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Bug#447098: xserver-xorg: keyboard and mouse failed on lenny to sid upgrade

Michael Gilbert wrote:
> Package: xserver-xorg
> Version: 1:7.3+2
> Severity: normal
> when i upgraded from lenny to sid (xorg 7.2 to 7.3), my keyboard and 
> mouse stopped working.  after some work, i found that the 
> xorg-server-input-kbd and xorg-server-input-mouse packages had not 
> been installed during the upgrade.  after installing those packages, 
> the keyboard and mouse worked again.
> i very well may have done something wrong, because i was doing a lot at
> once.  but it appears that at this point upgrades from xorg 7.2 to 7.3
> are broken.

How did you upgrade exactly?

I've been upgrading multiple times between 7.2 and 7.3 when the latter
was in experimental, I don't remember loosing my input packages like
this as long as I was reading aptitude warnings/questions.

There's an ABI bump for both input and video drivers between 7.2
(xserver-xorg-core 1.3 in testing) and 7.3 (1.4 in unstable). So if you
upgrade xserver-xorg-core to unstable, you need to upgrade the drivers
too, i.e. input-mouse, input-kbd, and your video driver package too. We
have defined some conflicts to prevent you from having a driver from
testing while you have xserver-xorg-core from unstable. But also, you
must to have at least one input and one video driver from unstable to
satisfy xserver-xorg-core dependencies.

If (after the upgrade) you had xserver-xorg-core 1.4 installed without
input-mouse and input-kbd, it means you had another input driver from
unstable installed, for instance evdev or synaptics.

Then, is it possible that you upgraded xserver-xorg-core alone (or
xserver-xorg, which is tightly coupled to xserver-xorg-core), then
apt-get or aptitude complained that it would conflict with your old
input drivers (mouse and kbd) and thus proposed to remove them, and you
would have said ok?

Maybe /var/log/dpkg.log or /var/log/aptitude will help you remember what
happened exactly?


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