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Bug#443122: xserver-xorg-video-ati: dualhead setup not possible with xrandr1.2

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> I tried to find howtos in the net, but there were onyl few, the attached
> xorg.conf is what I'm using right now. As soon as I remove the comments
> from the Options in the Device section Xorg doesn't start anymore,
> telling me that Screen's were found but none of them had a usable
> configuration.
> Using the config as is, does come up with the Laptop display working
> properly, however I can't activate the VGA. All I get from xrandr is:
> andreas@morpheus:~>xrandr
> xrandr: Output VGA-0 is not disconnected but has no modes
> Google leads me to believe that I should disable the S-video output, but
> trying that just gives me the same information, without any change:
> andreas@morpheus:~>xrandr --output S-video --off
> xrandr: Output VGA-0 is not disconnected but has no modes
> Unplugging the CRT and doing that doesn't change anything either.
> The second attached Xorg log is from a failing start with the 3
> monitor-lines activated.
> Andreas, who now has to downgrade X11 again :(

This seems very similar to

You might want to try latest upstream git snapshot, TV-out should be
disabled by default there, so you might get some modes from VGA by default.

And finally, it would be good to send the output of xrandr, with and
without with TV-out disabled *at startup* (either in xorg.conf or with a
recent driver where TV-out does not get enabled automatically).


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