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xserver-xorg-video-nouveau: Changes to 'refs/tags/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-0.0.10-gitt+20080702+48c2116-1'

Tag 'xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-0.0.10-gitt+20080702+48c2116-1' created by Chris Lamb <chris@chris-lamb.co.uk> at 2008-07-03 00:45 +0000

Releasing xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (1:0.0.10~git+20080702+48c2116-1

Changes since the dawn of time:
Aaron Plattner (17):
      Bug #3333 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3333> Patch #3417
      Add entries for GeForce Go 7800. (Change went into XFree86 on 2005-09-28).
      Preliminary RandR rotation support. Bug #4708
      New chip support from Mark Vojkovich's 2006-01-20 and 2006-01-21 XFree86
      Fix typo in PCI ID (reported by Stefan Dirsch). Patch from Mark Vojkovich
      Coverity nos. 868 and 869: Free the result of xf86GetEntityInfo.
      Bump version to for release.
      Add a DrawablePtr argument to the XV functions to pave the way for
      Add .gitignores.
      Add names for Quadro FX 5500, 3500, 1500, 560, 550, and 350.
      Bump to 1.1.2 for new product names.
      Determine whether PutImage hooks take a DrawablePtr by server version.  Remove
      Add the libcwrapper back, conditionalized on the server version.
      Derive the module version numbers from the package version.  This idea was
      Delete the ChangeLog.  The git history is just as good.
      Generate the ChangeLog from git history for dist.
      Bump version to 1.2.0 for release.

Adam Jackson (14):
      Bug #400 (partial): Driver fixes for the dlloader. When using dlloader, all
      Change several LoaderSymbol calls introduced by the bug #400 patch to
      Bug #1087: Make sure all the *Weak symbols are documented in the import
      Bug #1192: Remove cfb support from drivers where its use is an option.
      Bug #3626: _X_EXPORT tags for video and input drivers.
      Bug #3628: Fix video driver submodule visibility.
      Prep for modular builds by adding guarded #include "config.h" everywhere.
      More 1.7 braindamage: define EXTRA_DIST in terms of @DRIVER_NAME@ instead
      Only build dlloader modules by default.
      Stub COPYING files
      Unlibcwrap. Bump server version requirement. Bump to 1.1.0.
      Bump to 1.1.1 for Xv changes.
      Replace panel message + MODE_BAD with MODE_PANEL.
      Typo fix.

Alan Coopersmith (13):
      (Bugzilla #1777) Import Mark Vojkovich's changes to NV driver since last
      Bugzilla #1985 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1985> sync to
      Jan. 2005 nv chipset update from Mark Vojkovich Bug #2380
      Bugzilla #2533 (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2533) Feb. 3,
      Bugzilla #3657 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3657> Patch
      Bug #3740 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3740> Patch #3058
      Bug #3987 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3987> Patch #3264
      Bugzilla #4480 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4480> Patch
      Bug #4558 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4558> Patch #3551
      Use sed & cpp to substitute variables in driver man pages
      Use @DRIVER_MAN_SUFFIX@ instead of $(DRIVER_MAN_SUFFIX) in macro
      Change *mandir targets to use new *_MAN_DIR variables set by xorg-macros.m4

Andrew Mitchell (1):
      Remove XF86DRI defines from the driver. It's already mandatory anyway.

Andrew Randrianasulu (1):
      Fix IFC on nv4/5 by using the proper object.

Arthur Huillet (68):
      added support for PCI GART when no AGP is available - requires DRM interface version 8
      new structure for PutImage, and DMA transfers
      VERY EXPERIMENTAL moved the notifier wait at the beginning of NvPutImage
      VERY EXPERIMENTAL now EXA waits for sync before its operations - this removed the text corruption and didn't affect performance here, please report.
      now yielding in the wait for notifier for Xv only
      Now using GART as the source for the blitter - preliminary implementation, gotta clean it up
      cleaner Xv code - fallback on CPU copy yet to be implemented
      removed pointless sleep in notifier wait
      Preliminary implementation of "host-side double buffering" to improve performance of Xv
      Completely removed notifier wait, when using double buffered stuff.
      re-added CPU copy code as a second fallback option (first being to use X GARTScratch)
      Removed comments in preparation for upstream push
      Xv: gotos are evil
      no overlay with composite
      Xv: fixed bugs when displayed only part of the source image (tvtime with overscan)
      Xv now manages a pool of 6 notifiers for its double buffering. Also improved the memory allocation logic.
      Xv: waiting for last transfers to finish before freeing notifiers
      "smart" overlay with composite, and a tentative fix of flickering when dropping frames
      of course, we don't need Xv debug messages upstream
      Native YV12 overlay support, cleaner Xv code
      Implemented CPU copy fallback for native YV12 overlay as well.
      Cleaner DMA and CPU copy upload of color plane for overlay. Fixes a few bugs and is necessary for the bandwidth problem workaround.
      Xv: now only uploading the part of source image that is used to workaround bandwidth problems
      Xv: disabled YV12 overlay on < NV17
      Xv: now catching all chips < NV17
      Xv: stupid build error. blah.
      Xv: this time a correct matching ? :)
      Xv: patch from Daniel Chassot to do 32bit memory writes in NVCopyNV12ColorPlanes, with minor reworking of mine
      Xv: fixed wrong fix of big endian NV12 copy, as explained by Daniel Chassot
      Workaround for NVComposite bug #11949
      Fixed blending in NVComposite by actually creating ContextBeta1 and 4 objects
      Xv: nv NV30 arbitration patch for DFPs - fixes (some?) bw problems
      Xv: now "powercycling" the overlay using PMC_ENABLE in order to workaround some lock up problems
      Xv: work around some overlay bandwidth problems - may break things though
      Xv: quick imple of NV04 overlay
      Xv: NV04 overlay now almost functionnal
      Xv: NV04 overlay now has one "colorkey" attribute
      EXA: now caching BLIT_OPERATION and RECT_OPERATION (0x2FC) to limit the number of IRQs on NV04
      added NV10 EXA functions to proto header
      added (disabled) NV10 EXA hooks
      NV10 EXA: A8R8G8B8 without mask works with rendercheck now
      Remove NV10 texture formats that are all wrong.
      x8r8g8b8 now seems to work (it passes rendercheck) with format 0x380
      Xv: disabled YV12 overlay for NV20 chipsets that do not seem to have it
      NV10EXA : enabled by default for NV1x. Waiting for pq before doing the same for NV2x.
      NV10 EXA: added support for A8 as source
      NV10 EXA: fixed A8 as pointed out by p0g
      NV10 EXA: implemented masking via register combiners and added (disabled by default) statistics displaying
      s/#define ABC ;/#define ABC do { ; } while(0);/
      NV10EXA: added support for R5G6B5 as source and destination (tested only with rendercheck)
      NV1x EXA : implemented A8 + A8 via a dirty hack
      NV1x EXA : refactored A8 + A8 code, enabled on NV2x, fix A8 txfmt for NV2x
      NV10 EXA: removed left out debug statement
      NV10EXA: disabled A8+A8 hack on PPC machines.
      Xv: added an attribute to change the CRTC the overlay is on - useful with dualhead
      Revert a manifestation of my stupidity.
      Xv: linearly interpolate U and V samples when converting from YV12 to YUY2
      Xv: overlay auto CRTC switch with randr12, blitter fallback
      Xv: added NV04 overlay brightness attribute. Original patch by Andrew Randrianasulu
      Xv: removed useless #includes
      Xv: overlay BW workaround applied to NV40 as well
      Xv: cleanup.
      Xv: NV12 overlay copy - removed wrong byteswapping on PPC, reported by moondrake
      Xv: detection of composite for the overlay
      Xv: NV04 overlay can not scale down at all, as confirmed by DirectFB
      Xv: NV30 overlay can not scale down by more than 0.5x
      NV10 EXA: limit regcomb state re-emission, fix logic for A8 + A8 yielding a 3% perf improvement :p

