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Bug#485465: remembering brightness/contrast

#BG> First, make sure you're running xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.3.1.
found 485465 2:2.3.1-1
BG> And please try latest upstream git.
I get in trouble if I stray from apt-get. Not an advanced user.
BG> But in the end, you probably need a way to configure the brightness
BG> through randr 1.2 properties in xorg.conf, but I don't think there's
BG> anyway to do that yet (and that would be a xserver-xorg-core wishlist).
OK, do reassign this bug as needed.

(Also nothing in /sys or /proc to change the contrast/brightness. E.g. on a
Monitor name: Rad-5Q
today, the only way to change anything is to lean over and press its
buttons. At least it stays put on the Rad-5Q, session to session.)

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