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Bug#488277: I have exactly the same problem

Alex Deucher wrote:

> what modes do you want on each head?  the native modes of each head
> are different. you can either have both heads at 1280x1024 or some
> other resolution common to both heads or have them at different modes.

The mode is one thing, the virtual size of the desktop is another. The
portion of the virtual size you see on your smallest resolution monitor
is a third thing.

Here, *if I understand correctly*, the virtual size is the biggest one
so 1400x1050. Therefore, on the external lcd screen, when cloned, I see
only part (1280x1024) exactly of the 1400x1050 display or is it one of
the ratio of 1280/1400 or 1024/1050. That is what annoys me because by
default, it crop the kde taskar (automatic hide) or the top of the
windows. Both case are annoying. In previous version it happened to but
a least moving the mouse I could access all the part of the full virtual
screen. Here I can no more but many is it due to something else.

So my question is is it normal to see only portion of the virtual
screen? I do not think so but maybe it is because I have no clue about
possible automatic scaling between heads. Sure 1400/1050 and 1280/1024
ratio differ and this is not pure scaling...

What I would like is to do is detecting the pc is docked and by default
call my script. I guess I can automate it using xrandr so that when x is
started, if there is a VGA monior I run my docked script which is
perfectly fine.

>> Then if I put something like
>> Option "PreferredMode" "1280x1024_60.00" on my LVDS panel, then I will have to use xrandr to swicth manually when undocking.
> If you laptop produces acpi dock events, you can run an script with
> xrandr when the event comes in.

It does not but maybe opening the lid does as closing it call xlock.
Will check.

>> Side question: why are the xrandr displayed mode wrong ?(no 1600 x1024
>> for the VGA-0, and 1280x1024 is possible on the LVDS). From memory it
>> does not reflect what the drivers correctly found probing the displays
>> (see my previous Xorg.0.log)
> The laptop panel only one mode, it's native one: 1400x1050.  We add
> the other smaller modes via the panel scaler to enable uses to use
> non-native modes on their panels. 

OK. What I do not understand is why the 1280x1024 mode disappear i the
output when it appears when undocked?

 As for the VGA port, the xserver
> adds the common server modes that fit into the sync ranges provided by
> the edid ffrom your monitor.  I'd argue that we should only add the
> modes in the edid, but CRT uses tend to like to use various other
> strange modes.

Again thanks for your time and patience educating the mass ;-)

-- eric

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