B. Rathmann (1):
      Fix the G70 issues.

Ben Skeggs (132):
      Initial work in porting the DDX to use the DRM for memory allocations.
      Whoa, how did that happen...
      Wow I suck tonight.. another oops.
      Slash UseFBDev and DGA support.
      Fix ShadowFB for FB alloc changes, should fix RandR rotation also.
      More cleanups from DRM memory alloc changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/nouveau/xf86-video-nouveau
      Use NVAllocateMemory for AGP scratch buffer.
      Make EXA the default
      Rename module from nv_drv.so to nouveau_drv.so to allow both nv and nouveau
      Add back some setup that went missing during PFB reg cleanup.
      Move code out of nv_xaa.c that doesn't belong there.
      Don't create objects that aren't needed.  This frees up a couple of subchannels
      Kill off one of the M2MF objects, and use the engine's SET_OBJECT_{IN_OUT} to
      Copy+Paste a workaround for a NV40 hardware bug from NVShowHideCursor() into
      Config options for cmdbuf location/size.
      Allocate notifiers with NVAllocateMemory.
      It usually helps to wait on a notifier, and not on a NVAllocRec.. Oops.
      Reindent nv_dma.c with tabs..
      First part of preparation for NV30_TCL EXA code merge.
      Reformat NVExaInit
      Merge >=NV30-specific EXA code.. hard-disabled pending testing on my C51, and a proper commit message..
      Put braces around NVDmaSetObjectOnSubchannel...
      Install NV30_TCL EXA hooks if NV_ENABLE_3D is defined.
      Use "do { blah; } while(0)" instead of just braces. (suggestion from megari on irc)
      Fix TEX0_IN_TEX1 fragprog.. I must've been asleep when I did that..
      nv_dri.c still had some space-indented functions, not anymore :)
      Temporary workaround for DRI drmMap problem, not sure of what we actually need to do here yet.
      Import nouveau_dri.h from the 3D driver as nv_dri.h, and setup DRIInfo->devPrivate.
      Add NVDRIFinishScreenInit.
      Fill in front_offset/front_pitch
      Fix type. 0x84 is DEBUG_1
      nv_exa.c tab goodness
      Set SURFACE_FORMAT in NVExaPrepareCopy.  Fixes one of the many issues with xorg-server-1.2
      Provide some visuals with a stencil buffer, and actually call NVDRIInitVisualConfigs.
      Remove final remaining PRAMIN access (NV04-specific), the drm handles it now
      NV4x changes to work with latest drm.
      bump drm patchlevel
      match drm v4 interface changes
      nouveau: avoid attempting an AGP-only alloc
      move NVAccel* funcs into nv_accel_common.c
      Use Y32 format instead of A8R8G8B8 for 32-bpp pixmaps
      reindent and move nv_video.c around a bit
      Fail configure if xorg-server isn't at least version 1.1
      Only use Y32 for Solid().
      Xv: Make the blit adaptor play nice with EXA
      Rip out nv30_exa.c, we have other means to play with the 3D engine now.
      nouveau: bump for drm interface changes (v0.0.5)
      nouveau: rip out card init, everything except modesetting.
      don't nuke user-specified CFLAGS
      Pass pScrn instead of pNv in a few places
      Hide the allocator's use of physical addresses
      Match drm 0.0.7 interface changes
      Wait on notifier instead of PGRAPH_STATUS
      Slightly saner UploadToScreen implementation
      Implement NV40 EXA composite hooks with 3D engine.
      Check PRAMIN for BIOS image if not found in PROM.
      Bump required xorg-server version to 1.3
      Bail if GlxSetVisualConfigs isn't found.
      No need to call exaMarkSync() in UTS/DFS.
      Remove some unused cruft
      Always provide DFS, use memcpy fallback if no GART.
      Always provide UTS, fallback to memcpy if no GART.
      Match drm 0.0.9 interface changes.
      Play "nuke the typedef"
      Emit NOTIFY+NOP sequence after M2MF.
      Clamp NV_MEMORY_TO_MEMORY_FORMAT_LINE_COUNT to 2047 lines.
      Adapt to drm 0.0.10
      NVDmaSetObjectFromSubchannel doesn't exist anymore!
      Timeouts got lost somewhere along the way..
      Add forgotten prototype
      Fix blit adaptor + NVWaitVBlank() (ie. replace old magic 0x400710 hack)
      Detect unknown G8x chips in NVProbe() + Force randr12 on G8x
      Don't pound PMC_ENABLE on startup, this is DRM's job.
      Allocate some VRAM for G8x palette.
      Init grobjs we need on G8x.
      Fix up M2MF code for G8x.
      Fix G8x hwcursor
      Hook up G8x accel code.
      Nuke XAA.
      Nuke riva_* files + bits of NV03 that got reincarnated.
      Neither overlay or blit adaptor work on G8x.
      Fix pciid detect on non-8800 cards (they identify as NV8x, not NV5x)
      Nuke "comparison is always false..." warning.
      Add LVDS panels when found in DCB.
      Add back DCB table parsing from randr-1.2 branch.
      Avoid segv.
      Move G80 VBIOS download into nv_bios.c.
      Bring G8x modesetting into sync with xf86-video-nv.
      NV30EXA: Support PICT_a8 dest surfaces
      Fix randr1.2 with driver-provided modes (ie. LVDS native mode)
      Make use of exaGetPixmapOffset().
      Switch to header generated from XML + other cleanups.
      Switch to *_RING instead of NVDma*
      re-align nv40exa after ring macro changes
      Fix bad s/
      nv40: completely untested fix for composite on ppc
      nv40: what can I say? oops!
      Fix a thinko from commit 62294d9be8ec6f1159e3c2ad273649f937b7aa7e.
      get rid of ALLOCATE_LOCAL etc.
      nouveau: fix a host of warnings
      Implement nouveau_device struct.
      And channels..
      And grobjs.
      Hook up DMA funcs to channels/grobjs etc etc
      Report engine hangs again, instead of spinning forever.
      Initial buffer object work.
      Initial hacky relocation stuff.
      oops, forgot these...
      nouveau: fix valgrind complaint
      Turn vram/fb handles into "real" grobjs.
      Use handles from grobj, instead of hardcoded vals from nv_dma.h
      Add a user callback for when a channel hang is detected.
      EXA 1.4 pixmap hooks (disabled)
      Revert "NV40EXA: Fix composite rotation."
      nv40: just for stillunknown...
      nv30: Don't touch 0x1a4
      nv50: small fix
      nv50: support hostdata UTS
      avoid symbol clash with 3d driver.
      not an appropriate place for this type of thing..
      exa: more accurate coordinate limits
      exa: those limits were a bit conservative on some hw.
      dri: fix broken display in some cases
      xv: don't crash on init
      fix non-kms build/run
      nv50: bring in int10-constole-restore hack from nv driver
      nv50: stub out NV50SorSetClockMode for LVDS, it doesn't work there
      change hack to work with latest drm changes..

