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compiz: Changes to 'refs/tags/compiz-0.7.4-1'

Tag 'compiz-0.7.4-1' created by Sean Finney <seanius@debian.org> at 2008-05-20 05:32 +0000

Tagging upload of compiz 0.7.4-1 to unstable.

Changes since compiz-0.7.4:
Brice Goglin (3):
      Restore all ${misc:Depends} in debian/control since they are not useless
      Make compiz dependencies on compiz-* packages versioned
      Make the build-dependency on libfuse-dev require >= 2.7.0

Danny Baumann (82):
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Formatting fixes.
      Fix possible memleaks.
      Fix typos.
      Add comment marking the active plugin check as workaround.
      Never modify w->state outside changeWindowState function.
      Don't save last window state in CompWindow structure.
      Coding style adjustments.
      Only show resize rectangle on the screen the resized window is on.
      Only assign the default shadow to windows which use default decorations.
      Remove frame window property on removing the window frame.
      XineramaQueryScreens is not guaranteed to set the number parameter to zero if it returns NULL, so better initialize the parameter properly.
      Use normal mode for maximized windows.
      Check for changes to the override_redirect flag on window map.
      Recalculate window type and window actions if override_redirect state changed.
      Handle MapRequest event after core so that decorWindowUpdate sees window type and override_redirect state changes that might have happened during event processing.
      Re-query Xinerama information on root window reshape.
      Always update event windows when the allowed actions have changed.
      Revert "Handle MapRequest event after core so that decorWindowUpdate sees window type and override_redirect state changes that might have happened during event processing."
      Call matchPropertyChanged handler when the override_redirect flag changed.
      Allow plugins to not only clear allowed window actions, but also to add allowed actions.
      Bump ABIVERSION.
      Remove Metacity bell settings integration.
      Added mouse wheel handling to g-w-d.
      Integrate Metacity's configurable middle and right click actions.
      Correct default behaviour of middle mouse button: It should be lowering the window, not raising it.
      Added minimization as title bar button action.
      Fixed Gconf setting parsing for title bar button actions.
      Merge branch 'compiz-0.6' of git+ssh://maniac@git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/app/compiz into compiz-0.6
      Make sure the position is randomized only for windows that are smaller than the workarea.
      Update decoration with a timer after resize.
      Rename focusWindowOnMap to allowWindowFocus and make it use the current window viewport, not the initial one.
      Support restack requests in ConfigureRequest events.
      Don't restack windows on map if their focus should be prevented.
      Fix map and restack ordering.
      Fix full window frame being painted once after shading.
      Fix warning.
      Delete property first and delete frame window after that to avoid race conditions.
      Use focus stealing prevention for application initiated active window change requests.
      Move input (if desired) focus after mapping the window.
      We don't need to care about converting the returned name string.
      Focus default window after switching viewports.
      Add NEWS entry for 0.6 release.
      Bump version.
      Post-release version increment.
      We always need to restack windows on map. Newly created windows are placed on top of the stack first, which is not desired for some windows that may be denied focus (such as desktop windows).
      Send synthetic configure notify events where needed according to ICCCM chapter 4.1.5.
      glGetString is allowed to return NULL in case an error happened, so avoid crashing in this case and bail out instead.
      An aboveId of None means that the window was placed on bottom of the stack, so also update the linked list accordingly.
      Don't restack desktop windows. They are placed correctly by updateWindowAttributes.
      Always use the old geometry passed to addWindowSizeChanges for comparisons.
      Fix handling of ConfigureRequest events with CWStackMode set, but without CWSibling set.
      Correct handling of grab window in case it is destroyed.
      Fix findLowestSiblingBelow function for desktop windows.
      Immediately update the internal stack representation on stack changes caused by MapRequest events.
      Don't prevent focus for desktop and dock windows on arrival of a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message.
      Use client message timestamp rather than window user time when processing focus stealing prevention on _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW messages.
      Update saved window coordinates when window is resized by some client.
      Clear all coordinates that match the server coordinates from the configure request mask to make sure a synthetic configure notify event is sent whenever needed.
      We have to send the WM_TAKE_FOCUS message even if we directly set the input focus.
      Always allow focus for active window.
      Prevent wobbling when shading maximized windows.
      Fix in-viewport calculation.
      Use real screen number rather than 0.
      Use real screen number rather than 0.
      Get private pointer for the current screen.
      Run external commands with a DISPLAY string adjusted for the screen number that was passed to runCommand.
      putenv doesn't work properly with dynamically allocated strings that are free'd right after the putenv call.
      Add NEWS entry for 0.6.2 release.
      Bump version.
      Post-release version increment.
      Don't switch to selected window if switcher was cancelled.
      We don't need to constrain y movement after placing transients.
      Also check if parent's Y coordinate is inside the current viewport.
      Compare to wmType, not type variable.
      Prevent transient children being stacked below their parent if their focus was denied.
      Clip transient child placement to parent output instead of current output.
      Fix typo.
      Fix typo.
      Don't restack ancestors on initial map.
      Fix typos.
      Fix dbus paths (shadow_offset_x/y -> shadow_x/y_offset).

