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Bug#454304: xserver-xorg: X doesn't start anymore after upgrade to Lenny on Toshiba S1800

reassign 454304 xserver-xorg-core
found 454304 2:
retitle 454304 "xserver 1.3 breaks trident driver on Toshiba S1800"
thank you

Bert Verbeek wrote:
> I did what you proposed and I got X back in the testing installation, 
> thanks for this workaround.
> KDE starts as well, 
> two minor differences I see at the moment:
> 1. the asteriskes to hide the password in kdm are replaced by big black filled 
> circles.
> 2. the bouncing icons during startup of an application have a weird flickering 
> background.
> I'm willing to spend more time for further testing to trace down this bug in 
> the testing xserver-xorg-core. Under guidance of an X-guru, as debugging 
> X-software is not my field.

Ok then the problem is in xserver-xorg-core 1.3 in testing. You could
try 1.2 from
so that we know more about when the bug appeared?

Also, it would be very nice if you could test xserver-xorg-core 1.4 in
unstable in case
the bug is fixed now. But you will have to upgrade many packages to do
so. Any chance
you could try that?


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