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (1):
      Enable IFC uploads.

Carlos Martín Nieto (2):
      Move DRI's FB to the higher half of VRAM
      Don't dereference the uninitialised pNv->FB pointer.

Chris Lamb (21):
      Import Christopher James Halse Rogers' <raof@ubuntu.com> Ubuntu packaging
      Bump debian/changelog
      Update debian/xsfbs/xsfbs.{mk,sh}
      Update debian/copyright
      Set Maintainer to Debian X Strike Force, set Uploaders
      Add Homepage field
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3
      Update build-depends to match libdrm-snapshot
      Append (experimental) to package description
      Cosmetic changes to long description
      Cosmetic changes to debian/rules
      Add Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser fields to debian/control
      Remove X.org "endorsements"
      Re-upload latest snapshot with fixed copyright in various upstream files after REJECT. (Closes: #418889)
      Re-upload latest snapshot fixed copyright in various upstream files
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0 (no changes).
      Tidy imported changelog
      Truncate long description.
      Update to 0.0.10~git+20080702+48c2116-1
      Bump libdrm-dev dependency.
      Fix changelog formatting.

Damien Thebault (1):
      Don't output the chipset list to the log file, silence some warnings.

Daniel Stone (3):
      Fix includes right throughout the Xserver tree:
      Change all misc.h and os.h references to <X11/foo.h>.
      Update autogen.sh to one that does objdir != srcdir.

Danny Tholen (2):
      Fix PPC DFS/UTS by using PCIgart.
      Fix video overlays to treat double-scan correctly when using randr12

Dave Airlie (37):
      initial import of nouveau code
      updated git tree from changes that got lost on way from CVS
      fixup compile for git
      remove all U0* types in favour of more standard CARD* types
      add some read/write NV VGA register wrappers
      use nvReadVGA and nvWriteVGA in more places
      add RAMDAC register read/write
      missed some vga routines
      remove legacy crap from nvreg.h add cursor reg defines
      remove PFB usage with macros
      remove PGRAPH direct accesses
      remove PMC using macros
      remove PEXTDEV and PTIMER using macros
      remove PCRTC via macros
      missed 2x PGRAPHs in XAA
      remove unused pointers after macroisation
      remove select head registers PCIO and PDIO
      add some names for some of the CRTC registers - some names not very meaningful
      add some names for the RAMDAC registers
      clean up FB register names
      set the PPC use BE MMIO
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/nouveau/xf86-video-nouveau
      fix G5 endianness issue with panel size regs
      Merge ssh://
      don't fail dri module load if loaded already
      use pagesize to work out the sarea size
      add some names to registers
      find and version DRM earlier in startup sequence so it is loaded firstup
      remove nvvga.h unused
      exa: disable compositing on big endian machines
      randr12: try and bring over most of the randr12 code into master
      randr12: bring over cursor code
      merge in the nv50 code from the randr 1.2 branch
      fix distcheck after randr-1.2 brought in
      make distcheck pass
      nouveau: missing include
      nv50: fix distcheck since header removal

David Jeannot (1):
      Indent nv_bios.c properly.

Egbert Eich (7):
      Importing vendor version xf86-012804-2330 on Thu Jan 29 00:06:33 PST 2004
      Importing vendor version xf86-4_3_99_903 on Wed Feb 26 01:21:00 PST 2004
      readding XFree86's cvs IDs
      Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_0 on Wed Mar 3 04:09:24 PST 2004
      Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_99_1 on Sun Mar 14 00:26:39 PST 2004
      Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunk
      Set fbdev mode as the default mode on PPC (Olaf Hering).

Eric Anholt (3):
      Initial revision
      DRI XFree86-4_3_99_12-merge import
      Put the riva_* files in the riva128.so subdriver, like monolithic.

