add missing glViewport calls
      fix failed assertion (parameter can be a PROGRAM_CONSTANT)
      check for _WIN32 and __WIN32__
      fix GL_ARB_texture_rectangle breakage
      only use __x86_64__, not __amd64__ (bug 15503)
      mesa: adjust glBitmap coords by a small epsilon
      disable GL_TEXTURE_1D at end of frame to fix failed assertion
      added xdemos/sharedtex.c test
      Add support for GL_REPLACE_EXT texture env mode.
      fix conversion of GLfloat display list IDs
      Press <space> to reset limit/bias values, clean-up limit/bias printf
      updated options/help
      fix refcounting bugs in tnl/tex program caches
      call glutDestroyWindow()
      disable GL_DEPTH_TEST before glDrawPixels in case window has unrequested depth buffer
      disable debug printfs
      fix some additional program refcounting bugs
      mesa: added _mesa_free_instructions()
      mesa: added _mesa_insert_instructions()
      added _mesa_combine_parameter_lists()
      sync up with gallium-0.1 changes
      clean-up swizzle fields in fog code, fix NegateBase
      mesa: new functions for managing list/index of uniforms
      Updated GLSL uniform/sampler handling from gallium-0.1 branch
      Fix DRI build
      fix assertion typo: s/=/==/
      init SamplersUsed bits in _mesa_parse_arb_fragment_program
      remove stray, left-over RefCount++
      minor changes to aid debugging
      Fix a program refcounting error, don't share program parameter lists.
      silence warning, new assertion
      fix merge collision
      fix an attr/src mix-up when setting-up/binding vertex arrays
      bring in fixes/changes from gallium-0.1
      clean-ups / additions from gallium-0.1 branch
      added div by zero check for Fog.End/Start (from gallium-0.1)
      fixes to _mesa_combine_programs(), from gallium-0.1
      mesa: added internal post color matrix scale/bias vars
      add state vars for color matrix, pixel transfer scale&bias
      additional fog/color matrix changes from gallium-0.1
      Move _mesa_init_glsl_driver_functions() into shader_api.c
      Fix program refcounting assertion failure during context tear-down
      fix tempReg test in _mesa_combine_programs()
      fix incorrect sampler numbering/indexing.
      new multi-texture GLSL test
      copy StateFlags in _mesa_clone_parameter_list()
      allow GLX_SAMPLES_ARB==0 (bug 16073)
      prep for 7.1 RC1
      updates for 7.1 release
      set version string to 7.1 rc1
      update, re-org build/install instructions
      replace make with $(MAKE) (bug 16133)
      updated function list
      Use the GLuint64EXT type defined by GL_EXT_timer_query
      Assorted Windows fixes (Karl Schultz)
      undo prev change to this VC7 project file
      call glutDestroyWindow() before exit
      remove old/unused foomesa.h example header
      Set the attribute as used.
      remove references to incorrect -winwidth/-winheight, replace with -geometry
      code refactoring (draw_frame(0, handle_event())
      press 'a' to toggle animation
      fix event handling issues (such as when resizing when not animating)
      insert mesa/ before include files
      Move construction of libOSMesa.so into src/mesa/drivers/osmesa/Makefile
      minor changes
      prefix some includes with mesa/ or glapi/
      new Makefile for building "stand-alone", Xlib-based libGL
      Move building of stand-alone Mesa into drivers/x11/Makefile
      added dependencies
      remove X11, Glide, OSMesa sources
      reorder some lines, more make clean cmds
      Move fbdev driver construction into src/mesa/drivers/fbdev/Makefile
