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compizconfig-python: Changes to 'refs/tags/0.5.2'

Tag '0.5.2' created by Guillaume Seguin <guillaume@segu.in> at 2007-08-12 20:19 +0000

Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since the dawn of time:
Danny Baumann (9):
      Fix warnings.
      Fix current backend enumeration.
      Fix determination of current backend.
      Fixed backend names overwriting each other.
      Remove unused struct member.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://maniac@git.opencompositing.org/git/fusion/compizconfig/compizconfig-python
      Track library changes.
      Remove some unneeded structure definitions.
      Track lib changes.

Dennis Kasprzyk (13):
      test commit
      applied name change
      definition fixes
      Applied lib changes
      load settings only when needed
      Removed string restrictions
      libccs -> libcompizconfig rename
      added missing file
      Reload settings after Profile/Backend change
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.beryl-project.org/git/compcomm/compiz-configuration-system/bindings/ccs-python
      Convert to python bool.
      Convert correctly to bool
      compizconfig-bindings -> compizconfig-python

Guillaume Seguin (4):
      * Remove nScreens argument from compizconfig.Context () BREAKS API!
      * Add possibility to load a custom set of plugins or load plugins on the fly
      * Wrap ccsSetBasicMetadata
      Version update & fix depends

Patrick Niklaus (14):
      Added ranking to use the order in metadata
      Added easy plugin feature reading.
      Added support for integration
      Added backend integration/profile support
      Added support for read only and integrated settings
      Do not cache integration/read only (causes problems on backend change)
      Fixed a typo which messed up conflict handling
      Added profile import/export
      Added support for ProcessEvents
      Added some additional members to CCSContext
      Added function to clear the changedSettings list manually
      Added edge button support
      Update to latest changed in CompizConfig lib
      Small port...

Quinn Storm (33):
      remove dummy
      copy over build system from bsb
      add the rest of the build system
      remove VERSION file & use of it
      adding simple bsettings.pyx file to get started
      fix version in test for bsettings
      fix build system and a few glitches
      getting started...
      getting far closer to being done, still haven't gotten to actual
      finish up settings Value __get__
      I don't like SSGroup, I'll likely replace it with something better protected,
      option setting for all but lists is in & compiles, *should* work, not yet tested
      setting value setting implemented completely, cleaned up from previous partial implementation
      fold plugins into categories
      fix a few little bugs with setting values, change Action values to be lists not tuples
      add read, write, few missing bits (setting.Reset(), setting.IsDefault)
      just some little things to make bsettings start to come together
      add 'bset' - very basic beginning of port of beryl-settings to bsettings
      'bset-new' is an attempt to rewrite the old code I was originally trying
      more work on filling out the interface...
      a bit more work...not sure how much more I'll be doing tonight
      more updates, code cleanup
      oops, forgot to save in vim
      yeah, more updates!
      a little bit of interface cleanup
      add plugin en/disable conflict readout to pyx
      set up and add in some plugin en/disable stuff, not sure yet if as_____plugin_enabled is correct anymore or if I need to handle as_active_plugins myself
      add sorting function to sort classes of settings together, then by ShortDesc
      Merge git+ssh://git.beryl-project.org/git/compcomm/compiz-configuration-system/bindings/ccs-python
      change GPL to LGPL in ccs.pyx
      commit the rename
      remove ccsm as it will be in the other repo now
      rename python subdir to src subdir

compiz (1):
      Dummy commit

marex (14):
      bset-new: Added proper layout for bool settings
      bset-new: Added class for window matches, not used yet, because I have no
      bset-new: Proper size and title
      bset-new: WIndow Matches should now work, at least I hope so.
      Added support for profiles
      Set and get the current profile and also reset it
      Fixed profile resetting
      Applied latest CCS API changes
      Adding updading the profile list
      Fixed list to StringList converting
      Sorry for that..
      Updated the bindings to the latest changes in libccs concerning
      Added multiscreen support for bindings
      Added support for IntDesc

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