Henry Zhao (1):
      Import from nv : Need to inject a mode corresponding panel width/height for validation

Jaime Velasco Juan (2):
      Don't FIRE_RING() when in NoAccel mode.
      Do not access beyond source pixmap in NVAccelUploadIFC

Jeremy Kolb (11):
      NV30: Set DEBUG3 reg bit 1.  Turns on automatic hw context switching.
      Fix PGRAPH_DEBUG* regs to match what's done on the nv35. Specifically change DEBUG_3 | 0x00de0000 for data/format/dma checking. This is consistent with other cards and dumps so it should be correct.
      Fill in some more nv30 magic values.  Not sure what they do yet but they don't hurt anything.
      Fill in some regs.
      nv30_exa: send down pitch correctly
      Fix NV30 arch check.
      NV30 texture changes. Commented out table that appears to work for nv35 at least.
      Remove division in NV30EXATransformCoord.  We want coords between 0 and texture width, height.
      nv30: Fix some corruption.  Give us some semblance of icons (still messed up though)
      Return NULL not FALSE.
      port "G80: Reduce load detection false positives." from xf86-video-nv commit d483ecd851bb84014f1fa86f0ada4540b3ad801e

Kaleb Keithley (7):
      R6.6 is the Xorg base-line
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      XFree86 Bring the tree up to date for the Cygwin folks
      XFree86 (RC 2)
      Import most of XFree86 4.4RC3. This import excludes files which have the

Kevin E Martin (9):
      Various changes preparing packages for RC0:
      Update package version number for RC1 release.
      Update pkgcheck depedencies to work with separate build roots.
      Update package version number for X11R7 RC2 release.
      Remove extraneous AC_MSG_RESULT.
      Update package version number for X11R7 RC3 release.
      Change *man_SOURCES ==> *man_PRE to fix autotools warnings.
      Update package version number for final X11R7 release candidate.
      Update package version for X11R7 release.

