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Bug#474395: iceweasel: some tabs have spurious lines, making display unreadable

Mike Hommey pisze:

>> This occurs in xserver-xorg-video-intel from both sid and experimental,  
>> but this is the only program that has this problem, and only in 3.0b5.   
>> Iceweasel 2 is unaffected by this bug.  Since the only thing that has  
>> changed is Iceweasel, I presume that's where the problem is.
> There is a big difference in rendering between iceweasel 2 and iceweasel
> 3, one of which is that it now uses cairo. There are plenty of subtle
> ways of triggering video driver bugs, which is why they sometimes only
> occur in one application.

If that's helpful in any way, I'd like to mention that I see exactly the
same effect with fglrx (non-free cr**, I know).
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