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Bug#466044: xserver-xorg-core: internal screen of laptop with external screen attached not blanked when laptop closed but still in use

On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 06:28:52PM +1100, Tim Connors wrote:
> Package: xserver-xorg-core
> Version: 2:1.4.1~git20080131-1
> Severity: normal
> Laptop screens backlights are turned off these days by getting acpi to
> intercept the lid button, and it runs xset to force the display off
> via 'xset dpms force off' (after a series of other attempts at locking
> the display etc, which are all equally invalid in the circumstances I
> outline below).  This is a rather course control, and just turns off
> the backlights of all attached screens.
> My old laptop, when it was running APM, controlled the backlight
> itself, and it worked well such that you could close the laptop and it
> would turn off the interal display, but leave the external display
> turned on.  DPMS would then turn off the external display when it was
> left alone, and when the display was woken up again, only the external
> display was woken up - the internal one was left undisturbed until the
> screen was opened again.  This is not bug 466042, where the internal
> display is turned on and off via dpms, but the external display is let
> alone.  In the circumstances in that bug, the internal display should
> be completely ignored.  The lid switch would have no effect on the
> external display (but xset dpms would still work on it) or the
> internal display (because the resolution is wrong), if both this and
> bug 466042 were fixed.
> I think the lid button should be intercepted by X itself, rather than
> handing the functionality off to acpid, which then runs 'xset dpms
> force off'.  This way you can close the laptop screen, which would
> shut off the backlight to the internal display.  And DPMS timeouts or
> running 'xset dpms force off' would turn off both displays.  Pressing
> a key when DPMS was on would only turn on the external display unless
> the screen was open, in which case the internal display would be
> turned on too.  In other words, the internal backlight being
> controlled by the lid switch has absolutely nothing to do with dpms.

Please try with the nv driver (or any other free driver) instead of
nvidia and see whether upgrading nvidia-glx to the latest helps.


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