Maarten Maathuis (539):
      Add pci-rework compatibility and remove the pci-id list.
      Add suggestion/patch by Bernhard Kaindl <bk@suse.de> and fix NVRestore().
      Fix DVI/Digital alligment with some (magic?) values discovered by Matthew Garrett <mjg59@srcf.ucam.org>.
      Fix several problems.
      I unknowingly broke CRT's i think.
      There was some redundant arch checking code left, must have been missed after the randr merge.
      Xv: improved behavior with NoAccel by disabling blitter and overlay
      LockUnlock CRTC's when going back to X (EnterVT), patch by Bernhard Kaindl <bk@suse.de>.
      randr-1.2 clients have their DDC's initialized elsewhere.
      Reverse DDC1 and DDC2.
      Fix DPMS, patch by Bernhard Kaindl <bk@suse.de>.
      Fix minor issue.
      Workaround for flatpanels.
      randr12: A prettier hack for DFP, that uses several known htiming and vtiming modes.
      NV03 is dead.
      Update to latest pciaccess api, this now requires libpciaccess 0.10.0.
      randr-1.2: Only the NV4x have these busses swapped, revert for other architectures.
      randr12: Fix Xv blitter, please see full changelog for other implications.
      Indenting and minor code style changes.
      Removing a hack in the hopes of finding a better way and some minor changes.
      Some more indenting and such.
      Hopefully this will improve flatpanel beheaviour.
      Fix previous commit, change the way Digital Flat Panels are programmed.
      Remove list that is incorrect and no longer needed.
      Hopefully fix bridged chip detection, such as the 7800GS AGP.
      Some much needed indenting and readability improvements.
      randr12: Some missing init.
      randr12: Fix a nasty regression from 6ba7e83f8cf2da84dd796ee59cb24c15bc36b746.
      Removed a check for > 1 active crtc's, which seems really odd, no regressions occured for me.
      randr12: Modify dcb table for nv40 to make it look more like older hardware. Remove i2c bus reverse.
      Some reindenting.
      randr12: Some new pll clock restrictions.
      randr12: Some more pll timer restrictions from Haiku.
      randr12: Apply the same pll restrictions to a two stage design.
      Fix the memory adresses of the secondary crtc and ramdac + minor change.
      Restore PRAMDAC1 and PCRTC1 offsets, in proper format (0x2000/4) and move them to their proper place.
      randr12: Change the way CRTC register 59 is set.
      randr12: Add some CRTC regs which the blob sets.
      randr12: hardcode more stuff + actually use a few previous regs
      randr12: Some minor changes.
      randr12: hardcoding a base value for debug_0 register.
      randr12: Add some TMDS register infrastructure, so i can try some stuff in the future.
      randr12: Assign ramdac's in more sane way, otherwise two outputs may end up on the same ramdac.
      randr12: Reindenting and minor changes.
      randr12: A frail attempt at some TMDS programming, i have not figured out yet what switches DVI from one RAMDAC to the other.
      randr12: simplification of the swapped i2c buses "workaround" for nv4x and some code reindenting
      randr12: Some reindenting.
      randr12: detection changes, more to come later
      randr12: Getting closer, doing a decent attempt at detecting the proper ramdac.
      randr12: Some registers were not constants, so changed it back with a note about the values i had seen.
      randr12: Preperation to allow differentation between crtc and pcio in the future.
      randr12: Some more debugging output and some other minor changes.
      randr12: Minor changes and more debugging output.
      randr12: make crtc owner beheaviour consistent with blob + minor changes
      randr12: Some more CRTC regs.
      NV30EXA: Fix rendering issues.
      randr12: Switch to proper cursor api + minor changes + small nv50 fix
      Fix detection of NV04 and NV05 when using pci-rework.
      NV30EXA: Minor code cleanup.
      NV50: The beginning of moving some code around.
      NV50: Some infrastructure and minor changes.
      randr12 + NV50: Misc changes.
      NV50: Fix small mistake.
      randr12: Actually borrow some timing stuff from Haiku correctly ;-) + new crtc reg
      randr12: Some reindenting.
      NV50: Fix a minor mistake.
      randr12: Misc changes.
      EXA: Starting from version 2.4 we can't use devPrivate.ptr anymore.
      randr12: Small changes makes finding regressions easy ;-)
      randr12: Fix switch mode function, so fullscreen apps don't screw up your screen by definition ;-)
      randr12: Misc fix.
      randr12: Some misc changes.
      randr12: Remove a double reg and misc changes.
      randr12: Some debug stuff.
      randr12: Hopefully fix panel size detection and allow negative hsync/vsync polarities.
      randr12: Revert a small unnecesary change.
      randr12: Some fallback defaults for dual-dvi cards, please submit dumps when you can.
      randr12: Some changes to output detection.
      randr12: Some changes to crtc regs.
      randr12: Fix critical bug and minor change.
      Add back comment.
      Revert a G70 workaround, this may BREAK your setup.
      randr12: Check if output is needed before creating it.
      randr12: Add a few debug statements that should explain why an output is refused.
      randr12: actually add scaling factor's
      randr12: Misc changes.
      randr12: The last step to make lower flatpanel resolutions working.
      Fix a few NV_IMAGE_BLIT offsets.
      randr12: Minor change, turning on bit 18 of NV_RAMDAC_SEL_CLK.
      randr12: Show NV_RAMDAC_FP_DEBUG_0 of both ramdac's when output is refused.
      randr12: My suspicion was incorrect, i2c buses are swapped for all nv4x
      randr12: Lots of misc fixes.
      randr12: Disable some panel scaling stuff, because it is broken.
      randr12: Some copyright stuff.
      randr12: Flatpanel scaling is finally working, read full message.
      randr12: some blob copying
      randr12: Some changes to VCLK ratio handling.
      randr12: Misc register fixes.
      randr12: The "easy" TMDS registers, please report regressions.
      randr12: Some misc cleanup to make malc0's patches work.
      randr12: Improve analog monitor allignment + misc fixes.
      randr12: Cursor fixes(probably only affects nv4x).
      randr12: Remove redundant output setup + don't print full edid.
      randr12: Improved ramdac choosing, based on bios information (or value).
      randr12: Futher refine crtc timings, hoping to solve the "pink line" issue.
      randr12: We cannot reset ramdacs during detect, there may not be a modesetting after it.
      randr12: Hopefully improve the native flatpanel mode finder.
      randr12: A legitimate DPMS call could reset the ramdac and effectively disable the mouse.
      randr12; Forgot a small thing.
      randr12: Add a native mode for TMDS and make that preferred + some ddc related fixes.
      randr12: Only enable crtc at the very last stage, should avoid mode setting "blinking".
      randr12: Only use VPLL as timing source.
      randr12: Do not remove any bits from crtc register 580.
      randr12: Remove incorrect (and hopefully redundant) output initialisation check.
      NV50: Don't hit pre-NV50 codepath.
      randr12: Put TEST_CONTROL into neutral position.
      randr12: Associate VPLL's with ramdac instead of crtc.
      randr12: Reasonably complete TMDS programming, see notes.
      randr12: Readd crt load detect + misc changes + restrictions (see full log)
      randr12: Improve hotplugging of outputs.
      randr12: Fix ugly alligment.
      randr12: Also save flatpanel regs on analog monitors.
      randr12: Intermediate commit.
      randr12: It seems the situation was a bit easier to handle, luckily.
      randr12: Misc fixes.
      randr12: Add ramdac assignment code to the lvds dpms function.
      randr12: Improve output naming scheme.
      randr12: Some outputs are only valid on secondary output.
      randr12: Fix vertical scaling.
      randr12: Do not mess with ramdac register 580 until it's proven to be neccesary.
      randr12: Improve detection of DVI-D/DVI-A pairs (for naming).
      randr12: Disable load detect again, until we can identify it from a DVI monitor.
      randr12: This may break stuff for some g70 cards, if it does, then please scream.
      NV50: A new wrapper + a few functions renamed.
      NV50: Another wrapper.
      NV50: Some initial cleanup.
      NV50: More cleanup, small commits to make bisecting easier.
      NV50: Even more cleanup.
      NV50: Should have run make first ;-)
      NV50: That's the initial cleanup for nv50_display.c
      NV50: More cleanup (this time nv50_dac.c).
      NV50: Last part of nv50_dac.c
      randr12: Overhaul vpll set code + misc fixes.
      randr12: Make sure we don't set 2 "special" bits in sel_clk.
      NV50: cleanup of nv50_sor.c
      NV50: Clean up nv50_output.c a bit.
      randr12: Some code cleanup.
      NV50: Port one of the nv patches.
      NV50: Port an LVDS detection fix from nv.
      A little code cleanup.
      randr12: Set SEL_CLK appropriately based on wether a TMDS is crosswired.
      randr12: Some minor changes.
      randr12: Fix bad comment.
      randr12: Improve vclk setting.
      randr12: Set a few new registers + misc fixes.
      NV50: fix stupid type from commit d5dfb82f7f39304eb39dd4b1c34a2a2801d90a25
      randr12: Enable all pll on pre-nv40 and improve usage of ramdac_670 register.
      randr12: fix comment typo
      randr12: Disable ramdac register 0x900, until i know for certain what it does.
      randr12: Reinstate the "magic factor" until a better solution comes along.
      randr12: Some minor register changes.
      randr12: Improved values for FP_CONTROL register.
      randr12: Only NV4x have two seperate PVIO ranges.
      randr12: Restore old timings + misc changes.
      randr12: Disable changing ramdac reg580, until i know why this causes issues.
      randr12: That wasn't supposed to end up there ;-)
      randr12: Minor change.
      randr12: Change vpll handling, note that it still is a work in progress.
