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Bug#460273: marked as done (IBM Thinkpad T61 key slash/question doesn't works)

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and subject line Bug#460273: xbase-clients: IBM Thinkpad T61 key slash/question doenst works
has caused the attached Bug report to be marked as done.

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Package: xbase-clients
Version: 1:7.2-5ubuntu13
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

I have a IBM Thinkpad T61 (Type 7663-B93) that has a Brazillian ABNT2 keyboard.
Talking with IBM Support I discover thar this key is a Right Control ,
and was changed to slash/question.

To solve this problem I create a .Xmodmap file with:
keycode 109 = slash question degree

-- System Information:
Debian Release: lenny/sid
  APT prefers gutsy-updates
  APT policy: (500, 'gutsy-updates'), (500, 'gutsy-security'), (500,
'gutsy-proposed'), (500, 'gutsy-backports'), (500, 'gutsy')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.22-14-generic (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=pt_BR.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
Versions of packages xbase-clients depends on:
ii  appres                  1.0.1-0ubuntu1   X client - appres
ii  beforelight             1.0.2-0ubuntu1   X client - beforelight
ii  bitmap                  1.0.3-0ubuntu1   X client - bitmap
ii  editres                 1.0.3-0ubuntu1   X client - editres
ii  fstobdf                 1.0.2-0ubuntu1   X client - fstobdf
ii  iceauth                 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X ICE authentication manipulation
ii  ico                     1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - ico
ii  listres                 1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - listres
ii  mesa-utils              7.0.1-1ubuntu3   Miscellaneous Mesa GL utilities
ii  oclock                  1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - oclock
ii  smproxy                 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - smproxy
ii  viewres                 1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - viewres
ii  x11-common              1:7.2-5ubuntu13  X Window System (X.Org) infrastruc
ii  x11perf                 1:1.4.1-0ubuntu1 X client - x11perf
ii  xauth                   1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X authentication utility
ii  xbiff                   1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xbiff
ii  xcalc                   1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xcalc
ii  xclipboard              1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xclipboard
ii  xclock                  1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xclock
ii  xconsole                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xconsole
ii  xcursorgen              1:1.0.1-0ubuntu1 X cursor generation
ii  xditview                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xditview
ii  xdpyinfo                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X display information
ii  xdriinfo                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu1 X DRI information utility
ii  xev                     1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xev
ii  xeyes                   1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xeyes
ii  xf86dga                 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xf86dga
ii  xfd                     1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xfd
ii  xfontsel                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xfontsel
ii  xgamma                  1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xgamma
ii  xgc                     1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xgc
ii  xhost                   1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X authentication manipulation
ii  xinit                   1.0.2-0ubuntu3   X server initialisation tool
ii  xkbutils                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X11 XKB utilities
ii  xkill                   1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xkill
ii  xload                   1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xload
ii  xlogo                   1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xlogo
ii  xlsatoms                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xlsatoms
ii  xlsclients              1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xlsclients
ii  xlsfonts                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xlsfonts
ii  xmag                    1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xmag
ii  xman                    1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xman
ii  xmessage                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xmessage
ii  xmodmap                 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X input map modification
ii  xmore                   1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xmore
ii  xpmutils                1:3.5.6-3        X11 pixmap utilities
ii  xprop                   1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X window property utility
ii  xrandr                  1:1.2.2-0ubuntu1 X Rotation, Reflection and Resize
ii  xrdb                    1:1.0.3-0ubuntu1 X resource modification
ii  xrefresh                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xrefresh
ii  xrgb                    1:1.0.0-0ubuntu3 X RGB database and utilities
ii  xset                    1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X server option modification
ii  xsetmode                1:1.0.0-0ubuntu2 X Input Device modification
ii  xsetpointer             1:1.0.1-0ubuntu1 X Input Device modification
ii  xsetroot                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xsetroot
ii  xsm                     1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xsm
ii  xstdcmap                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xstdcmap
ii  xtrap                   1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xtrap
ii  xutils                  1:7.2-5ubuntu13  X Window System miscellaneous util
ii  xvidtune                1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xvidtune
ii  xvinfo                  1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 XVideo information
ii  xwd                     1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xwd
ii  xwininfo                1:1.0.2-0ubuntu1 X client - xwininfo
ii  xwud                    1:1.0.1-0ubuntu2 X client - xwud

xbase-clients recommends no packages.

-- no debconf information

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--- Begin Message ---
Hi Mohammed,

Humm, I think this bug are solved on Debian.
This bug can be closed then.

Jose Carlos

> Are you sure you're experiencing this bug on Debian too?
> Because the br layout file already contains this block:
>    | // ABNT2 Keyboard to IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads
>    | // by Piter PUNK <piterpk@terra.com.br>
>    | //
>    | partial alphanumeric_keys
>    | xkb_symbols "thinkpad" {
>    |
>    |     include "br(abnt2)" // for consistent naming
>    |     name[Group1]="Brazil";
>    |
>    |     key <RCTL> { [     slash,   question,       degree, questiondown ] };
>    | };
> --
> Mohammed Adnène Trojette

José Carlos

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