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Bug#449490: libglu1-mesa: Error in matrix inversion in gluUnProject - bad call to __gluInvertMatrixd(finalMatrix,finalMatrix)

Christian Holm Christensen wrote:
>> Merging with #440137
>> Mesa 7.0.2 is supposed to be released soon.
> Hmm.  I see that 7.0.1 is from August this year, and the patch is about
> a month later.   If 7.0.2 isn't released really soon, would it be
> possible for you to upload a new revision of the packages before the
> 7.0.2 release? Thanks.

Right. 7.0.2 was even supposed to be released several weeks ago but it has
been delayed, probably because the upstream dev didn't have time to do it.

7.0.2-rc1 is out now, so I really hope the final 7.0.2 will arrive soon.
If not,
we'll try to push a new package in the meantime.


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