David Nusinow (6):
      Prepare changelog for upload
      * Tighten up all the X library build-depends by explicitly using current
      Merge changelog
      Prepare changelog for upload
      * Add myself to uploaders. Thierry is still the primary maintainer.
      Prepare changelog for release

David Reveman (22):
      Add CompNoMask to REAL_MOD_MASK.
      Usage of lastFoundWindow in findTopLevelWindowAtDisplay is
      Avoid using lastFoundWindow in findWindowAtDisplay.
      Reduce code by using findWindowAtScreen in
      This should be taken care of by unhookWindowFromScreen.
      Include proper compiler flags and link libdecoration to
      Avoid use of strcasestr and case insensitive matching of
      Rearrange some headers to avoid compile issues on solaris.
      Use equalRange when checking if new value is equal to
      Fix event handle matching. This caused inotify plugin to
      Default alpha value for color options is 1.0.
      Better default colors.
      Don't avoid sync to vblank when we have multiple outputs.
      Free window private index.
      Free cs->vertices.
      Destroy damage, remove passive button grabs and remove event masks.
      Reparent window instead of flipping the WType_TopLevel bit.
      Remove whitespaces.
      Make mCompositeWindow an X window instead of a QWidget.
      Don't remove WType_TopLevel bit when reloading decorations.
      Reparent window just before mapping it and avoid hiding it
      Add --sm-disable option to kwd.

Dennis Kasprzyk (12):
      Disable backface culling only for front-to-back painted transparent cube faces.
      Draw cube caps only once per output, but allow plugin plugins to reset this handling. Fixes switcher with transparent cube.
      Use current viewport for skydome rotation calculation.
      Don't restack new "dock" type windows behind the active window.
      Use KDE functions to get the visible window name.
      Make sure that unredirected windows get redirected on unmap.
      Use the kwin translation catalogue to provide a translated window menu.
      Draw cube caps correctly in inside cube mode.
      Damage window extents correcly of windows with borders.
      Add window actions "menu" type windows (ex. gimp detached menus).
      Decorate "menu" window type windows.
      Wait for the proper configure (and map) events before rebinding the decoration pixmap.

Erkin Bahceci (2):
      Avoid conflict with Animation by suppressing fading.
      Remove minimize_open_close option.

Julien Cristau (2):
      Delete gmo files, they shouldn't be in the source tree.
      Don't remove .cvsignore files and autogen.sh in clean.

Kristian Høgsberg (4):
      Add back --with-default-plugins option.
      Add run_command to keyboard shortcut list.
      Set SM restart style to SmRestartIfRunning on exit.
      Require 'compiz' not @COMPIZ_REQUIRES@ in plugin pkg-config files.

Kristian Lyngstol (1):
      Autoraise for transients too

Robert Noland (1):
      Replace strndup with malloc and strncpy. FreeBSD doesn't support strndup.

Roland Baer (6):
      Added compFindOption return checks
      Removed effectivly unused stuff in gtk-window-decorator
      Return value of XGetKeyboardMapping() has to be XFree()d, not to be ignored
      Storage of XGetVisualInfo() needs to be free()d
      realloc with correct size
      mods is useless or "modifiers" will not work

Roland Bär (1):
      Added sanity check for screenInode value.

