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Bug#477197: Dead ~

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 8:05 AM, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

(I dislike the current momentum of "me too" about this bug. I suspect
something popped into a -user mailing list of Spanish users but, hey
ladies and gentlment, I think the maintainers of this package got the
point. Spanish users don't like the behaviour change for AltGr+4, no
need to make a metoo-contest)

"I'm using the debian bug tracker as voting system due to a suggestion of a 
Debian Developer and due to it's relevance in the Free Software ecosystem."


> Dunno, maybe it would be possible to have two diferent key maps?
> One where only the ´ is dead while all others aren't and one that conforms
> to what is "the norm" on other sytems?

I sincerely hope that xkb maintainers will *never* make the mistake
that has been done with console keymaps where dozens of various funky
keymaps are floating all around, adding a lot to confusion.

Sorry, I was talking more about the "layout variant", we can already choose between "basic", "sundeadkeys", "nodeadkeys" etc. So there could be two variants for the two different situations described in this bug report. Personally I would rather use the "nodeadkeys" if it wasn't for the fact that the ´ and ¨ are needed a lot in spanish. But I hate it that the ^ , ` and ~ are dead as well.

On the other hand if somebody can tell me how to add/make one of those variants myself I'll just make my personalized variant ;)

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