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Bug#453279: xserver-xorg-video-intel: severe performance penalty with newer intel driver

Vincent Fourmond wrote:
  I've noticed that, since I upgraded to version 2.2.0-1, Xorg is
extremely slow. I use fvwm, and I like to switch fast from on desk to
another. With version 2.1.0, this is reasonably fast, and I get
limited by the speed at which X works only if I really ask it (playing
with the keyboard to change fast).

  However, with version 2.2.0, this gets extremely slow. For *one*
change of desk, xorg can take up to 90% of the processor. This is
really annoying, as for instance when I switch to a desk containing a
firefox instance, it takes several seconds to get displayed
completely. It really was instantaneous with version 2.1.0.
   Option "AccelMethod" "XAA"
to the Device section of xorg.conf should fix the problem.
Driver 2.2 now uses EXA by default. It is better in most cases, but not
in all cases yet unfortunately.


	Vincent Fourmond

PS: version numbers below might be wrong as I did switch back to the
2.1.0-1 version, as I can't really work with the newer. In any case,
I was using the latest packages from unstable.

Yes, they are from testing, where XAA is still the default.


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