Sean Finney (38):
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      new upstream release
      massing of quilt patches, new version of snap-by-default patch.
      massaging of quilt patches and updated version of snap-by-default
      re-run autoreconf -i -f
      re-run autoreconf -i -f
      more changes regarding autoreconf and new upstream version
      more autoreconf stuff
      change schema filename to a glob for new split xml layout
      set version to 0.5.2 for now
      add xgl support to compiz wrapper
      updated build dependencies
      Revert "add xgl support to compiz wrapper"
      add myself to uploaders and prep for upload
      * modify compiz-dev.install to install all the extra .h/.pc files
      fix duplicate/conflicting files between libdecoration0-dev and compiz-dev
      set the severity to low since it never made it to testing
      made the compiz-dev install globs a little too tight, oops
      Merge commit 'upstream/compiz-0.6' into debian-unstable
      re-run autogen.sh for new release.
      +  * New upstream (git snapshot) release.
      Merge commit 'upstream/compiz-0.6' into debian-unstable
      back out autofoo generated stuff
      autofoo fixups
      use compiz-manager now instead of compiz.wrapper
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      new upstream snapshot, lintian fixes, etc.
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      new upstream snapshot, refresh quilt patches and drop quilt timestamps
      add ccsm to suggests
      fix compiz-manager wrt nvidia-settings possibly not present.  add note about
      200*8*, d'oh.
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' of git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-xorg/app/compiz into 07merge
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      massage quilt patches after 0.7 merge
      import disable-libx11-xcb-support.patch
      new upstream version
      loosen glob on header files to install into compiz-dev

Thierry Reding (100):
      Initial import.
      Get rid of the compiz-kde packaging files because the package is not built
      * Update to latest git version:
      Use xsfbs and set svn:externals of the debian directory accordingly.
      Make the compiz wrapper Do The Right Thing with command-line parameters.
      Update to the git checkout introducing the metacity theme support.
      Update to latest upstream checkout.
      Revise the compiz.1 manpage.
      Add the compiz-core package which replaces compiz, and make compiz a
      Append the date of the git checkout to the package version.
      Make the dependencies from the meta-package non-versioned.
      Add a patch that fixes a typo in compiz.schemas.in (freedektop.png ->
      Restore compiz.schemas.in to the upstream version.
      Patch 012_freedesktop-schemas needs to be applied with -p0. I should remember
      Move compiz.{docs,install,manpages} to compiz-core.{docs,install,manpages} so
      No longer build static versions of the compiz plugins. It doesn't make
      * Remove unnecessarily versioned build-dependencies.
      Install upstream changelog.
      Don't quote the $PLUGINS variable in the compiz.wrapper script, because compiz
      dh_desktop doesn't actually register the compiz.desktop, but only .desktop
      Make compiz build-depend on libxcomposite-dev (>= 1:0.3-2) so that it gets the
      Mark this version as not yet released.
      Update 010_snap-by-default.patch to include the corresponding schema diff.
      Add a README file detailing the steps needed to make compiz work.
      Make compiz-core suggest nvidia-glx (>= 1.0.9625-1) because older versions
      Add code to the compiz wrapper to detect a running NVIDIA GLX implementation
      * Update to latest upstream version (0.2).
      Replace the 010_snap-by-default patch by the one taken from upstream git
      Copy compiz from trunk to experimental branch.
      Enable metacity theme support again and autoreconf so that the configure
      Implement cleaner backwards-compatible metacity theme support and make sure
      Make the series file point to the correct metacity theme support patch.
      Install a schemas file that is used to make the Gtk window decorator use
      List copyright holders and contributors in the copyright file.
      Add a patch that will make compiz use its default theme if the metacity theme
      Make compiz-gtk suggest gnome-themes so people can take advantage of metacity
      Add a dependency on mesa-utils to compiz-core to provide glxinfo that is
      Update to latest stable upstream release (0.2.2). Drop patch
      Conflict with libmetacity0 >= 2.15.21 because it would currently make
      Update the changelog.
      Merge in the latest version from the trunk.
      Update to the latest upstream release.
      Update patches and changelog.
      Add bug closer for new upstream release.
      Actually remove the 010_snap-inverted patch from the series file so quilt
      Update to latest upstream release.
      Don't use xsfbs anymore until there's an easy way to keep it up-to-date in git
      Cosmetic changes to make syntax highlighting work correctly in vim.
      Add missing dependencies to the compiz-dev package. It needs to pull in all
      Update the Debian changelog.
      Merge tag 'compiz-0.3.6'
      Update Debian changelog for new upstream release.
      Run autoreconf for the 0.3.6 release update.
      Remove files left over when merging.
      Add a prune target.
      Remove all .gmo files from the po subdirectory when pruning.
      Drop 002_tfp-server-extension and 005_glfinish patches, refresh others.
      Replace libdbus-1-dev build-dependency by libdbus-glib-1-dev.
      Update the changelog.
      Add build-dependency on kdebase-dev needed for the KDE window decorator.
      Add a patch to correctly detect the KDE includes directory on Debian systems.
      Add a patch to set a fallback value for QTDIR if it is unset.
      Add build-dependency on libdbus-qt-1-dev needed by the KDE window decorator.
      Add packaging files for the KDE window decorator.
      Add packaging files for the window decoration library.
      Make compiz look for GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap in the server extensions too.
      No longer have compiz-gtk and compiz-kde explicitly depend on libdecoration0.
      Add patch to add a command-line option for making the use of FBOs optional.
      Fix the 015_optional-fbo patch.
      Remove the po/compiz.pot so the one from the upstream tarball will be used.
      Add patch 016_fix-dbus-plugin which should make compiz work with dbus again.
      Drop --strict-binding, --use-cow and add --no-fbo command-line options.
      Remove 016_fix-dbus-plugin.patch. It doesn't actually fix anything.
      Add png and svg to the list of default plugins.
      Add bug closer.
      Make compiz look for GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap in the server extensions too
      Check whether the GLX_EXT_tfp is available with direct or indirect rendering.
      Remove obsolete patches.
      Reverse logic of forced indirect check. Do redirection at execution time. Duh!
      Refresh patch.
      Add patch that fixes white borders where shadows should be.
      Merge branch 'upstream-experimental' into debian-experimental.
      Update changelog for new upstream development release.
      Update patches for new upstream development release.
      Autoreconf and remove obsolete patches.
      Add build-dependency on libfuse-dev needed by the fuse plugin.
      No longer conflict with metacity >= 2.15.21.
      Add closer for bug #411012. Thanks Brice.
      Add symlink to the compiz-core README.Debian to the compiz package.
      Drop po/*.gmo and kde/window-decorator/*.moc.cpp from the original tarball.
      Pass QTDIR=/usr to the configure script so that the moc can be found.
      Target compiz 0.5.0.dfsg-1 at unstable.
      Bump shlibs for libdecoration0 and update debian/copyright file.
      Drop the now obsolete Source-Version in favour of binary:Version.
      Manpage overhaul. Add missing options and rearrange to match 'compiz --help'.
      compiz-gtk needs to depend on libmetacity0 (>= 1:2.15.21).
      Add upstream patch to fix non-tfp textures on big endian platforms.
      Cleanup dependencies. Drop ${misc:Depends} because it is not used anyway.
      Conflict with libmetacity0 (<< 1:2.15.21). Pass -V to dh_makeshlibs.
      Use package-local shlibs override file to get correct dependencies.