      move directfb-libgl into drivers/directfb/Makefile
      new drivers/Makefile with simple default/clean/install rules
      remove more old stuff, insert new driver_subdir build rules (but not enabled yet)
      Remove the old, complicated default build rule; use the new driver_subdirs rule
      move a beos-ism down into drivers/beos/Makefile
      remove stray semicolon
      move the install rules
      document makefile changes
      Makefile clean-ups
      more old stuff, rename SOLO->MESA, etc
      Makefile clean-ups
      fix Xlib libGL.so build problem.
      add some missing rule dependencies
      remove unnecessary swrast, tnl includes
      remove obsoleted doxygen \param comments
      mesa: allocate pixel zoom arrays on heap, not stack
      glu: silence warnings
      mesa: fix inconsistent use of GL_UNSIGNED_INT vs. GL_UNSIGNED_INT_24_8_EXT for Z unpacking
      mesa: tweak mipmap level selection for cube maps
      added pointer to beta/release candidates
      remove old comments
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      #undef DEBUG to silence warnings
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      replace __inline and __inline__ with INLINE macro
      mesa: added null ptr checks
      s/GL_INVALID_VALUE/GL_INVALID_OPERATION/ in _mesa_get_uniformfv()
      init machine->Samplers (fixes vertex program texture fetches)
      press 'm' to toggle multisample enable/disable
      link to DRM 2.3.1
      mesa: add/fix some IrInfo entries for debugging purposes
      mesa: better function inlining in the presence of 'return' statements
      mesa: make _slang_swizzle_swizzle() non-private
      mesa: move some functions
      mesa: fix a GLSL vector subscript/writemask bug
      set ctx->Const.MaxVertexTextureImageUnits = 0
      generate a link error if the vertex shader references too many textures
      mesa: fix all(bvec2) function typo, add missing bvec2/3/4() constuctors
      mesa: regenerated files
      mesa: added some missing equal() notEqual() intrinsics
      mesa: regenerated
      mesa: fix error codes in _mesa_shader_source(), _mesa_get_shader_source()
      mesa: added some debug code (disabled)
      mesa: when linking a shader program, make sure all the shaders compiled OK
      mesa: fix vertex array validation test for attribute 0 (vert pos)
      mesa: fix incorrect array size, added assertion
      mesa: fix array storage allocation bug
      mesa: additional vec4 constructor
      mesa: regenerated file
      mesa: additional error checking, fix error codes
      mesa: fix problem freeing framebuffer/renderbuffer objects
      mesa: fix some error codes in _mesa_ShaderSourceARB()
      mesa: fix various error codes
      mesa: remove incorrect assertion
      mesa: generate GL_INVALID_OPERATION in _mesa_get_uniform_location() if program isn't linked
      GLSL-related bug fixes
      mesa: add missing VARYING case to storage_string()
      mesa: compute global var size before doing codegen
      mesa: more debug output
      added null texObj ptr check (bug 15567)
      mesa: bump version to rc2
      added src/mesa/drivers/Makefile to file list
      mesa: implement glGetUniformiv() with new ctx->Driver function
      added more Makefiles to file list
      bump version to rc3
      add yet another Makefile
      mesa: remove debug code
      mesa: check for OpenBSD (bug 15604)
      mesa: fix state.clip[n].plane parsing bug (bug 16611)
      mesa: return -1, not GL_FALSE if _glapi_add_dispatch() fails name sanity check

