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Bug#457596: when -fb not provided

Dan Jacobson wrote:
Package: x11-xserver-utils
Version: 7.3+2
Severity: minor
File: /usr/share/man/man1/xrandr.1.gz

       --fb <width>x<height>
              Reconfigures the screen to the specified size. All  config-
              ured  monitors  must fit within this size. When this option
              is not provided, xrandr computes the smallest  screen  size
              that  will  hold the set of configured outputs; this option
              provides a way to override that behaviour.

is incorrect. When this option is not provided, the action is the same as

       -q     When this option  is  present,  or  when  no  configuration
              changes  are  requested,  xrandr  will  display the current
              state of the system.

unless other options are provided.

Since you apparently tried multiple xrandr commands and now know very well how xrandr works, you should be able to write a patch for the manpage (or for the code if you think the behavior isn't logic). Sending the patch to the upstream dev (by opening a bug on bugzilla.freedesktop.org) would be very nice.


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