      randr12: Some minor changes.
      randr12: Reinstate m-divider limitations.
      randr12: Some comment fixes.
      randr12: Intermediate commit (using the native nv40 vpll regs).
      randr12: Final commit, switch to nv40 native vclk regs.
      randr12: A first attempt at some lvds programming, not hooked up.
      randr12: Add a gamma_set hook.
      randr12: Proper support for db1 vclk ratio, thanks to Thunderbird for some info.
      randr12: Also enable DB1 vclk ratio if PLL_SELECT had it enabled.
      NV50: Some deobfuscation.
      NV50: Make a small mistake.
      randr12: I hope i really fixed db1 vclk ratio this time (for nv4x).
      randr12: Fix a small mistake that could cause blank screens for NV44 and up.
      randr12: fix serious bug in vclk calculator for nv4x cards.
      randr12: better guess for ramdac register 670 (nv44 and up)
      randr12: revert to old vpll regs on nv4x cards, because the others can't be written
      randr12: There was more logic to sel_clk than previously thought.
      randr12: Move a lot of registers from output to crtc.
      randr12: Allow arbitrary ramdac and crtc combinations.
      randr12: fix comment typo
      randr12: Remove some unneeded stuff.
      randr12: Reenable a properly working crt load detect.
      randr12: add bit30 to vpll register for nv4x cards
      randr12: Disable crt_load_detect for ramdac 1 and set some better valued for test_control.
      randr12: The result of another refinement of dvi crosswiring.
      randr12: Be more considerate of outputs that can only work on ramdac 1.
      randr12: Optimize tmds_regs a little bit.
      randr12: Improve TMDS and LVDS registers (and enable for LVDS).
      Reindent a few cursor functions.
      randr12: alpha cursors don't need background changes.
      randr12: Fix alpha cursor corruption.
      randr12: Convert premultiplied alpha cursors to normal alpha cursors.
      randr12: cleanup + double register assignment (vga CRTC) removed.
      randr12: Set the value of sel_clk correctly (hopefully) for NV4x.
      randr12: Fixed a minor cursor bug.
      randr12: Make sure the vpll is properly set when we steal a ramdac from another output.
      randr12: Big commit, read message.
      randr12: Don't unset bit 8-15 in sel_clk.
      randr12: Fix NV4x dvi clock selection, mostly affects G70 cards.
      randr12: Fix up some dvi related issues, thanks to MighMoS.
      randr12: Improve output register setting.
      randr12: Remove preferred_crtc, since it's probably incorrect.
      randr12: A safer bet for TMDS register 0x2e.
      randr12: Always use vpll2_true on nv4x cards.
      randr12: dual-dvi cards need extra consideration.
      Show the id's of unknown bit structures in the bios.
      randr12: Select CRTC 1 on pre-nv40 (stupid bug) + initial support choosing scaling method on tmds.
      randr12: A few minor comment changes.
      randr12: Add fullscreen gpu scaling (only as randr property for the moment).
      randr12: Intermediate bios based flat panel init commit, still a few minor issues.
      randr12: Final commit, restore TMDS regs before everything else.
      randr12: Small fix.
      randr12: Pick right register set, to correctly "guess" the bios/VT clock.
      randr12: Clean up the unneeded ramdac variable.
      randr12: replace preferred_ramdac with preferred_output.
      randr12: Some assorted fixes, which hopefully improve things for dual link dvi.
      randr12: Fix comment.
      randr12: Improve compatibility with DCB 2.0
      randr12: Small fix for dual link dvi.
      randr12: Fix bug in sel_clk assignment.
      randr12: Avoid that two outputs have the same clock selected.
      randr12: Assuming an output always has a crtc is a bad idea.
      randr12: Fix typo, it's "our" not "or".
      randr12: Add noscale mode and some misc fixes.
      randr12: Fix minor (potentional) bug.
      randr12: Improve output selection.
      randr12: Set FP_CONTROL correctly for NV2x cards.
      randr12: Revert dither value to that used by nv.
      randr12: Some cleanup.
      randr12: Add config option for scaling mode.
      randr12: Properly set SEL_CLK based on bus, not based on output.
      randr12: Improve crosswiring for digital outputs + minor changes and cleanup.
      randr12: Fix an earlier mistake, make a decent guess about dvi on laptops.
      randr12: Fix SEL_CLK assignment again (for non-mobile cards) + fix crosswiring.
      randr12: (mostly) Some fixes for NV40.
      randr12: SEL_CLK attempt 10, return to simplicity, which may actually work ;-)
      randr12: Enable dithering on lvds when needed.
      randr12: Add some extra safeties (to mode checking).
      randr12: A good guess at the lower bits of SEL_CLK (i hope ;-)).
      randr12: It seems DVI on laptops wasn't as strange after all.
      randr12: Preliminary support for rotation, please read notes.
      Fix ugly bug, that creeped in.
      randr12: Add some ifdefs to make compiling better on older xserver's.
      NV40EXA: Fix composite rotation.
      randr12: Avoid a vram/memory leak in some situations.
      randr12: Also support accelerated rotation on older xservers (and default code).
      randr12: Some minor reordering of load/save functions + don't lock crtc when leaving X.
      randr12: Some minor changes.
      randr12: A minor change to OUTPUT register.
      randr12: Fix compile error.
      randr12: Restrict digital outputs with ffs(or) == 1 to primary crtc + some cleanup.
      Some cleanup.
      Some reindenting and minor cleanups.
      randr12: Select sensible maximum heights and widths for framebuffer.
      More cleanup.
      A little more cleanup.
      Undo a bad change.
      randr12: Some minor additions.
      randr12: Fixes + cleanup.
      NV30EXA: Fix rotation.
      Add pll limits bios detection code for NV4x cards.
      Some endianess fixes for the previously committed code.
      randr12: Hopefully reset outputs better between mode changes.
      randr12: Add new pll calculation for NV4x cards (from NVClock).
      NV10EXA: Fix rotation.
      randr12: Fix secondary (analog) outputs with ffs(or) != 3 on some NV4x cards.
      randr12: Detect switchable crtc's.
      randr12: Restrict crtc's on nv1x and nv2x.
      randr12: Some minor changes.
      NV40EXA: Fix borders of images that recieved arbitrary rotation.
      randr12: Undo a previous mistake for NV1x/NV2x.
      randr12: Minor cleanup to clock writing for pre-NV40 cards.
      randr12: Older cards do have switchable CRTC's, i was again wrong.
      randr12: Correct CRTC selection for pre-NV40 cards.
      randr12: Put all NV2x (and lower) cards into restricted mode.
      randr12: Always enable MPLL and NVPLL on pre-NV41 cards.
      Minor cleanup.
      randr12: Simplify code a bit by using the more sane code for NV4x also.
      randr12: Actually load the default palette on modeset.
      randr12: Extend dvi clock setting to nv3x also + cleanup.
      NV40EXA: Suport as many of the repeat types as possible + random cleanup(randr12).
      randr12: Add modesetting debug option (showing most register writes).
      Reading into the -1 index of array is a bad idea, this should fix subchannel binding issues.
      randr12: Restrict TMDS register backup to digital outputs.
      randr12: Some minor changes.
      randr12: Some assorted fixes for dual link outputs.
      randr12: Some minor fixed for dvi and lvds.
      randr12: Remove this, since it's not essential and can cause problems.
      randr12: Some fixes for LVDS and an odd 7300GO.
      randr12: Undo unnecesary change.
      randr12: minor change
      randr12: Small change.
      randr12: Minor change.
      randr12: LVDS screens use center mode.
      NV40: Preliminary Xv Texture Adaptor.
      randr12: Do not remove bits in DITHER register.
      NVBIOS: Fix duallink detection.
      randr12: Micro cleanup.
      randr12: Minor cleanup.
      NV40: Fix the texturing adapter when not rendering offscreen.
      NV40: Fix some comments and a damage reporting bug.
      NV40: Some fixes and safeties.
      randr12: Only load palette's when appropriate.
      Add some headerfiles to Makefile.am
      randr12: Fix quad view on some 7300GO cards.
      randr12: Another quirk for the 7300GO cards.
      Revert "randr12: Another quirk for the 7300GO cards."
      randr12: Disable crt load detect again, until i know how to use it properly.
      randr12: Deal with output resources in a better way.
      randr12: Set the adjusted mode in output code.
      randr12: Duplicate native modes, to avoid hitting an invalid pointer.
      randr12: Add a quirk for 1280x800 panel on 7300go.
      randr12: Fix a bug in an earlier commit.
      Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE from configure.ac
      randr12: Minor tweak to flatpanel regs.
      randr12: Always set bit 26 in FP_DEBUG_0 if already present.
      randr12: Time to let some routing insanity die.
      Stricter alignment requirements for offscreenBase, to avoid framebuffer corruption.
      Forgot the NOUVEAU_EXA_PIXMAPS case.
      randr12: Hopefully fix output resource conflict detection.
      randr12: Really hopefully fix output resource conflict detection now.
      randr12: Improve output routing.
      randr12: Small fix for NV4x cards with strange output routes.
      Dump some CARD8 and CARD32 in favour of uintX_t.
      randr12: Hopefully these were all the function declerations that need updating.
      NV40: Actually add the attribute.
      NV40: Avoid a SIGFPE in nvGetClocks() when VCO2 is off.
      NV40: A better attempt at YUV->RGB conversion constants + remove vblank sync.
      NV40: Handle broken VCO2 values.
      randr12: Improve speed of mode switches.
      NV40: Improve VCO2 detection in nvGetClocks()
      randr12: Remove unnecesary usleep.
      randr12: Forgot to switch to vpll1_a, etc in one place.
      randr12: Cache dpms calls to avoid unnecesary blinking and such.
      randr12: Small quirk for NV11.