Bruce Merry (5):
      Fix several bugs relating to uniforms and attributes in GLSL API
      More fixes to shader_api
      Add a test program to test for assorted bugs in shader_api.c
      Make use of count in _mesa_uniform_matrix
      Convert to 0/1 when setting boolean uniforms

Carlos Martín Nieto (2):
      nouveau: update to DRM API patchlevel 10
      nouveau: Missing notifier -> notifierobj migration

Chris Rankin (2):
      r200: Implement SetTexOffset hook.
      Remember to call XSync() before resetting X error handler.

Christoff Brill (3):
      remove CVS/XFree86 keywords
      use R200_DEBUG for debug output
      change max anisotropy test

Christoph Brill (29):
      [r300] document type 3 packets to draw primitives based on AMD spec
      [r300] Document some of the wild guesses in VAP_OUTPUT_VTX_FMT based on AMD spec
      [r300] document VAP_CNTL based on AMD spec
      [r300] Document Z-buffer related register ZB_BW_CNTL
      [r300] Update some magic registers to real names
      [r300] clean some more magic registers based on AMD spec
      [r300] Replace more magic number by register definitions from AMD
      [r300] Add RB3D_DISCARD_SRC_PIXEL_LTE_THRESHOLD and some HyperZ defintions
      [r300] rename all unkown structs r300_hw_state to readable names
      [r300] Add more struct names for r300_hw_state
      [r300] Sync the names for Z-Buffer registers with the AMD spec
      [r300] Add some more register from the AMD spec in the area of AARESOLVE
      [r300] Add register definitions based on AMD spec starting with chapter 10
      [r300] Document R300_RB3D_COLORMASK properly and rename it to RB3D_COLOR_CHANNEL_MASK
      [r300] Further document FG_ALPHA_FUNC (renamed from R300_PP_ALPHA_TEST) and finally add some information to R300_RB3D_DSTCACHE_CTLSTAT
      [r300] Sync fog register names to the AMD spec
      [r300] Sync fog color register names
      [r300] Further document and add register definitions (found bugs in LINE handling)
      [r300] Document some registers in the POINT area
      [r300] Document POLY_MODE and add some TODOs that might have triggered some bugs
      [r300] Add more register from the AMD spec
      [r300] Document registers completed 10.1 to 10.3
      [r300] revert complete stupid changes
      [r300] Document based on chapter 10.4 and 10.5
      [r300] fix wow-pinkness regression. Fixed by Markus Amsler
      r300: properly handle GL_POINT in glPolygonMode
      r300: R5xx and R3xx use different registers for RS_IP and RS_INST
      r300: Fix some issues with masks in stencil buffer area
      r300: replace some hard coded mask by define in stencil area

Christoph Kubisch (1):
      updated VC7 project files

Claudio Ciccani (5):
      Fixed initialization of render buffer and deinitialization of context.
      Compute the amount of time to sleep on idle event using timers as reference.
      [glut-directfb] When converting microseconds to milliseconds, round to the next integer.
      [glut-directfb] Fixed displaying of single buffered window.
      [directfb] Added RGB444 and RGB555.

Colin McDonald (1):
      fixed problem with big glDrawArrays (see bug 12141)

