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Re: Bug#490151: elisa freezes system (completely!)

reassign 490151 xserver-xorg-video-intel


On Thu, Jul 10, 2008, media@intern.dahlmann.net wrote:
> Elisa freezes my system completely when running.
> I used Elisa a few times. Sometimes it works normally and plays my videos without crashing, but sometimes, the video (and the system) freezes, and 
> one time Elisa even froze in the menu (while browsing trough the video folders).
> The system freezes completely. There is no restarting of the X-server possible (tried CTRL+ALT+Backspace), not even the magic systemkey-request 
> reacts. By remote: No login via ssh is possible, the system even cannot be pinged. It's completely gone, and I have to make a cold reset.
> Elisa gets its music data via samba, but the videos are on the local harddisk.
> After the reboot, no information can be found in any of the log files.
> Video driver is intel

 elisa is an user space program; if your system freezes, it's a kernel
 level issue which might be caused by kernel or Xorg drivers for your
 graphics hardware.

 I'm reassigning to the intel Xorg video driver with priority important;
 I suggest you test whether other GL apps crash your system.

Loïc Minier

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