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      Start window decorator on all screens.

 debian/changelog                                             |  323 ++++++++
 debian/compat                                                |    1 
 debian/compiz-core.README.Debian                             |   36 +
 debian/compiz-core.docs                                      |    4 
 debian/compiz-core.install                                   |    3 
 debian/compiz-core.manpages                                  |    2 
 debian/compiz-dev.docs                                       |    4 
 debian/compiz-dev.install                                    |    2 
 debian/compiz-gnome.docs                                     |    4 
 debian/compiz-gnome.install                                  |    2 
 debian/compiz-gtk.docs                                       |    4 
 debian/compiz-gtk.install                                    |    2 
 debian/compiz-gtk.manpages                                   |    1 
 debian/compiz-kde.docs                                       |    4 
 debian/compiz-kde.install                                    |    1 
 debian/compiz-kde.manpages                                   |    1 
 debian/compiz-manager                                        |  395 +++++++++++
 debian/compiz-plugins.docs                                   |    4 
 debian/compiz-plugins.install                                |    2 
 debian/compiz.1                                              |   32 
 debian/compiz.links                                          |    1 
 debian/compiz.real.1                                         |   86 ++
 debian/control                                               |  125 +++
 debian/copyright                                             |  150 ++++
 debian/gtk-window-decorator.1                                |   30 
 debian/kde-window-decorator.1                                |   40 +
 debian/libdecoration0-dev.docs                               |    4 
 debian/libdecoration0-dev.install                            |    3 
 debian/libdecoration0.docs                                   |    4 
 debian/libdecoration0.install                                |    1 
 debian/libdecoration0.shlibs                                 |    1 
 debian/patches/012_snap-by-default.patch                     |   18 
 debian/patches/014_fix-no-border-window-shadow.patch         |   23 
 debian/patches/015_optional-fbo.patch                        |   56 +
 debian/patches/compiz-manager-nvidia-settings-optional.patch |   15 
 debian/patches/compiz-manager-posixly-correct.patch          |   15 
 debian/patches/disable-libx11-xcb-support.patch              |   52 +
 debian/patches/series                                        |    6 
 debian/rules                                                 |  123 +++
 debian/shlibs.local                                          |    1 
 debian/watch                                                 |    4 
 41 files changed, 1585 insertions(+)

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