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xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd: Changes to 'refs/tags/xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-0.0.1+git20070918-1'

Tag 'xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-0.0.1+git20070918-1' created by David Nusinow <dnusinow@debian.org> at 2007-09-19 03:14 +0000

Tagging upload of xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd-0.0.1+git20070918-1 to experimental.

Changes since the dawn of time:
David Nusinow (2):
      Add packaging
      Fix package version and capitalization of r5xx/r6xx

Egbert Eich (48):
      Adding a README for the RadeonHD driver
      Skeleton for a driver for the ATI RADEON HD series Chipsets
      Minor formatting changes.
      Use fixed size type for register read.
      Make function names match English grammar.
      We only have one hardware entity for now.
      Use the default method to specify VRAM size.
      Break out option handling.
      Making some local functions static.
      Track option set status.
      Add RV515 pciid.
      Added initial support for ATOM Bios.
      Fixed bailout structure: uninit bios data and unmap mmio when needed.
      Converting defines of register addresses to enum.
      Moving function delcarations from rhd_regs.h to rhd.h.
      Added framework to query data from ATOM BIOS tables.
      Single entry point to ATOM BIOS subsystem.
      Clearified some names in atombios.c/h.
      Make HWCursor code backward compatible with non-RandR-1.2.
      Initial version of I2C handling code for R5xx and R6xx.
      Added support for AMD GPG profided AtomBIOS command table parser.
      First integration of I2C into common infrastructure.
      Added support for AtomBIOS exec, Int10, DDC on R6XX and Asic_Init.
      Introduced a different handling of VRAM scratch space initialization.
      Change to get rid of dependency on broken xf86i2cGetScreenBusses().
      Removing call to ASIC Init for now as this messes up the system.
      Fixed memory allocation.
      Changed default Engine Clock and Memory Clock to 700MHz. Fixed Problem with clock value.
      Adding AddressProbe for I2C.
      Fixed call to ASICInit. Now we set up ATOMBios before memory sizing.
      Tested and fixed I2C on R5xx.
      Added ScanBus and DDC readout to I2C.
      Made AtomBIOS code optional, restructured Fb allocation.
      Added missing license and copyright headers.
      Added a scanbus option to scan all i2c buses on all lines.
      Adding shadow buffer handling. Cleaning up helpers.
      Get Default Memory/Engine clocks for AsicInit from AtomBIOS.
      Fixed ScanBus, reduced I2C delays.
      Added/fixed missing pieces in shadow support.
      Fixed ScanBus result reporting.
      Build fix problem introduced by removing a redundant command line arg.
      Added big fat warning when code gets build without AtomBIOS support.
      Better handling of verbose messages.
      Print message that tells if shadowfb is used.
      Adding AMD Copyright. Fix build to build with atombios.h but without parser.
      Turn on legacy int10 when no AtomBIOS parser is used.
      Adding AMD's atombios.h.
      Replaced the MAILINGLIST placeholder by actual ML address.

Kyle McMartin (1):
      Fixed spelling typo: no inclusion of int10 when AtomBIOS parser present.

Luc Verhaegen (72):
      Add autogen.sh and .gitignore
      Remove BAILOUT macro.
      Move option handling.
      Clean up IO and FB mapping.
      Fix segfault in option handling.
      Add videoRam option.
      Add RV530 pciid.
      For initial testing purposes, tell X that we support 1280x1024.
      Fix trivial BAR sizing bug.
      Disable VGA Mode and restore it.
      Do the first very rudimentary modeset.
      First actual modes working.
      Restore 1280x1024 as the possible mode.
      Add support for the primary DAC (DACA)
      Use internal FB address instead of PCI BAR address.
      Reverse order of memory address when logging Fb difference.
      Expand modesetting to do two DAC single fb dualhead.
      Get videoRam size from MMIO 0x00F8.
      Add support for multiple bitdepths.
      Add one or two pci ids...
      Fix 32bpp.
      RS600 is r4xx style modesetting so this doesn't need to be handled here.
      Fix R600 memory sizing and internal FB base.
      Add rhdPtr->scrnIndex, __func__, RHDDebug and RHDFUNC.
      Remove the RHDRegRead/Write/Mask dependence on rhdPtr.
      Fix includes for cursor.
      Initial split out of outputs.
      Mitigate some of the ->scrnIndex complexity through macros.
      Split out PLLs
      Depend on rhdPtr->CursorInfo instead of rhdPtr->swCursor.val.bool.
      Split out handling of the VGA compatibility hardware.
      We have no need for rhdLock/rhdUnlock functions at this time.
      Add CRT detection for DACA and B.
      Add hot plug detect subsystem.
      Add support for TMDSA.
      Make sure that we set up the viewport correctly.
      PLL: Invert Post divider selection logic.
      Add initial CRTC abstraction.
      Fill out DxModeValid.
      Add local copy of xf86CVTMode.
      Rework OutputsSelect to rhdModelayoutSelect.
      Add mode validation.
      rhdPtr->XOrigModes was stupid and superfluous: cull it.
      Fix FrameAdjusts.
      Add LUT handling.
      Fix my email address.
      Fix DPMS
      Add some very simplistic FB memory handling.
      Add connector handling.
      Fix the build:
      Add connector table for firegl v3400
      Use atombios's FirmwareInfo PLL info for our PPLL calculations.
      Replace 2 0xFFFFFFFF values in an enum by defines.
      Fix the build of rhdI2CProbeAddress.
      Fix array overrrun in I2C code.
      M56 (0x71C5): Add basic support.
      Initial LVDS implementation for M56.
      Implement initial monitor abstraction.
      Add DDC channel for m56 laptop VGA connector.
      18bit panel looks horrid without dithering, so set this up.
      Add quick and dirty IgnoreConnector option.
      Invert PLL calculation and fix EDID bandwidth bug.
      Beautification... rename struct rhd_* to struct rhd*
      Fit cursors in Crtc specific structs.
      Plugfest: add ddc to all known devices, add connector table where missing.
      Alter mode validation to properly catch fixed modes.
      Fix xf86snprintf warning by including xf86_ansic.h
      ShadowFB now on per default.
      Fix typo in RHDMonitorInit.
      Improve card structure to hold panel specific information.
      Expand the date for my copyright statement.
      Add H/VDisplay entries to the LVDS entry of the card table.

Matthias Hopf (5):
      Added R580. Reordered symbols in id order.
      mmap size calculation correction.
      Hardware cursor support.
      Round x coords in ViewPortStart.
      Fix HW cursor on Crtc2. Fix HW cursor with virtual.

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