      randr12: Some NV40 quirks.
      randr12: Fix a thinko, generate data before restoring, not at the beginning.
      randr12: Minor cleanup.
      Add a missing function to NOUVEAU_MODESET_TRACE.
      randr12: NV11 and NV20 don't have CR57 and CR58.
      randr12: NV11 and NV20 stop at CR52.
      randr12: Some fixes for NV31M.
      NV40EXA: Remove stair shaped tearing i get.
      randr12: Clear dpms cache when needed.
      randr12: Handle NV30 vpll's correctly.
      randr12: Some minor things for NV30.
      randr12: Fix reverse pll reading code for NV30.
      randr12: Small fix for NV3x, more will be needed.
      randr12: More fixes for strange output routes.
      randr12: Don't change vpll's twice on restore.
      randr12: Reset crtc when changing output routes.
      randr12: Fix minor bug, related to output resource conflicts.
      randr12: Intermediate commit.
      randr12: Some minor things for supporting vga modes (in the future).
      randr12: Intermediate commit.
      randr12: Intermediate commit.
      randr12: Add new experimental restore mode.
      randr12: Some "NewRestore" fixes.
      nvbios: Fix a bmp bug for malc0.
      randr12: Some "NewRestore" fixes for framebuffer modes.
      randr12: Minor fix.
      randr12: We didn't copy the Flags to the adjusted mode, very bad.
      randr12: "NewRestore" proper depth vs bpp awareness.
      randr12: "NewRestore" Always reset some state regs after restore.
      randr12: Undo some changes of the past + always set vpll on modeset.
      randr12: Reenable cvtmode.
      NV30EXA: Chipset should be masked by 0xFFF0, switch to NVArch while i'm at it.
      randr12: PrivFlags are not so private, switch to a real mode Private.
      randr12: Fix mode privates again, hopefully ;-)
      Some misc fixes, mostly related to setting the right crtc for overlay (randr12).
      randr12: Some misc fixes.
      randr12: Forgot to clear a few state variables on restore.
      randr12: Fix a huge gaping hole in NewRestore.
      randr12: Actually using SavedReg does tend to help ;-)
      Some misc fixes.
      randr12: Refine CR4B, anyone know what this does?
      randr12: Some cleanup.
      randr12: Remove usage of nvRead/WriteVGA0/1.
      randr12: Move away from some of the nv_hw wrappers.
      randr12: Remove unneeded vgahw stuff.
      randr12: hide cursor before locking + misc cleanup.
      NV40TEX: Implement sync to vblank.
      randr12: Fix a major screwup i made during a cleanup.
      Some misc cleanup.
      NV40TEX: Don't sync when compositing, will have bad sideeffects if the compositing manager tries it too.
      NV40TEX: Use width, not (x2, y2).
      Xv: Remove illegal usage of private exa symbols.
      NV40TEX: Switch to a big triangle and clip it to a quad.
      NV40EXA: Use the same approach as the texture adapter for rendering.
      randr12: Increase cvt mode to 72 Hz.
      Fix big bug in commit "Mostly log message changes".
      randr12: Rework native modes for TMDS.
      NV30EXA: Fix viewport setup + switch to triangle based composite.
      Small improvement to nouveau_dma_wait, at least makes it show up in profiling in a clear way.
      Forgot to be paranoid.
      NV30EXA: Always init texture origin, please report if your viewport setup needs to be different.
      randr12: Remove excessive writing of VTOwner.
      Check if the framebuffer can fit into the offscreen memory.
      randr12: Misc change.
      (hopefully) Fix build on powerpc.
      randr12: Some minor fixes.
      randr12: Remove a hack, confirmed on 7600GS that it is unneeded.
      Remove usage of "illegal" wrappers in code that also used for randr12 mode.
      Don't use functions that are not supposed to be used in randr12 mode.
      NV40: Fix longstanding issue with nouveau crashing after using blob.
      Undo last commit and move it to drm.
      Let some wrappers die.
      More wrapper death.
      Kill NVLockUnlock and make it redirect to NVLockUnlockHead.
      Remove nvRead/WriteVGA in favor of nvRead/WriteCurVGA wrappers.
      Kill NVShowHideCursor and use a wrapper.
      Remove a few leftovers to actually make the last commits work.
      Fix undefined symbol.
      Fix NVExaPixmapMap() for NOUVEAU_EXA_PIXMAPS case.
      Some minor reindenting.
      Once again kill usage of an exa private function.
      Fix bad debugging in NVWritePVIO().
      NV30/40TEX: Create two adapters, one with fancy filtering, the default without.
      randr12: Only NV11 needs byteswapping + NV11 uses premultiplied cursors i think.
      NV40EXA: Support extend/repeat type pad.
      randr12: Keep the gamma values when setting a new mode, instead of always resetting to default.
      randr12: Only change vpll value when needed.
      Put braces around a bitmask.
      Give some defines more consistent names.
      randr12: Kill almost all usage of ErrorF + some misc cleanup.
      randr12: Readd some useful information about how an output is routed.
      randr12: A major rework of output resource conflict handling.
      randr12: Forgot to clean up when switching output resources.
      It seems libpciaccess release became version 0.10 not version 0.10.0
      NV50: Convert back to absolute registers.
      Death to some unnecesary stuff.
      Merge CRTC private structs.
      randr12: Disable a quirk that has adverse sideeffects on NV36M.
      NV50: Switch to the same output type as the rest of the code.
      NV50: Switch to other scaling defines.
      NV50: change i2c to pDDCBus
      NV50: Kill the connection status caching (which was broken btw).
      NV50: fix warning
      NV50: kill partner entry
      NV50: Remove the remnants of cached_status.
      NV50: kill set_pclk
      NV50: Rename or to output_resource.
      NV50: Rename nativeMode
      NV50: rename scale to scaling_mode
      NV50: Merge the two output private structs.
      NV50: Unbreak "NV50: Kill the connection status caching (which was broken btw)."
      NV50: Add back output_resource.
      NV50: Accept G9X cards.
      randr12: Let an unneeded quirk die.
      NV50: Merge crtc creation.
      NV50: Merge output creation and i2c init.
      randr12: Implement dithering output property.
      NV50: Share output properties.
      NV50: Fix a potentional bug.
      NV50: Another subtle difference.
      NV50: Some more educated guesses at register names.
      NV50: Mostly resorting regs.
      NV50: kill output_resource and use or directly.
      NV50: Handle some things that weren't fixed during rebase.
      NV50: Fix major thinko in "NV50: kill output_resource and use or directly."
      NV50: Fix a typo and hopefully fix i2c.
      NV50: fix i2c for real
      NV50: Some more register guesses.
      NV50: Some more dehexing.
      NV50: More dehexing.
      NV50: Forgot something.
      NV50: Forgot some more stuff.
      NV50: Educated guesses at some of the control registers.
      NV50: Some more stuff.
      NV50: Although not essential, it's nicer to save a register as uint32_t.
      randr12: correct SEL_CLK register beheaviour for outputs with or=2
      NV50: Implement per CRTC gamma correction.
      NV50: Better safe than sorry.
      It seems wise to NVSync for all hardware on NVLeaveVT.
      NV50: Deobfuscate some of the modesetting, a few things were hidden away in innocent looking variables.
      NV50: Some minor cursor cleanups.
      NV50: remove unneeded function
      Kill a useless register offset.
      NV50: Some misc cleanup.
      NV50: Some clock related cleanups + minor changes.
      Init global gamma on all crtc's, even if they are currently not in use.
      NV50: Some i2c stuff.
      NV50: Add some debugging statements to important functions.
      NV50: Fix a minor cursor issue.
      randr12: Fail rotation in NoAccel case.
      NV50: Some more things.
      NV50: Add my name to some files.
      NV50: Some minor changes to the display supervisor (mostly comment).
      NV50: Update my knowledge of interrupts.
      NV50: Some more registers.
      NV50: Some more stuff.
      NV50: Minor comment updates.
      NV50: Switch to common pll calculator function.
      nvbios: Add some valid register ranges for nv50.
      nvbios: Drop a N2/M2 requirement on NV5x hardware, as it prevents getting a mode on 1024x768'ish and lower.
      NV50: Remove some questionable guesses.
      NV50: Document dvi hotplug detection.
      Some minor corrections.
      NV50: Some reordering.
      NV50: Some more cleanup.
      NV50: rename randr-1.2 functions to be nv50_something_function
      Forgot a few things.
      NV50: Fix another deadlock in the clock setting code.
      NV50: Deobfuscate another register (partially).
      NV50: minor rename to avoid confusion
      NV50: Some more stuff.
      randr12: NV04/05/06 can't accelerate rotation, so it's better to disable it.
      NV50: Give a few registers an UNK label.
      Make some CARD32 die.
      NV50: Deobfuscate some more commands.
      NV50: Scaling works fine on VGA connectors, so support that as well.
      NV50: Some misc stuff.
      NV50: Re-implement output status caching.
      NV50: I now know what UNK8A8 is, so update the value register as well.
      NV50: Some more regs.
      NV50: Another few regs.
      NV50: A little bit more information, no functional change.
      NV50: Rework the modesetting code into a different model.
      nv50_exa.c had no license statement.
      NV50: Some misc fixes.
      NV50: Some misc things.
      NV50: Be consistent with rules-ng.
      NV50: A small extra piece of init that may prove useful to someone, somewhere, at some point for something.
      NV50: lvds is probably still broken, but it's a step in the right direction
      NV50: Some basic code to get kernel modesetting going.
      NV50: unbreak kms and implement a basic off mode/dpms
      Fixup and add some license statements.
      Properly close drm when exiting + misc cleanup.
      NV50_KMS: switch to output dpms
      NV04-NV4E: Save and restore FB_START
      NV50_KMS: no int10 please

