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Bug#483699: video-nsc: PCI ID conflict with newer video-geode

Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> Just because the driver claims crap doesn't mean we cannot fix it, so
> stop being arrogant that we cannot do anything about it to restore
> usability at the distro level.

Yes, we can workaround the problem by using your patch or whatever. In
fact, if you had started this thread by explaining things precisely (as
you may have finally done in the last 2 mails fortunately) instead of
being vague and arrogant, things might have been already fixed. But now
I am tired of getting said that our patch generates a random list while
it just exposes driver's "mistakes". So I'll just forget about all this
for now, I am going back to my last vacation days. I'll re-read all this
when I'll be back, try to ignore the crap, and get a reasonable (and
documented) solution committed soon.


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