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Bug#467142: Fixing dead_stroke issue before Lenny?

Dear Debian X maintainers,

As this issue is important for Finnish keyboard to work properly I'd
like to know whether or not you are planning to include a newer version
of libx11 to Debian Lenny? I see that newer upstream version is already
in experimental; not in Sid, though.

If Lenny's version won't be updated it would be nice if you at least
cherry-picked commits

  4d6c45e60ed13d3b0fea10413873d6a74f9d6a3b Add <dead_stroke> compose
  438d02ebc08ee171cf1d3936f4c81050d428ab92 Fix the <U\x+> keysyms in the
    en_US.UTF-8 Compose file

from the upstream.

Or should I construct a patch which fixes exactly this Finnish-related
issue? (Well, it would mean cherry-picking 4d6c45e6 completely to add
dead_strokes but only minor changes are needed to fix U+01EE and

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