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Bug#430819: fluxbox aborts on upgrade to xserver 1.3

Hi Brice

> Any news about this? Did you have a chance to look at where the segfault
> occurs so that we know whether the bug is in the server or in fluxbox?

I made a fluxbox-dbg and installed xserver-xorg-code-dbg,
then installed the problematic xserver, ran

  startx /usr/bin/xterm

and got an x-shell, then ran

  gdb /usr/bin/fluxbox
  gdb> run
and the shell hangs, so no bt possible. Looking at the 
process tree in a console window (I use whowatch for this)
I see that fluxbox (spawned from gdb) has a "T" next to it 
(I'm not sure what this means, perhaps you do! The same program 
shows a "Z" in the same position for zombie processes)

Reverting to the old xserver and all of the above (the gdb
etc) worked as expected.

So not much help I think. Any more ideas?

J.J. Green, Dept. Applied Mathematics, Hicks Bld.,
University of Sheffield, UK.   +44 (0114) 222 3742

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