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Bug#394349: compiz: some windows are unaffected

On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 13:17 +0200, Rémi Letot wrote:
> But IMHO the fact that terminal windows created before compiz is 
> launched don't suffer from the slowdown proves that compiz *can* handle 
> terminal windows very well on Nvidia hardware.
> All these windows cohexist in a single X session, so I don't think that 
> it's related to the way the Nvidia driver behaves. Compiz must do 
> something to the terminal windows it creates that metacity doesn't do, 
> the trick is to find that difference :-)

'Must do' why? I don't see anything that would follow from. In
particular, if compiz indeed does something wrong, why doesn't it affect
those of us using free drivers?

Generally, performance is mostly up to drivers. Until you have specific
evidence that this is due to something compiz does wrong, it should be
assumed to be a driver issue.

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