Corbin Simpson (86):
      Add chip id 71D5 (RV530 M66) to radeon_chipset.h
      Initial r5xx fragment program compiler support.
      Added OPCODE_ABS, slightly fixed ADD/SUB
      Start of TEX/TXP support.
      r5xx: Fragprog shader now handles TEX/TXP correctly.
      Merge branch 'r500test' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/mesa into r500test
      Make radeon stuff build again.
      Merge branch 'r345-cleanup' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/mesa into r500test
      Merge branch 'r500-support' into r500test
      Merge branch 'r500test' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~csimpson/mesa into r500-support
      r5xx: Fix dumb shader.
      r5xx: Fix for loops.
      r5xx: Use max_temp_idx.
      r5xx: Fix typo.
      r5xx: We update max_temp_idx now, so no need to hard-code it.
      r5xx: Emit an OUT instruction at the end of execution.
      r5xx: FP: Make MOV/ABS look pretty.
      r5xx: FP: Add OPCODE_TXB.
      r5xx: Index inputs and temps.
      r5xx: Fix false error with DP3/DP4.
      r5xx: Fix FP inputs. (For good?)
      r5xx: Unbreak MAX and MIN.
      r5xx: First swing at OPCODE_COS.
      r5xx: Adding more opcodes.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_SCS.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_SWZ.
      r5xx: Fix SCS.
      r5xx: Fix FRC.
      r5xx: Added OPCODE_DPH.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_KIL.
      r5xx: ALU/OUT fixups.
      r5xx: Fix typo of epic proportions.
      r5xx: Swap sources for CMP.
      r5xx: Fix magic offsets for output fifo write masks.
      r5xx: Fixup emit_tex, add debugging info, enable temp temps.
      r5xx: New fix for COS/SIN/SCS.
      r5xx: Fixup SOP insts.
      r5xx: Count refs so we don't have to guess on temp reg allocation.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_POW.
      r5xx: Initial (broken) OPCODE_LRP.
      r5xx: Change debug info for readability.
      r5xx: Fixed LRP.
      r5xx: More trig work.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_DST.
      r5xx: Move dumb_shader.
      r5xx: Clean up some compiler warnings.
      r5xx: Remove some debugging cruft.
      r5xx: Fix SGE/SLT.
      r5xx: Consolidate FP tex insts.
      r5xx: Add emit_mad() for FP.
      r5xx: More emit_alu().
      r5xx: Negation masks for every inst except SWZ.
      r5xx: Massive MAD cleanup.
      r5xx: Unbreak texture swizzling.
      Replace copyright on r500_fragprog.c
      r5xx: First stab at LIT.
      r5xx: Moar LIT.
      r5xx: Enhance emit_mov().
      r5xx: Fix FP temp counting.
      r5xx: Fix emit_mov() regression.
      r5xx: Just a few small LIT fixes.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_XPD. In working condition, I might add.
      r5xx: Dump shader constants when dumping program assembly.
      r5xx: Cleanup SOP with emit_sop().
      r5xx: More emit_sop(), stage 2.
      r5xx: Last emit_sop() for now.
      r5xx: Add OPCODE_FLR.
      r5xx: Enable depth write emission.
      r5xx: Fix speedy LIT once and for all.
      r5xx: Unbreak anisotropic filtering?
      r300: Allow driconf to set a default anisotropy.
      r3xx/r5xx: Don't force aniso.
      r5xx: FP refactor, take one.
      r5xx: New FP code, take two.
      r5xx: More FP rewriting; fix texrect FP insts.
      r5xx: Detangle FP fallback and translation switches.
      r5xx: Enable fragment.position, partial ARB_shadow.
      r300: Unbreak LOD biasing, a bit.
      Oops, misordered a few instructions.
      r300: Enable LOD bias state emission.
      r300: Forgot to clear old state before writing new state.
      r300: Fix new incarnation of bug 3195.
      r300: Make LOD bias a persistent environment variable.
      Revert accidental edit to progs/demos/lodbias.
      r300: Change LOD bias emission to more closely follow per-tex rules.
      r3xx/r5xx: Enable ARB_point_parameters.

