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xserver-xorg-input-evdev: Changes to 'refs/tags/xserver-xorg-input-evdev-1_2.0.1-1'

Tag 'xserver-xorg-input-evdev-1_2.0.1-1' created by Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> at 2008-07-13 13:42 +0000

Tagging upload of xserver-xorg-input-evdev 1:2.0.1-1 to unstable.

Changes since xserver-xorg-input-evdev-1_1.2.0-1:
Adam Jackson (19):
      Branch for evdev 2.0
      Support the new DIX motion history API
      Ignore button events above BTN_TASK for now.
      Parse Option "Path" as well as Option "Device".
      Re-add XKB support.
      Nuke the keyboard bell code.
      Add absolute coordinate event support.
      Force maximum keycode to be 255
      Merge branch 'evdev-2.0-branch'
      Handle the alternate spellings of the xkb options.
      Fix the default XKB rules to be "base" instead of "xfree86".
      Fix cut-and-paste error in abs-to-rel translation.
      Force xkb_model to be "evdev".
      Fix middle/right button munging.
      Filter out repeat events for mouse buttons.
      evdev 1.99.2
      evdev 1.99.3

Brice Goglin (1):
      Update xsfbs/quilt patching rules to be compatible with the

Dan A. Dickey (1):
      Fix a trivial bug in testing for absolute axes.

Dan Nicholson (1):
      Fix cut-and-paste errors in xkb alternate spellings code

Daniel Stone (2):
      remove XFree86LOADER usage
      Keyboard: Don't allow arbitrary keymap settings

David Nusinow (1):
      Kill the manifest code.

Julien Cristau (20):
      Don't flush buttons on init (bug#12630)
      xsfbs.mk: make 'serverabi' depend on 'install'
      Remove xsfbs-autoreconf.mk
      Drop XS- from Vcs fields
      Merge tag 'xf86-input-evdev-1.99.2' into debian-experimental
      New upstream release candidate.
      New patch include-the-proper-header-for-XkbSetRulesDflts-and-X.patch
      Run dpkg-shlibdeps with --warnings=6.
      Remove the .pc directory properly
      xsfbs.sh: add remove_conffile_lookup
      xsfbs.sh: use 'local' now that policy allows it
      update changelogs
      Revert "Remove the patch, not needed anymore."
      update patch for new upstream
      Merge git.debian.org:/git/pkg-xorg/xsfbs into debian-unstable
      Fix target dependencies in debian/rules.
      fix attribution in changelog
      Prepare changelog for upload

Keith Packard (1):
      Enable middle button emulation at DEVICE_ON instead of DEVICE_INIT.

Peter Hutterer (20):
      Initialise b_map_data to correct size. Bug #13991
      Don't allow relative and absolute axes on the same device.
      man: Option "Path" is supported in the code, add it to man page.
      Remove unused EvdevOpts and EvdevOptions.
      Shut up two compiler warnings.
      Fail if the device cannot be grabbed during the probe.
      Check for XINPUT ABI, parameters of InitValuatorClassRec have changed.
      Revert "Check for XINPUT ABI, parameters of InitValuatorClassRec have changed."
      Check for XINPUT ABI < 3 (corrected version)
      Plug a memory leak, we allocated pEvdev twice, dropping the first memory area.
      Enable middle-mouse button emulation.
      Disable middle mouse button emulation when a real middle MB event is detected.
      Remove wakeup handlers when device is closed.
      If Emulate3Buttons is specified in the config, don't auto-deactivate it.
      evdev 1.99.4
      Finalize MB emulation if EvdevProbe fails.
      Shut up compiler warning "implicit declaration of function 'xf86Msg'"
      evdev 2.0.0
      No need to finalize MB emulation after EvdevProbe anymore.
      evdev 2.0.1

Sascha Hlusiak (7):
      Don't inform kernel evdev driver about autorepeat change
      Filter all incoming repeated key events
      Set repeat_delay and repeat_interval to default values
      Let kernel autorepeat pass when set on default values
      More accurate error messages on device open fail.
      Updated manpage to reflect current state
      Add XK_Meta_L and XK_Meta_R to list of modifiers

Simon Munton (1):
      Close file descriptor if EvdevProbe fails.

Sven Wegener (1):
      evdev: Port b4a5a204 "Fix pointer crossing screen bug." to current master branch

Timo Aaltonen (3):
      Merge tag 'xf86-input-evdev-2.0.1' into debian-experimental
      Remove the patch, not needed anymore.

Vinay Bondhugula (1):
      Clear EV_ABS_V_USE_TOUCH for devices without a touch button

 .cvsignore                                                                |   19 
 .gitignore                                                                |   25 
 ChangeLog                                                                 |  475 +++
 Makefile.am                                                               |   11 
 Makefile.in                                                               |   40 
 aclocal.m4                                                                |  265 +
 config.guess                                                              |   32 
 config.sub                                                                |   44 
 configure                                                                 |  781 ++++-
 configure.ac                                                              |    5 
 debian/changelog                                                          |   18 
 debian/control                                                            |    6 
 debian/patches/evdev_no_flush_on_init.diff                                |   20 
 debian/patches/include-the-proper-header-for-XkbSetRulesDflts-and-X.patch |   21 
 debian/patches/series                                                     |    2 
 debian/rules                                                              |    6 
 debian/xsfbs/xsfbs-autoreconf.mk                                          |  150 -
 debian/xsfbs/xsfbs.mk                                                     |   79 
 debian/xsfbs/xsfbs.sh                                                     |  387 +-
 depcomp                                                                   |   33 
 install-sh                                                                |  228 -
 ltmain.sh                                                                 |   58 
 man/.cvsignore                                                            |    2 
 man/.gitignore                                                            |    3 
 man/Makefile.in                                                           |    6 
 man/evdev.man                                                             |  323 --
 src/.cvsignore                                                            |    6 
 src/.gitignore                                                            |    6 
 src/Makefile.am                                                           |    5 
 src/Makefile.in                                                           |   77 
 src/emuMB.c                                                               |  334 ++
 src/evdev.c                                                               | 1330 +++++++---
 src/evdev.h                                                               |  323 --
 src/evdev_axes.c                                                          |  930 ------
 src/evdev_btn.c                                                           |  477 ---
 src/evdev_key.c                                                           |  549 ----
 36 files changed, 3169 insertions(+), 3907 deletions(-)

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