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Bug#446315: xserver-xorg-video-ati: crashes in R and Blender, and incomlete drawing of glut (opengl) wire objects

Ok, still got some 'make depends' warnings referring to missing stddef.h and stdarg.h files, but then it proceeded to compile without any obvious problems.

Set environment variables and checked system was using 7.0.2 using glxinfo.

No discernable change in the blender crash bug.
Incomplete drawing problems persist too - i'll start a separate bug report for that one.

Thanks for your help in helping me test this.


Brice Goglin wrote:
Alex Sheppard wrote:
But when i try to compile ('make linux-dri-x86') i get a load of errors.
I guess i have some headers missing but i can't figure out what packages
i need to install to provide them. Error messages attached. Is there any
systematic lookup to find what package supplies what headers?

Feel free to point me to a helpful forum or something if you don't have
time to help in person.

You should be able to get all required header packages with:
  apt-get build-dep mesa

Also, if you feel like building mesa is too long, you can restrict the
list of drivers to build with something like:
  make linux-dri-x86 DRI_DIRS=r300

"LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo" will tell you which driver you need
(r300_dri.so if you have a r300).

Also, there is no real need to install the newly built lib. You can
keep them in the build tree and do:
  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<foo>
  export LIBGL_DRIVERS_DIR=<bar>
with <foo> the path to the directory containing the new libGL.so, and
<bar> the path to the newly built DRI driver (r300_dri.so or so).

As earlier, use "export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose" to get some debugging
output from glxinfo and check that it is using the correct lib and

If you're lost/bored by all this, you might want to wait a couple
days/weeks until we upload mesa 7.0.2 into Debian :)


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