Dan Nicholson (110):
      DESTDIR support.
      pkg-config support
      add support for LDFLAGS env var
      Ignore more generated files in progs/
      Ignore new programs
      configs: Fix linux-static to link correctly
      specify app lib dependencies in Makefiles (patch 1/3)
      simplify APP_LIB_DEPS (patch 2/3)
      update APP_LIB_DEPS for static library configs (patch 3/3)
      linux-dri-xcb: Fix undefined refs when linking with libGL
      Build xdemos programs by default on linux-dri
      Add -fno-strict-aliasing workaround for Linux GCC targets
      configs: Always use -fPIC for shared libraries, never for static
      confdiff.sh: A testing script for comparing configs settings
      configs: Set -fexceptions for GLUT on linux-dri like other targets
      Add -fno-strict-aliasing workaround for all GCC targets
      Fix the library name in glw.pc
      configs: Fix linking with static libGL and --as-needed
      Make osdemos linking like other programs
      autoconf: Add support files required for autoconf use
      autoconf: Initial support for an autoconf configuration
      autoconf: Include necessary files for the tarballs
      autoconf: Add support for shared DRI build on linux and freebsd
      autoconf: Add support for osmesa-only builds
      autoconf: Configure the osmesa channel size for OSMesa16 and OSMesa32
      autoconf: Configurable demos directories
      autoconf: Allow static library builds
      autoconf: Configurable DRI drivers
      autoconf: Output summary information from configure
      autoconf: glut doesn't need Xt
      autoconf: Since default DRI drivers to build with master
      autoconf: Clearer help text for the enable/disable options
      autoconf: Replace install-sh with symlink to minstall
      autoconf: Replace configs/current symlink from configure
      autoconf: More informative errors when pkg-config macros undefined
      autoconf: Optional debug build with --enable-debug
      autoconf: Report the compiler options in the summary
      autoconf: Optional assembly usage with --disable-asm
      autoconf: Consistently use xlib for the driver name
      autoconf: Update bug address and fix some autoconf warnings
      autoconf: Improve help text for demos and DRI drivers
      Merge branch 'master' into autoconf2
      docs: Fix links in contribute section
      Don't try to build nonexistent i915tex driver on linux-x86-64
      autoconf: Documentation for using the autoconf'd build
      autoconf: Helper options for adding GCC 32/64 bit flags
      Merge branch 'master' into autoconf2
      Merge branch 'autoconf2'
      autoconf: Remind developers to bump version numbers in configure.ac
      Allow osmesa to be enabled or disabled
      autoconf: Use -fno-strict-aliasing on GCC
      glapi: Use variable for indent and flags
      glapi: Use make automatic variables to clean up the commands
      glapi: Correct prerequisites for gl_and_glX_API.xml
      glapi: Generate xserver glapi sources in the mesa tree
      Distribute dri_sarea.h with the tarballs
      Ignore glxgears_pixmap
      autoconf: Set the default drivers after checking platform specifics
      autoconf: Fix thinko when checking freebsd CPU types
      autoconf: Print GCC include path directly and be more robust using it
      Ignore more demo programs
      autoconf: Add autogen.sh from Xorg for easier setup from git
      autoconf: Enable xdemos by default when we build libGL
      Fix include path for rain demo so glut.h is found
      Use AC_CHECK_PROGS to find alternate make programs
      glcore: Respect DESTDIR
      autoconf: Don't substitute MESA_MAJOR and friends
      autoconf: Fail from autoconf if the pkg-config macros aren't defined
      autoconf: Scrape the version from configs/default
      autoconf: Allow non-pkg-config builds to succeed
      Ignore xdemos/sharedtex
      autoconf: More quoting, just to be safe
      autoconf: Error for incompatible version of libdrm
      autoconf: Sanitize asm build for cross-compiling and --enable-*-bit
      autoconf: Replace the configs/current symlink from config.status
      Add .PHONY targets to top Makefile for non-file targets
      Error consistently when running recursive make
      Always cleanup the makedepend backup files
      Prevent makedepend from running multiple times
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      Update make output for autoconf help
      Ensure recursive makes always propagate errors
      Refactor installation targets
      Run `make clean' in drivers/xorg, too
      Never fail `make clean'
      autoconf: Attempt to figure out the PIC flags for the platform
      Default DRI driver directory to match X.Org xserver
      autoconf: Allow XCB to be used for GLX
      Don't link demos directly to X libraries
      Follow along GL/glx -> glx renaming in xserver
      autoconf: Collect arch/platform settings in one location
      Distribute version.mk in case autoconf needs to be run again
      Update .gitignore for progs/glsl
      No more drivers/xorg
      Create $(TOP)/$(LIB_DIR) for install, too
      Don't make libmesa.a or libglapi.a depend on asm_subdirs
      Ensure all objects are built when installing DRI
      autoconf: Check for posix_memalign
      DRI-specific pkg-config file
      autoconf: Improve the visibility of the swrast DRI driver
      Set library and header installation directories from configuration
      autoconf: Allow commas or spaces to separate DRI drivers
      autoconf: Tell the user about docs/autoconf.html in --help output
      autoconf: Add information about the --x-* options to --help output
      Remove generated pkg-config files on `make clean'
      autoconf: Subsitute SHELL for all platforms
      Set $(SHELL) for all configs
      Call minstall with $(SHELL) so the user controls the interpreter
      Call mklib with $(SHELL) so the user controls the interpreter
      Always pass -linker and -ldflags to mklib for shared libraries

Dan Torop (1):
      fix spantmp2 READ_RGBA inline asm (#11931)

Daniel Zhu (1):
      Rename quad function to quadr to avoid clash with Solaris quad typedef

