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Bug#483989: xserver-xorg-video-savage: system freeze while starting X

severity 483989 grave
thank you

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann wrote:
> Package: xserver-xorg-video-savage
> Version: 1:2.2.1-1
> Severity: important
> After upgrading xserver-xorg-video-savage from 1:2.1.3-5 to current 
> unstable (1:2.2.1-1), the system freezes immediately with a black screen 
> (no flashing cursor) while trying to start X, without any recoverable 
> error messages. Changing DefaultColorDepth from 24 to 16 bit shows no 
> results.
> As disabling 02_temporary_revert_pciaccess.diff from 1:2.1.3-5 seems to 
> result in the same system freeze, re- enabling it for 1:2.2.1-1 and 
> dropping conflicting upstream commits:
> 	a01c9d12938f977a4310e0547866f01517059a3e
> 	69eca3b8340966874ee3ffdc0d0a3f73de7a816a
> 	908b155161ebb6cd506f43a3987e4d146ef5b330
> 	88141fd21214c501cafed73b1bba084b8a2bb929
> 	fd2a598e64a522c028a20444379fa200a5724e62
> results in a working system again.

Is the machine completely dead with the plain 2.2.1 driver? Can you
ping? ssh? catch the log?

I was kind of expecting that upstream did not fix in 2.2.1 everything we
disabled in 2.1.3-5. Let's bump the severity to prevent 2.2.1 from
entering testing, it's better to keep 2.1.3-5 for now.

I am adding to CC 2 person that may experience the same problem since
2.1.3-4 was broken for them. Joseph and Pascal, can you report back
whether savage 2.2.1 from unstable is broken for you as well?


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