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Bug#445553: Correction: xserver-xorg-video-sis: X crashes from various openGL programs with DRI acceleration

Matthew Gibson wrote:
> Sorry, it is not ctrl-alt-escape which reboots my system. Pushing my power button once sends my system into reboot - pressing ctrl-alt-escape does nothing. I typed that before testing ctrl-alt-escape, thinking I would change it later, but then forgot about it.

If X actually crashing? Or is it just stucked somewhere and completely
irresponsive? If it crashes, you should see a backtrace at the end of
Xorg.0.log (or Xorg.0.log.old if you already restarted X).

Do you have another machine which you could to debug remotely? If so,
you should try pinging and then logging in with ssh and looking at
running processes.

Also, you should send your Xorg.0.log.


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