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Bug#465406: xserver-xorg: some xkb options crash the server

reassign 465406 xserver-xorg-core
forcemerge 461783 465406
thank you

Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> Further testing shows that:
>  - a failsafe terminal session starts OK with the xorg.conf file
>    present, as do "twm" and "safwish" sessions
>  - "setxkbmap -model microsoft -layout ca -option ''" crashes the
>    server, too, and also under a failsafe session
>  - a "failsafe GNOME" session also crashes the server
> The Gnome crash thus probably happens when Gnome tries to compare the
> current xkb config with the last known one.

Right, we got several similar reports.

I wonder if it could be fixed by the following upstream commit:


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