Dave Airlie (187):
      add glxtokens.h to xmesa_xf86.h as discussed on mailing list
      r300: fix non-tcl rs4xx again.
      miniglx: update defines in linux-solo config
      miniglx: implement GetProcAddressARB in miniglx as an alias for GPA
      r300: i can't see why we fallback for polygon offset line/fill
      move clip to r300 emit
      Initial r300 modes for swtcl it compiles!!
      add more swtcl code to r300 - hangs card now
      add missing swtcl file
      fixup packet setup - still hangs
      cleaned up reduced prim
      swtcl add debug and fix offset
      more commits to fix things and stuff - still not doing anything except crashin
      swtcl: gears works
      fixup some bits of tcl path
      bring over vertex engine setup code from r300_Render and fix up
      fix quad-clip
      fix projtex
      fix secondary color, fog is off for now
      fix up vertex emission before state change
      ensure cmd buffer space
      fix unfilled tris/quads
      add a mem use for current dma buffer
      clean up color0 code
      clean up cache flush emission into one place
      r300: 2288 is a tcl only reg
      r300: fix tabbing
      r300: fixup manytex, we needed to emit the vic/vir/vof every time
      r300: cleanup some of the swtcl code
      r300: remove some unused code
      r300: add authorship
      fix tabbing
      Merge branch 'r300-swtcl'
      r300: oops turn back off cmd buf debugging
      r300: oops wrong logic for swtcl
      r300: fix compiz crash on swtcl - doesn't fix compiz though.
      r300: only init swtcl on tcl-less cards
      nouveau: add GeForce 7300 SE to card list
      drm: update bufmgr code to reflect changes in drm interface
      i915/i965 merge serer directories along lines for radeon/r200
      i915/drmbuf: attempt to push relocations into buffer manager
      i915: add superioctl initial support inside bufmgr ttm
      i915: add superioctl support to the ttm codepaths.
      i915: increase batchbuffer back to 16k
      i915: add copyrights to new files
      i915: clean up lists on teardown
      i915: drop complex list handling for now
      i915: fixup up bufmgr to pass num buffers to kernel
      i915: workout max relocs from batch buffer size
      i915: fixup reloc header defines
      dri: remove ttm common code since superioctl is device specific
      i915: only enable TTM path if drm minor is > 11 for superioctl
      Merge branch 'master' into i915-superioctl
      i915: fixup TTM interfaces to follow drm changes
      i915: make i915 use the cached mappings for batch/buffer objects.
      nouveau: ppc, swap fragment programs on big endian systems.
      r300: fix texwrap border color
      r300: fix misnumber register
      r300: move more vap registers out of non tcl paths
      r300: initial user clipping for TCL paths
      r300: fix bug with maniadrive rendering
      Revert "r300: fix bug with maniadrive rendering"
      i915: move to using copy from user for relocations
      r300: add initial rs690 support to Mesa
      r300: fix isosurf on rs690
      i965: remove unused hal hooks
      r300: some initial register info from doc drop
      r300: fixup some more names
      dri2: dlsym requires some quotes..
      dri: fix function call to add new parameter.
      r500: fragprog
      some basic r500 portage
      r300: add new rs690 pci id
      more r500 vs r300 kickin
      r500 RS unit setup
      mesa: cleanup state emission and rs for r500
      r300: this code really shouldn't be here.
      r300: add rv530 pci id for the t60p laptop
      r500: setup fragment program constant emission atom
      r500: fixup support for emitting fragment program to hardware.
      r500: enable gb tiling for r5xx
      r500: fixup fake shader to keep gears going
      r300: move to using RS_INST names
      r300: finish conversion of RS_INST regs
      intel/fake_bufmgr: Attempt to restrict references to objects in a batchbuffer > aperture size.
      intel: fix _mesa_error ctx I introduced at lsat minute
      bufmgr_fake: disable debugging again
      Merge branch 'master' into r500test
      fixup r500 bits for renaming
      i965: initial attempt at fixing the aperture overflow

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