Mark Vojkovich (1):
      New chip support and new PCI IDs.

Matthieu Castet (11):
      Use objects from nouveau_reg.h.
      Cleanup of PVIDEO.
      Don't alloc fifo if it is not needed.
      More pgraph regs
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://matc@git.freedesktop.org/git/nouveau/xf86-video-nouveau/
      Fix NoAccel mode
      Fix "Fix NoAccel mode" commit : NVAccelCommonInit return a bool
      make XAA work on nv17
      enable bios PINS parsing on post nv10 cards
      abort on Init table command not found when parsing bios

Patrice Mandin (24):
      Add missing include for malloc/free
      Make NV30 EXA disablable
      Can not setup dfp modes with xorg-server-1.1 also
      make randr 1.2 disableable for xorg server < 1.3
      make randr 1.2 disableable for xorg server < 1.3
      nv10exa: init link between tcl and image blit for >=nv11
      Reading DFP tables need randr1.2
      Also disable nv40exa if nv30exa disabled
      oops, trailing whitespace
      Remove disable switches, big cleanup, requires xorgs server 1.3 again
      nv30exa: set link with image blit
      nv30: was not using gart handle
      nv30: rename viewport clip
      nv30: another reference to an object
      nv30: missing command
      nv30: fix viewport clipping setup
      nv30: only 4 texture units
      nv30: need to set default depth range
      nv30: revert viewport clip change, add myself, add unknown command 0x2b8 (viewport origin?)
      nv30: Only change VIEWPOR_TX_ORIGIN on real nv30
      nv30: set VIEWPORT_TX_ORIGIN to 0 for all cards, except real nv30
      Dummy commit
      Revert dummy commit
      nv30: Remove fix that is useless now, and maybe broken in some cases

Pekka Paalanen (2):
      nv20 inits nv10tcl.
      Revert "EXA: now caching BLIT_OPERATION and RECT_OPERATION..."

Peter Winters (13):
      Various NV10 EXA fixes
      Fix NV10 EXA list of supported formats
      Fix NV10 EXA transform
      Add basic RC setup for NV10 EXA
      Fix some blending stuff for NV10 EXA
      NV10 EXA: always use an even width for NPOT_SIZE

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