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Bug#488762: Latest xserver-xorg-video-mga buggy

severity 488762 important
retitle 488762 uses 1660x1024 instead of 1600x1200
thank you

Svante Signell wrote:
> After upgrading the mga driver X-windows comes up in a resolution of
> 1660x1024 instead of 1600x1200 as expected. The screen is also partially
> shadowed making it almost impossible to see the desktop. The colors are
> also distorted. Downgrading to 1:1.4.8.dfsg.1-1 solves the problem.
> Xserver is 1:7.3+12 and the video card is a MGA G400 Dual head.
> Attaching xorg.conf, Xorg.0.log for versions 1:1.9.100.dfsg1-1 and
> 1:1.4.8.dfsg.1-1

What if you try to force 1600x1200 using Modeline+PreferredMode ? See
section III.5 of http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR12

You might want to try the latest upstream git (branch randr-1.2) since
mga 1.9.100 is experimental and a bit old.


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