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Bug#469057: xserver-xorg-video-ati: Xorg fail to load with acceleration enabled on a Radeon X300 PCIE

Le 5296 Septembre 1993, Daniel Dehennin a envoyé:
> Le 5296 Septembre 1993, Brice Goglin a envoyé:
>> Can you try with no xorg.conf at all in case your keyboard config causes
>> problems?
> The same happens with no configuration file.

A little more informations:

When enableing acceleration (NoAccel false), if I try to switch the VT
when X is launched, or if I try to kill X, then the system hangs.

Nothing more to say, even with a serial console I see nothing, Sys-Req
keys do not wok. The TCP/IP stack is crashed (no response to ping).

Then a hard reboot is mandatory.

Latest debian sid updated today :-/

Daniel Dehennin
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