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Bug#469166: frequency

Note that on my machine, syndaemon itself shows up as waking up the kernel
50 times a second, but when syndaemon is running, "<kernel IPI> :
Rescheduling interrupts" comes in at 140 times a second -- something that
doesn't exist when syndaemon goes away.

When I kill syndaemon, my power usage goes down from 18.5watts to 17watts,
which gives me an extra half hour of battery life.  But then I can't type
on my keyboard, because my mouse cursor keeps on wandering over the screen

It seems it should be fairly routine to just select() on the keyboard and
mouse, no?  No need to wake up 50 times a second, and would be more
responsive, especially more responsive than if it wanted to wake up only 5
times a second.

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Electromagnetic pulse received (core dumped)

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